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Fairy Tail Chapter 405 Review - Part 6: Magna Carta

Written by: Shiggins

And now we enter Part 6 of the Tartaros Arc! (Man, this arc is huge...)

To be honest, I didn't bring this review up immediately because I was really wasn't heart-pumpingly excited this time. There wasn't anything brilliant that I wanted to fangirl over (like Lucy vs 3 demons at once), or anything that I needed to rage-rant over (like Erza's Terminator-status) so in the end, I'm just sort of doing this review because I have to. As you can imagine, I'm not entirely enthusiastic but that doesn't mean it's a negative review.

Okay... That is fucking awesome!

So what's happening next? Well, surprisingly we've actually gone back in time to see what Natsu and Mard Geer were doing during Erza's fight with Kyouka. I admittedly didn't think about that but I heavily approve. Ironically, Mard Geer finds Natsu boring (Kettle calling the pot black, motherfucker!), and just uses another rose-boom to attack. Geer isn't intimidated by Natsu's attacks and sends him flying.

Now you know how we feel!

Meanwhile, we get a nice surprise from Igneel and Acnologia. It turns out Acnologia can speak and sees Igneel as a worthy foe and... that's it. Makes me feel bad that Acnologia didn't leave any lasting impression. I mean, this is Acnologia! He should be amazing in every way, right? Sadly, that's not the case and his own words are probably the most generic we could have had right now.

There is still hope that Acnologia will become more interesting in the future though.

With Natsu in trouble, Sting and Rogue finally reappear for some support, kick-ass action and banter. Surprisingly, this entire chapter kicks it up a notch when these two finally show up, even having to manipulate Natsu into turning the fight against Mard Geer into a contest. And with that, all three charge and begin to attack and shockingly, Geer finally experiences anger.

Oh no. It's been so long since he experienced an emotion that he forgot you don't smile when angry!

Opinion: Like I said earlier, this chapter didn't really work for me. Geer and Acnologia have little to no personality which makes the fighting so much less enjoyable, and the plot didn't really progress except for Sting and Rogue appearing.

There is so much sass in this kick, it's difficult to handle!

It was nice we went back to this time though because we should see how Natsu vs Geer was going before Erza kicked Kyouka's ass. Sting and Rogue appearing again is great, although I have to wonder if Geer really defeated both of them earlier by doing almost literally nothing. And Geer is feeling an emotion. I approve. Maybe he'll experience another one before he dies.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Sting and Rogue for joining the fight.

Predictions: The next chapter is called "The Girl in the Crystal". Could this be a reference to Lumen Histoire? To Minerva? Or perhaps even Kyouka? I'm not sure but that title does interest me greatly.

Best Part: Sting and Rogue!

Worst Part: Acnologia is as unforgettable as Mard Geer.

I think it's impossible for any character to look bad in a suit.

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  1. I liked the MangaStream translation of this chapter better. You said that Acnologia's dialogue was boring... that could be because MangaPanda's scans are mediocre at best. In the MS translation, Acnologia states that he recognizes Igneel as an enemy and will "slay" him. I honestly think that the usage of that particular verb is hinting at Acnologia's past. He IS supposedly a former DragonSLAYER, after all.

    ...granted, it's fairly generic dialogue beyond that little tidbit...

    1. Okay. That one tiny word change actually makes me appreciate the moment a lot more. Thank you for this information... even though it doesn't really redeem him or anything...