Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NARUTO Chapter 692 Review : Revolution

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

I honestly couldn't believe it when I heard that some people 
were surprised by the turn of events in the manga...
It not like Kishi confirmed a few months ago (once again)
that Sasuke vs. Naruto would happen or anything.

Looks like the perfect "happy ending" picture right..? Well, it only LOOKS like it...

What's happening in this chapter ?

So, after Minato leaves Naruto, it's the other Hokages' turn to say goodbye to Team 7.
With that done, the remainings of the White Zetsus that were used to summon the dead Hokages turn into trees.

With that done, the Tailed Beasts decide of what they're going to do, since they are free now. Those who lost their Jinchuuriki decide to return to their own homes but Hachibi and Kyuubi decide to go back with their Jinchuuriki (plus, Hagoromo decides that Naruto is going to become their meeting place, so Kurama has to be with him and manage those meetings). Kurama goes tsundere again, but accepts.

Hagoromo asks Naruto and Sasuke if their answers (to which question ?) has changed and Naruto answers that he's glad his mom is his mom and that Kaguya felt different from the other enemies he had fought up until now, like she didn't have a personality heart.
Hagoromo says that something must have happened to her after she ate the Chakra Fruit, to make her go from a kind worshipped goddess to a tyrant (but it's this something we were interested in, since it was part of Kaguya's story, it could have given her character some depth, but now, we will never know).

Hagoromo says that the next thing that's left is to undo the Mugen Tsukuyomi, and that the Tailed Beasts' power isn't even needed for that. Only Naruto and Sasuke's powers are needed. Buuuut...

...Sasuke decides to "pull a dickmove" (quoting Shiggins on this). Oh, how surprising. Shocking desu. I never saw it coming. Thank God Tobirama disappeared with a last good impression of the Uchiha before he saw that.

Yes, this joke has been used and re-used, and no, I have no shame.

So, Sasuke decides to kill the Gokage (why ?) and he also places all the Tailed Beasts under his control, thanks to use of the Rinnegan.

A perfectly calm Hagoromo (yeah, he has seen much more $hit than this in his life AND death) tells Naruto that since he's going to disappear soon, Naruto will have to handle all of this alone.
Naruto agrees, but warns him that it won't be anything like Ashura and Indra's fight.

Sasuke gives the most hilarious explaination ever for his actions : before the war, he only wished for destruction. But now, it's, like, totally different ! He wants to destuct AND rebuild (what about we all buy him a LEGO bucket so he can build and destruct his own stuff ?) !

The "revolution" starts with Sasuke imprisoning the Tailed Beasts in "moons" by using Chibaku Tensei (I personally found it very touching when Kurama called for Naruto's help, but the latter's response was so cold **sob**...).

The chapters concludes with Hagoromo saying that both methods have led to battle : giving power to one person only (Ashura) and giving it to two people (N&S). He's almost like : "f*ck this, I've tried everything, I'm out". Last panel shows us a determined Naruto : he's going to stop the sibling rivalry.

Naruto : "Sasubitch ruined my birthday... I'm gonna make him pay-ttebayo !"

But since he knows the NARUTO reviewer of this blog goes on a trip next week, he's be kind enough to wait two weeks before fighting Sasuke. Thanks Naruto ♪ !

My opinion on the chapter :

None, really. I knew it was going to happen (see Mangekyo022, I was right, there WILL be a Sasu vs. Naru fight). However, I'm annoyed by the fact it happens so soon. I was expecting a few chapters of break between the battles. But no, instead of that, Kishi is giving us battle after battle, without letting the characters rest (or the readers).
Well, it does make sense for Sasuke to fight Naruto before freeing everybody, because otherwise, he'd have to fight the entire SA instead of just Naruto, but still. I can't believe they have enough chakra left for that, when they just had the biggest fight of their life.
Also, I'm interested in seeing what will be Kakashi and Sakura's reaction (not that they will be able to do anything, but that could be nice to have their point of view).

Overall : 2/5.

     Good thing(s) :
+ Kurama IZ SO KYUTE ♥ (yes, this is all I could find for the "good things" for this chapter)

     Meh thing(s) :
• battle after battle, let us rest Kishi !

     Bad thing(s) :
- Sasuke's reasons for his revolution

That's all folks ! Thanks for reading and see you in two weeks !

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  1. Je comprends mieux ton "oui mais non". Et je suis d'accord pour ce qui est de l'enchaînement des batailles à en perdre haleine. Mais qui sait. Peut être que Sasuke va se la jouer Chippeur et se barrer une deuxième fois pendant que Naruto sera k.o. (Pitié faites que j'ai tort) Plus sérieusement vu comme c'est parti ce sera plus une bataille d'endurance qu'autre chose. Sasuke devra pas trop puiser de chakra alors que Naruto en aura toujours en réserve. Bref. Je compte sur Kishi pour ne pas me décevoir sur ce coup. Je veux une vraie bataille, avec une vraie fin. Et j'espère qu'on aura pas droit au Sage Mode pendant l'affrontement.
    Tout ce qu'ils ont à faire, c'est lui chourer son Rinnegan (de toute façon il est moche et méchant avec), le mettre sur Kakashi (il est plus à un oeil près), comme ça il libère tout le monde et le temps qu'ils émergent Naruto botte les fesses de SasuPirate en crise d'adolescence. Entre temps Kakashi meurt par magie/par un shuriken perdu/de la main de son élève chouchou et y a plus de rinnegan, plus de vilain Uchiha, les gentils l'emportent et fiiiiinnn. Ça c'est une version simple mais j'aimerai autant que Kishi surprenne. En bien. *croise les doigts*

    Ca tombe bien qu'il y ait pas de scan la semaine pro ! On l'aura pile poil pour le retour du coup. XD

    1. Haha, j'aime tes théories farfelues, elles me font toujours rire x) !
      Mais oui au final, tout ce qu'on demande, c'est une fin satisfaisante (et Sasuke sans Rinnegan et avec Kakashi qui crève... même si Sean en ferait certainement une dépression). On verra de toutes façons, si ça ne l'est pas, je verserai mon poison toutes les semaines dans mes reviews (et les gens continueront à se plaindre dans la chatbox que je suis une "bitch").

