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Magi 241st Night Review

Written by: Micha

Surprise early translations! Though, not that early. But still pretty early compared to other days.

 This chapter is not as good as the ones we were having for the past month. Maybe because it was more like a build up to what’s coming next.  After it was announced that Hakuryuu had killed Gyouken(I’ll try not to cringe), everyone’s in a bit of a shock. The Kou Empire army says that after Gyouken has been killed, the surviving combatants of the Defense Corps were now heading towards Balbadd.

 Kouen immediately orders Alibaba to go to Balbadd and sailed away with his troops, probably to confront Hakuryuu.

And that's the only amount of beautiful goatee we will ever see in this chapter.

 Aladdin acknowledges that the summit was a half- failure and Sinbad says that at least the Metal Vessel users were now aware that they have to work together to stop the descent of Ill-Ilah. Yunan chirps in and says that he would’ve liked it better if they had more time to talk to each other. He also says that he has been watching Metal Vessel users try and give significance to their existence through elaborate methods.

And due to this of this, it was futile to repeat the role of the Magi since countries would be destroyed sooner or later. Yunan then ponders about what a King Vessel is. But Ugo had entrusted all Magi to discover what a King Vessel and country means, and to protect those institutions. And because of this, Yunan says that Solomon and Ugo are very strict.

This is apparently Yunan's Arba face.
Yunan then asks Sinbad what he was going to do, to which Sinbad responds that he was going to corporate with Ren Kouen in Balbadd, since he had become evident to him that Kouen and Al Thamen were against each other.

He also says that Kou Empire would be divided in to two and experience internal conflict. And, he doesn’t believe that Al Thamen had been annihilated with Prince Hakuryuu’s rebellion, and there are probably some of them left. Hakuryuu was probably being backed by Judar, and Sinbad wonders if Hakuryuu’s intention to kill Gyouken was to take over Al Thamen. Sinbad is also concerned about where Judal had learned the dreadful powers he had displayed.

This was when Olba, the dude was one of the Pirates in Pirates Arc for those who have forgotten, asks Aladdin if Hakuryuu was the guy who had Killed Umm Madaura; the villain in that arc who had kidnapped children and manipulated them with her magic to be her children and pirates crew.

Sinbad will pick up any trash he finds and make them Sindria citizens. 

Up until now, I had thought that Olba and his pirate gang were pretty much furniture in this summit. I was wrong and I will talk about later in my thoughts section.  

Alibaba then says to Sinbad that he will become Ren Kouen’s subordinate, much to everyone else’s shock. Alibabs says that he will have to cut ties with Sindria, give up his family rights in Balbadd and enter the Ren family. He then adds that according to the conditions, he has to fight alongside Kouen as his subordinate and use his Metal Vessels is he had to.

Olba asks Alibaba if he was okay with it, considering that Alibaba wanted to get revenge against Kou for invading his home country. It was because of Kou’s unnecessary interference that his family was killed. Olba asks, no shouted at him, id he was going to become the subordinate of his family’s enemy.

Now, prepare yourselves for Alibaba’s expressive monologues.

He does this every time.
 Alibaba says that it was really annoying that he had to do that since he did not want to do it at all. But due to the current situation, Balbadd would end up being involved in the war. On one hand, there was war and Kou Empire which he dislikes, and on the other, there was the inevitable regret he would carry if he didn’t help the people of Balbadd.

"Alibaba, no... Princess Alibaba."
 Alibaba then bids farewell to everyone, and Aladdin apologizes that things had to end up the way they did after everything Sinbad had done for them. Sinbad says that it was not farewell, and thanks to Aladdin, the goal of Metal Vessel users has become one.

Sharrkan says that Hakuryuu was probably going to attack Balbadd now. Aladdin says that no matter what happens, they will not kill Hakuryuu. Mor says that Hakuryuu is a King Vessel who will fight a common enemy with them and he was also an important friend who went to capture a dungeon with them. Alibaba says that they will go, fight him, and bring him back.

"I will bring him back. That's my way of innja!"
 Alibaba, Morgianna, and Aladdin then sail with the Reim Empire. Once they reach Reim, they were to go to Balbadd using Levitation Magic and Djinn Equip. Reim army would go to Balbadd too, but would be slower than them since they will travel normally.

Titus says that when Aladdin had gone to Magnostadt, Aladdin was burdened with so much more than Titus. Aladdin says it was not like that. When Aladdin had come to know the secret of Titus, he thought that Titus was just like him; born but with someone else’s wishes entrusted upon them. But they fight because they came to love the people in the world.

Titus then says that the Reim Empire would not fight, neither with Kou nor Sindria. If the Kou and Sindria were to clash with each other, Reim Empire will not ally with either of those because Titus believes that they have to avoid any situation where Metal Vessel users fight each other.  

Titus reasons this by saying that Lady Scheherazade had always ignored any outside wars for 200 years in order to preserve the Reim Empire. And the guilt of it had flowed to Titus, which is the reason why Titus wants to fight alongside Aladdin, even if it would hurt Reim Empire in the process.

Aladdin and Titus then talks about trivial things like Sphintus, whom apparently is getting very fat. And Titus says that he’s getting along with Muu, who has a lot to think about considering he’s a Finalis.

I wouldn't mind if Sphintus got fat. I will still love him. In fact, I will love him even more.
 On the other side with the Finalis, Morgianna, and Yunan, it is revealed to Mor that the Finalis are the species known as Red Lions. Yunan chimes in and says that it’s true. And out of the blue, Lo’lo and Muu’s sister Myron shouts at Yunan saying that Yunan should stay away from their captain, in a comical way. Although later they calmed down.

