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Magi 235th Night Review

Written by: Micha

Last chapter revealed that the child of Solomon and Sheba is indeed Aladdin, which was something we had been anticipating for quite a while. It was only a matter of how Ugo was going to save Aladdin from Sheba’s dying body, and safely raise the kid in the Room of Fortitude. And thankfully, this chapter answers most of it.

If, like me, you had thought that Ugo was going to retrieve the fetus from Sheba’s body with one of his scientific techniques like a doctor with some logical process since he’s the “science otaku”, then you’re dead wrong. Fuck that shit. Ohtaka decided that Ugo is just going to take the fetus out of a dying woman, and run with it. This is the end of the world. We don’t have time for reason here, am I right?

This is totally do-able.
 Determined to take care of the child in its parents’ place, Ugo runs with it while the other creatures questioned him what they were going to do about the attacks. Simultaneously, Solomon, who was supposedly on the verge of death, recovers and appears before them much to Ugo’s relief.

Solomon apologizes to everyone, but was interrupted by the incoming attacks of Arba’s giant black hole; filled to the brim with black rukh. Ugo asks Solomon what they were trying to do, to which Solomon responds that they were trying to return everything to nothingness.

Solomon then calls upon the chiefs of all specie and tribes, who are still ridiculously loyal to him. He apologizes to everyone, saying that it was his fault of his poor decision that had led the world to its current state. He then asks for the assistance of the species, even though he realizes that he had guided them on a different path.

Damn, Solomon, you popular.
Ridiculously loyal as I’ve mentioned, everyone agreed to follow Solomon by choice; for the protection of their own species and Alma Torran for the final battle. Arba and her droogs challenges that the arrogant king and his servants would disappear from the world.

The chiefs of all species became Djinns by using the metal vessels with Solomon’s Seal- which is another mystery of the dungeons solved- and destroyed most of the avatars and black djinns created by Arba. The black djinns had almost disappeared, and Arba says that she wish she had included more black rukhs as she had not expected Solomon to join the battle. Although I love Arba to death, and she’s currently my 2nd favorite character in this manga, her ignorance turned me off a little.

On the other side, Falan was being assaulted by Solomon’s army and her husband, Wahid, appeared in front of her to save her from a near death situation. Falan says that even he was leaving him, in reference to their kid they lost in the war. Wahid says that he couldn’t stand it if Falan died, and tells Solomon that he had no clue what justice was anymore. So he would use the last bits of his life for his wife and his son.

Anyone else expecting tentacle sex here? No?
 Extending his hands to the source of the black rukh, Wahid reaches for the rukh of their kid in his madness even though Ugo screams to him not to do it. This caused the black rukh, or Ill-Ilah’s power, to overload, affecting Solomon’s army with the intensity. This caused all the rukh in the affected people to be drained, and Solomon tells Ugo that Alma Torran had met its end except for the people in the underground, and it was Ugo’s turn to create a new world considering he was the most powerful magician now. Who, by the way, was still carrying around a fetus.

Solomon and Arba has a last moment religious debate, where Solomon asks that according to Arba’s belief, all people who do not follow Ill-Ilah’s should be destroyed. Arba says that Solomon wouldn’t understand, who had loved equality above all else. Arba had listened to “ that person’s voice” and wondered why nobody could hear it but her. I will get to this point later, folks.

Solomon then said she shouldn’t entrust everything to God’s voice mixed with her own desire, to which Arba says that Solomon and her would never understand each other, and condemned Solomon for overthrowing Ill-Ilah.

Destruction is so beautiful.
Solomon realizes that Arba hadn’t forgiven him, and Arba promises that she will destroy the fake world created by Solomon even if the only thing remaining of her was her conscious.

After hearing this, Solomon creates a seal of some sort that one can only guess is the beginning of the new, current world. 

My thoughts on this chapter:

First of all, Solomon's a dick. His wife died fighting while she was pregnant, and his best friend is running around carrying his baby on his hands on the battlefield, and not once did he acknowledge his wife's dead body, nor his kid. In that perspective, he sounds very dicky to me. But I understand that he has to fix errors and compensate for the loss on his part.

Although this chapter answered quite a number of things to fill the holes, there are still mysteries that baffle me. For instance, why did Solomon turn so old so quick? Is nobody gonna talk about that, or what? It's so unsettling that he has an uncanny resemblance to David ever since he separated the rukh from Ill-Ilah, and nobody has even commented on it. 

Speaking of whom, Arba mentioned that she listened to "that person's voice" which I'm theorizing is none one other than David's. There's no way she can hear lll-Ilah's, and I plan to rule out the options that she was lying or is schizophrenic. Before the war between the Orthodox and Resistance, I had this theory that Arba was being manipulated either physically or psychologically by David, Arba being his creation and everything.  

Most of this theory stems from the fact that I refuse to believe David's storyline disappeared with his son killing him. He is going to come back. David is too strong a character to only serve the purpose of making Solomon a God. I just don't buy it.

Lastly, I'm not sure that I have shared the theory of dungeons in the current world being portals to Alma Torran. It sounds weird, but it makes sense when you know that dungeons contain all kinds of unnatural creatures-unnatural creatures that were found in Alma Torran. Including Djinns, guarding each dungeon. And according to new information, the creatures remaining in Alma Torran were underground, which makes it all the possible reasons for dungeons to be a section of Alma Torran. 

Chapter rating:
Don't you dare scream, "BUT MICHA, WAHID DIED." Shut up.


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  1. The reason why this chapter had a lot of holes in it, was most likely down to Ohtaka having to speed up the end of the arc due to fan complaints.