      Oui, tu as vu comme le hasard fait bien les choses ^^ ! On a de la chance !

  2. I didn't said there won't be a Naruto VS Sasuke fight, all I said that it will be pointless. And it's still pointless, since Sasuke's logic is utterly fail: how does he want to free the people after Naruto is dead? Hagoromo didn't said to Sasuke or Naruto how to release the MT, he only said that with the power of Rinnegan and Naruto or the tailed beasts can do it, but if he kills both Naruto and the bijuus as he promised he won't be able to do that. So litterly he sucked again.

    Also, it is obvious who will win, as the entire rematch was made for the only reason: to "correct" the battle of the Valley Of The End.

    1. You said it would be "evil for Kishi to stretch it" and that you thought there were only "7-8 chapters left" (good memory aru !) ^^.

      Yeah, I had the same thought... maybe Sasuke plans on killing Naruto, then use Edo Tensei to make him use his power (added to Sasuke's Rinnegan). This way, Sasuke could make Naruto do anything he wants ? But that's only a theory, I absolutely don't know what Sasuke (meaning Kishimoto) is thinking. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the stupidity of Sasuke's acts hides something else !

      Haha, exactly :D !

    2. Since when "evil for Kishi to stretch it" + "7-8 chapters left" are meaning "there won't be Naruto VS Sasuke" fight? Just because Kishi will finish it within 7-8 chapter a short 4-5 chapter length fight can be happen and should have happened after 2-3 chapters non-fight chapters.

      Don't forget you are still talking about the same Sasuke who wanted to revive a clan by killing a bunch of nothing-knowing people.

    3. My bad, then xD. You just have a funny idea of what a manga's final-fight-that-the-whole-fandom-waited-for-years should be. I don't know if you realize but people have followed the manga for 15 years. They all want this fight, and Kishi made sure to make everybody look forward to it for years. It can't just be a 7-8 chapters fight. It's supposed to be the most important fight of the series. It should be as long as the fight in the Valley of the Death to feel satisfying :).

  3. I couldn't agree more. It was too obvious Sasuke had his own plans when he arrived at the battlefield, and now we know what it is. But as you said, it's too soon. Everyone is completely out of chakra, so I wonder how the fight will go.

    On the other hand, Sasuke wants so kill the Gokage. We have no idea how their chakra levels are right now, since we haven't seen them anymore after being healed by Katsuyu.

    I really hope Naruto will finally realize that Sasuke can't be saved anymore, because if he doesn't, he will get killed. Sasuke never showed any hesitation when he fought Naruto, so he will kill him if he has the chance.

    1. Maybe a very short fight (but I doubt the fandom would be satisfied with that) ? People are predicting a two-volumes fight (meaning ~20 chapters, like the fight in the Valley of the End). So they'll have to find chakra somehow x). They're creative, these kids, they'll find a way !

      Haha, it's baka-Naruto we're talking about : he's never giving up on Sasuke. Naruto forgave his parents' murderers (Obito and Kuruma) so Sasuke is still a saint in Naruto's eyes. Plus, Sasuke won't die : he is needed in order to free everyone from the Mugen Tsuyomi (otherwise, they'll all turn into White Zetsus). Nah, by the end of the fight (and after A LOT of TnJ), Sasuke will be all lovey-dovey with Naruto aaaand happy ending ♪ !

    2. Live with that: Naruto won't step back on his words, he has decided to redeem Sasuke, cause he won't become Hokage until he truly saves Sasuke. Also, why Sasuke can't be saved? Make you remember that Sasuke only left the village because Sound 4 beated the crap out of him, then only wanted to destroy Konoha because he has been misguided by Obito's "oh no I never used the fox againts the village, no no, and I never wanted to make the village and the clan againts each other, surely not, it was all accident".

      Not mentioning that Naruto said: if Sasuke won't change his mind, both of them will die. Also, not Sasuke was the first who tried to kill him (Neji, Gaara, Obito, Nagato have I need to continue?).

  4. Anyway, since there will be a week hiatus for Naruto manga, don't you want to make a "what I think - Why Sasuke should die and why Sasuke should not die" post? ;)

    1. That would be with great pleasure, unfortunately, I won't be able to do it next week... maybe you missed it, but at the end of this review, I wrote "the NARUTO reviewer of this blog goes on a trip next week", hehe ^^ !
      I'm going to London and I need to get ready (nothing is ready yet x_x)... so if you're willing to wait a little, I can write that article when I go back !

  5. Also, I don't know if anyone cares but if Sasuke kills the Kage, that'll include Gaara, who's been trying to REVERSE the damage done by his processors. So, -1 for Sasuke. Try again!