The Mohawk dude and his friends then admire the Finalis, saying how cool they were. And if they traced back to the origin of the Finalis and the humans, they all were monsters from Alma Torran. The Finalis Corp talks to Muu, saying that he shouldn’t worry about such things, and they’d be a family no matter what.

Yunan looks at Muu and says he’s happy for him. Yunan, during the discussion of Finalis, tells Muu that the Great Rift was the only place that continues to exist as Alma Torran. And the fact that everytime he’s reborn, he has always woken up in the Great Rift which must have some significance to it.

Muu suggests that Yunan explore the other side of the Great Rift, to which Yunan replies that he never explored it because it was too big. Muu then says that Yunan was totally useless and Yunan counters that he was never cute even when he was little, which by the way, is my favorite panel in this chapter.

Fear me, for I have a new ship. 

Razol, one of the Finalis, says to Morgianna that that they should investigate the other side of the Great Rift because there must be something hidden there.

The chapter then heads towards its climax, where Judar teleports to Rakushou, the capital Kou Empire. Hakuryuu had gathered his army, and he says to Judar that Judar’s transfer magic cannot even transport great quantities of mass, and he asks Judar if it was too much for Judar to handle.

Judar says that even though it doesn’t compare to Scheherazade’s Transfer Magic or Dantalion’s, his technique won’t lose to anything when it comes to distance. And he still has a lot of room to improve, so one day, he can master it and make Hakuryuu a king.

Hakuryuu, you slut, what the hell are you doing?

 My thoughts on this chapter:

Well, folks, it seems that we're back to Second Balbadd Arc. Which was the arc that was happening before we jumped to Alma Torran Arc.

This chapter has gotten me greatly confused. This sudden turn of events seems to have caused the motives of people to get a little jumbled. After Aladdin told the story of Alma Torran, it's become evident that Al Thamen, and specifically Arba, has become a common enemy to all of the Empires. 

But what we don't know is how Kouen and his troops are going to react to Hakuryuu supposedly murdering the Kou Empress. Logically, they should be glad that she's gone now instead of calling Hakuryuu a rebel. 

Kouen, himself, was never fond of his stepmother, so the only explanation to his alarming reaction to the situation I can think of is that he is not necessarily anxious because Arba died, but because he fears that Hakuryuu would take his position. His reaction is purely based on his fear of losing his political power in Kou, because it seems that Kou is facing domestic problems because of this.

And if you see the two dudes standing by Hakuryuu's side (scroll above to see the picture again), that's the left and the right generals of Kouen Ren. I don't know how he did it, but it looks like Hakuryuu is gaining political power and it's completely justifiable for Kouen to get paranoid at this point.

I'm also curious to know what Hakuryuu is trying to get out of all of this. Honestly, I really, really, really hope Hakuryuu is pulling some stunt for an ultimate good cause. Or maybe it's a misunderstanding like the time Alibaba seemed evil when he went back to Balbadd. If he's getting manipulated by Judar somehow, that would really disappoint me.  

I still don't believe that Arba is dead, although, I do believe that Hakuryuu thinks he's killed her. Out of everyone, he would have the greatest motive to kill her, since he hated his mother for being a cunt and even said several times that he wanted to kill her.

There was also the time when Hakuryuu beheaded the Umm Madaura, the "mother" of the pirates crew, because she reminded him so much of Gyokuen. In this chapter, Olba and his crew reminded us of the time when that had happened, so I wouldn't say that Hakuryuu killing his mother is surprising at all.
But most of all, I am quite surprised by Judar. What in god's hell does Judar want with Hakuryuu? I would say that Hakuryuu is an easy target for him given Hakuryuu's hatred for Gyokuen, which makes it so much easier to make him fall in to depravity. Judar also worships chaos, and I can see why he would choose Hakurryuu as his King Vessel, but I think we have come to that point in this manga that this guy has got to have an ultimate goal than to just do it for his own enjoyment.

In this chapter, we also got to find out more about Yunan's opinions on things. I can understand (and agree with) this guy more than any character in this series. He sees the flaw in Ugo's system of Magi and King Vessels. He says that all Metal Vessel users do devastating things in order to give meaning to their existence, which I'm guessing is a reference to how Sinbad monopolizes Metal Vessels and use them to gain power. This mindset of Yunan would explain why he never had a King Vessel, because he simply does not agree with the system.

Poor Ugo just keeps sending him back every time he dies only for Yunan to drink tea in the Great Rift.

I can also see Sinbad getting upset upon losing Aladdin and his friends to Kou, whom he had invested in a lot. Although, I'm actually glad to hear Sinbad willing to ally with Kou, which I never thought would ever happen. Actually, I didn't think there would come a day when Aladdin would ally with Kouen, but this manga is full of surprises.  

Overall, the chapter was good. I'm glad that Ohtaka gave importance to Yunan and the Finalis. Especially the Finalis. Although, I smell death in the coming chapters. Somebody has to die during the fight that is going to happen in Balbadd.

Ohtaka, give me the fanservice. I’m ready for battle. I ready for someone to die!  

Chapter rating:
For Yunan and the Finalis.


Hakuryuu, you look like David, and that does not comfort me.

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  2. I first thought that Yunan was the mother dragon but I'm probably wrong as he himself still doesn't completely understand Ugo's magi system (especially magi of the great rift), etc. Hakuryuu is more badass evil now =D

    1. Yunan being the origin dragon isn't completely far off. That could happen, as he could've lost some memories.

      And it's not that he doesn't understand the system. He does. He just doesn't agree that it will work.

      And I wouldn't really label Hakuryuu evil just yet. Everything sounds so fishy, man. And yeah, he does look more badass now. He has pretty much achieved his goal of killing his mother. He doesn't look like a whiny brat anymore.

      And thanks for commenting this week, too. I can't wait for the next chapter.