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NARUTO Chapter 691 Review : Happy Birthday

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

Ooooobiiiiiitoooo !! Will you kindly GTFO of the manga PLEASE ?!
You've been dead for two-three chapters now !
This was a farewell chapter yet not many feels were felt (for me at least).
Hopefully, next week will have the Konoha 11 back.

What happened in this chapter ?

Chapter starts with Hagoromo introducing himself and Sakura casually stating that she doesn't even give a f*ck anymore (just like me). The dead Kages are surprised to be there, with so many other Kages, Tailed Beasts and the Sage of the Six Paths in person in the same place.

Tsundere Kurama giving his beloved Jinchuuriki the middle finger, that's love bitches.

We then have a depressed Kakashi who basically admits he hasn't done shit against Kaguya, but the old man is a nice guy and tells Kakashi he did a great job despite his condition.
Naruto reunites with the other half of Kurama (the one who has been with him for 17 years) and the So6P says that he's happy a ninja like Naruto exists, a ninja who was able to make the Tailed Beasts cooperate with him on their own will.

Aaaand next, we have Kakashi and Obito having a soul/inner discussion (wasn't he supposed to be gone after lending his powers to Kakashi **rolls eyes** ?). They have a nice little chat for two pages, and they finally part ways (I'm not betting anything though, I'm sure we're gonna see him again in a few chapters, in a flashback or something... OBITO UCHIHA IS NEVER GONE FOR GOOD).

After that, Kakashi faints a little, but Sakura catches him (the amount of KakaSaku since chap.670+ is too damn high). And he doesn't have "his" Sharingan anymore (yay ! no mo' BS !).

Kakashi :  What am I going to do from now on..? Say, am I really useless now ?
Sakura : Yuuup. And since Naruto isn't an OP healer anymore, I'm useful again !
Kakashi : But I'm going to be hated by the whole fandom, even if I try my best !
Sakura : ...Welcome to my world, buddy.

Sasuke tries to get by Madara's side (maybe to finish him ?) but the So6P stops him. Madara has to have his last romantic chat with Hashirama before dying, and Sasuke shouldn't ruin their last moment together. They talk about their dreams and the different paths they took to achieve them (except that only Hashirama's dream came true). Madara then peacefully passes away (the fact that he got his legs back will remain a mystery forever, now).

The So6P then announces that he's going to send back the Edo Tensei Kages, which makes Naruto rush by his father's side (the said father being armless, there was no farewell hug **disappointed**).
As the sun rises, Minato says to Naruto his first and last birthday wishes. Minato is proud of Naruto and he tells him that he'll tell everything that happened to Kushina.

Naruto asks his father to tell his mother that he's doing his best to honour her last wishes (you know, the ones from chapter 504 that made us all cry like little bitches). Lastly, Naruto tells Minato that he's doing his best and that he's going to become Hokage. Minato understands and promises to give the message to Kushina (come on Kishimoto, if you make Sasuke become Hokage after this scene, you're officially the #1 asshole of Shounen JUMP).

Kishi must have had SO much fun emphasizing on the "ALL good guys" part
and then, show Sasuke right after... you're a sadist Kishimoto. I love you.

My opinion on the chapter :

Weeeell, this time, I gave plenty of my opinion in the review, so... TBH, I didn't feel anything during the KakaObi discussion (déjà vu) and during the HashiMada one (boring). But I did say "awww" while reading the MinaNaru one. And FINALLY, Naruto receives birthday wishes. I've been waiting for that for years.
And he received a nice birthday present if you think about it : the end of the war, a last discussion with his father and the original Team 7 is by his side. I don't think he could wish for more.
I found Sasuke really suspicious though... I hope it's only my imagination, and that he won't ruin Naruto's special day.
Talking about Sasuke reminded me of something : remember when Hashirama told Sasuke he'd have to do something in order to stop Madara (because Sasuke looks like Madara's brother) ? WELL, Kishi totally forgot about it !

On a side note, I'm really pissed by the fact that both MS and MP give terrible titles to their chapters lately, so I changed it this time, for my review. I REALLY wish they would make both the raws and the translated versions available to everybody...

Overall : Chapter gets a 3/5.
     Good thing(s) :
+ Naruto reuniting with Kurama was fun
+ Naruto and Minato's last discussion

     Meh thing(s) :
• no farewell to the other Kages ? not even Hiruzen ? they didn't really work together, but still...
• HashiMada felt boring for once

     Bad thing(s) :
- KakaObi was unnecessary (but Kishi wanted to make a triple "farewell conversation" **sigh**)

That's it ! Thanks for reading ! See you next week~ !

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