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NARUTO Chapter 689 Review : I like you

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

Does a good ending make up for a bad chapter ?
Usually, I would answer "no". But this time is different.
This time, Kishimoto actually surprised me in a pleasant way.
It feels like it hadn't happened in years.

If you don't get the reference, you don't deserve to be alive.

What happened in this chapter ?

I could be catching up with Gintama or Kuroko no Basket (you know, mangas actually worth reading ?), but I have to review... this **sigh**.
Thank God the two last pages make the effort worthwhile.

So, chapter starts with Obikashi's winged Susano'o facing Kaguya's creature (it is supposed to look like a rabbit). He then asspulls creates shurikens with Kamui's power on them and throws them at the beast's arms in order to make them disappear. Kakashi says that his eyes have Rikudou's power (why ? how ? when ?) and Naruto fanboys over him.

Then, Kaguya's beast transforms itself in a huge Gudoudama that is supposed to be the start of a new dimension if I understood correctly. Since Team 7 has no way of getting rid of it, they have to seal Kaguya as fast as possible. Kakashi explains to his students the strategy for what he calls their "last mission as Team 7".

When she became famous later, Sakura explained in an interview that it is
this line from Kakashi that inspired her to take the Superman pose in the last page.

The following pages are battle pages. Not extremely interesting. Kakashi asspulls performs a Kamui Raikiri on Kaguya and Sasuke and Naruto getting closer to her, from each sides, to seal her. This Sasuke is in fact the real Naruto, and the Naruto that Kaguya attacks is in reality a clone. Her next attack fails too, thanks to Kakashi's 96451516484534845468554th Kamui.

Kaguya sees Naruto and Sasuke coming from both sides and has to make a choice about how she's going to escape. She chooses to escape from above BUT ! Here come Sakura Haruno and her fist, hitting Kaguya on the head so hard one of her horns breaks off. While this makes me very happy as a Sakura fan, I'm still wondering how this is possible : Kaguya had her Byakugan activated and should have been able to see Sakura coming from above. So she could have chosen to escape from bellow. But anyway, it doesn't make Sakura's punch any less awesome, simply Kaguya a terrible Byakugan user (and she's supposed to be a Goddess **sigh**).

Putting the whole page here because it is so amazing.
Aaahh~ what good time to be a full Team 7 lover... 15 years of manga just for this.

And finally, my favourite part of the chapter, the last page, in which the three kids of Team 7 attack Kaguya at the same time and Kakashi says that now, he really likes his students, as a contrast with the first impression Kakashi had of his students (chapter 4) when he said he didn't like them. Nostalgia, nostalgia~

My opinion about the chapter :

Bad, terrible, terribad. Kakashi using Kamui with everything reminds me of that chapter of Rock Lee's manga in which Itachi used Amaterasu as shampoo, cooked an Amaterasu curry, etc. Well, same is happening here with Kamui and it's ridiculous.
BUT as I said, the two last pages make up for the bad chapter. It feels like Kishi rushed the chapter (with all the asspulls that don't make sense) just to get to that good part.
I was genuinely surprised when I saw Sakura do something at the end of the chapter. I really thought she wasn't going to do anything else 'til the end of the war, so when Kakashi called his students to let them know about his strategy, I was like "err, Sakura, I don't think Kakashi is calling you", but I was pleasantly proven wrong. Naruto and Sasuke did a good job too, but they (just like Kakashi) don't really deserve praise since the power they're using isn't theirs.
Hopefully next week, we'll see Kagura being sealed completely and we'll be done with that part of the war for good. There's also a possibility for Madara to return but weaker than he was before. We just have to wait and see.

Overall : This chapter gets 2/5. One point per good page.

     Good point(s) :
+ the two last pages for the nostalgia and Kakashi being proud of his bbies

     Meh point(s) :
• as glorious as it was, Sakura's punch shouldn't have been possible

     Bad point(s) :
- Kakashi asspulling all that shit... hopefully it is over

That's it, thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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  1. LOL, Kakashi uses Perfect Susanoo like he practiced it over years, while Obito didn't even hinted that he ever had even a skeletal Susanoo. :/

    How could Sakura punch Kaguya after collapsing not long ago?

    1. IKR, which is why this chapter has been criticized by almost everybody and labelled as BS...

      And for Sakura, my theory is that she's punching Kaguya with only her natural strength, without using chakra (the same kind of punch she does when Naruto acts like an idiot). If my theory is right, then the little time she had to recover after saving Sasuke should have been enough... but again, as I said, this punch shouldn't have been possible (for many reasons). I think Kishi just wanted to give a last positive picture of Team 7 to celebrate the end of this fight.