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NARUTO Chapter 688 Review : ...of the Sharingan !!

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

If you thought I was being bitchy last week,
wait 'til you're done reading this review.
Kakashi, you better prepare yo' ass, it's going to be rough.

What's happening in this chapter ?

TBH, I was surprised to see that Obito and Rin were still there (and I know it's stupid to be surprised at any attempt by Kishi to put more ObiRin in the manga by now). I thought they had both reached the Light for a better world in last chapter. But no. And this time, I'm not even blaming Obito for that.

Obito : "Rin, we get to appear this week again **sob** !"
Rin : "When you have as much experience in death as me, Obito,
you'll realize it is no problem to become a protagonist in this manga."

So, as I said, the chapter opens up on Obito and Rin discussing about the fact that Obito's work on Earth isn't done yet. The fact that he sees Kakashi struggling so much on the battlefield is pissing him off (me too BTW). So he decides to give him a gift : his Sharingans, for the second time.

His ghost/will/chakra/soul/whatever you want to call it raises from the ashes of his body and errr... enters Kakashi's body... so they can... discuss in Kakashi's inner dimension (can you smell the BS coming already ?)...
And Obito says to Kakashi he's going to return the gift he gave to him years ago and he also orders him to become Hokage (if Hinata ever said something right, it was in chapter 632 when she said everybody wants to become Hokage). I mean, Kakashi never said he WANTED to become Hokage but let's discard that fact, right ?

Aaaand, next page is Kakashi magically getting TWO Sharingans (that won't stay for long apparently). I think y'all remember how absurd Madara stealing Kakashi's Sharingan was. And I thought with that, we had reached the most ridiculous way of getting the Sharingan but NO ! This time, you don't even NEED to take an eye that has the Sharingan, you can transfer it via Wi-Fi with your will only ! Isn't that convenient ?

*This is actually an insult.

Aaaaanyway, let's move on. Naruto and Sasuke are still fighting Kaguya **yawn**.
At some point, Naruto creates eight clones (+ himself, I guess) so they can use Rasenshurikens made of the nine elements of the nine Bijuus and hit Kaguya. The blow throws Sasuke away but Naruto catches him.

Then, apparently thanks to Naruto's Rasenshurikens mixed with the Bijuu's elements, Kaguya's body reacts and creates a huge beast made of the Bijuu's parts and she can't seem to control it.
It then creates a multitude of hands that can swallow people and that are very fast.

One of Naruto's clones gets caught, the next target is... Sakura ! Run, Forrest Sakura, run ! Oh no, she's about to get caught too ! Then, OMG, surprise, who comes to the rescue ? A flying thing ! It's a bird, it's a plane, NO, it's Kakashi's asspulled Susano'o !!

Kakashi : "Hey everyone, look ! I saved somebody ! This makes me cool all over again, right ? RIGHT ?!"

And so, just like Sakura got the healer role stolen from her by Naruto, Sasuke got the Susano'o user role stolen by Kakashi. Karma never hits only once, bitch. So basically, this means Sasuke got his ass saved by "the useless girl" and his spotlight now belongs to "the useless sensei". Kishimoto is really having fun.

My opinion on the chapter :

This was soooo lame, I don't even have the words to express it **rage mode ON**.
You KNOW you've reached the bottom of the pathetic uselessness when dead characters pity your ass so much for doing a terrible job they have to come back from DEATH just to give you a power-up and allow you to asspull something to make you a little less pitiful than you currently are. YES, Hatake Kakashi, I'm talking about you. You may have saved my favourite character's ass, the whole thing I call BS.
In my time, you'd have to pluck someone else's eye the old, hardcore way to get their Sharingan, now, you can just download it from someone's soul. Great. Really.
I was expecting something awesome from Kakashi, I got utterly disappointed. I'm not blaming him, mind you, just the lazy author. I mean, Kakashi got promoted as a Jounin WITHOUT the use of Sharingan, only using his own talent, and now, you're going to make me believe that he can't do shit if he doesn't have the Sharingan ? Again, BS.
How come Sakura, a supposedly much less capable ninja than Kakashi, was able to do something on her own when the time for her to shine came, but Kakashi had to rely on someone else's pity to be able to do something ? He can use many elements, he has wits, he has experience, buuuut nope. Obito had to help him. I'm really angry at Kishimoto for devaluing one of his main characters in this way **rage mode OFF**.
Sorry Kakashi fans... but I think his honor was still safer when he was about to die with Obito... worst thing is : I don't even dislike Kakashi, I like him ! But there's a limit to the crap I can accept.

Overall : 0/5

     Good point(s) :

     Meh point(s) :

     Bad point(s) :
- no progress in the story
- Kakashi's asspull

Sorry for the raging review this week again. Blame Kishi for that. See y'all next week...

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  1. Sometime I thinking that Kishimoto and Kubo have a contest which of them is the biggest troll in the world.

    What do you think, who is the leading one now? ;P

    1. I'm not the Naruto reviewer but Kubo better start paying up soon because his trolling can't beat Kaguya!

    2. I would actually argue that Kubo is the bigger troll, purely because everything that Kishimoto has pulled lately doesn't seem like trolling. It seems that he actually thinks that this is the natural progression of the Naruto storyline.

    3. And that's the biggest troll of them all.

      Besides, Kubo has done well recently. If Aizen reappears, it'll be perfect.

    4. If I told you that I've dropped BLEACH (once again) recently, would that answer your question :) ?
      But unfortunately, I think neither is trolling, and that's the sad thing : they are actually doing their best ! And this is what "their best" looks like...

    5. "And this is what "their best" looks like..."

      You mean bringing Giant Fleas into the stories? Well, Kubo's (Juha Bach) at least have personality and a truly badass aura... while Miss Diclonus From Elfen Lied... no comment.