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Fairy Tail Chapter 403 Review - Erza vs Kyouka

Written by Shiggins

It's time for the "Erza Cliche Drinking Game"! Take a shot every time Erza says/does something she always does!

If it's not obvious yet, this chapter annoyed me. And it shouldn't annoy me because I like Erza. I like her character and her abilities and so much more but... I'm unable to defend her anymore. I will explain why in this review so just bare with me until then. Anyway, it's time for the review. As you should remember from last week, the final battle between Erza and Kyouka has finally begun.

.....Then why haven't you been using it this whole time? You could be stronger than God!

With Kyouka in her final form and Erza getting her armour destroyed in one slash, Kyouka roars and actually causes the Face clock to go from 32:41 to 21:58. Yes, Kyouka is changing the time of the activation of Face, and she's using her curse to make her power rise every second. To put it simply, she's getting stronger and stronger as the battle goes on. And the longer she stays with Face, the more her lifespan will shorten.

Listen to Kyouka, Erza. It's good advice!

As Erza asks why Kyouka would go so far, Kyouka tells her that it is fate and destiny and all the other convenient reasons that I can sum up in four words: "Because I want to". As Erza gives her lecture, Kyouka seems to explode and everybody is sent flying. Apparently, Kyouka increased everybody's sensitivity to pain and since Erza got the full blast, even a tiny breeze of wind makes Erza scream out in agony.

I have to admit, it's difficult to watch Frosch in pain.

As Minerva, Lector, Happy, Pantherlily and even gentle Frosch are all in pain, Kyouka stamps down on Erza and remembers the torture chamber. (I'm starting to miss those days...). With the armour ripped off, Erza starts to lose her eyesight and other senses because of the pain Kyouka is putting her through. Erza has lost her touch, her sight and just about everything.

"'Tis but a scratch."

Kyouka goes on a rant which shows off her truly sadistic side, and then Erza pulls the biggest bullshit of the chapter. She stands back up, goes on a big cliche speech we've heard a million times in the past and then uppercuts Kyouka in the face and is ready to resume fighting.

Opinion: Bull. Fucking. Shit.

I am sorry and I know I've said this before but Erza should not be able to do this. She should be dead. She has been through way too much this arc without any rest whatsoever and is still fighting?! She literally got tortured twice in the span of a few hours (I'm not entirely sure how long this arc has been in the story to be honest) and right now, she's got no eyes, touch...

That's the best excuse I could come up with. You got a better one?

Erza is the Terminator. That's the only plausible thing I can think of. Jellal from the future reprogrammed her to go back in time and protect Fairy Tail, and now Erza will never die and although I don't want her to die, I believe a character should at least sit down when they are in the state she is in.

Is there anything else I even need to say? Kyouka was delightfully sadistic which is always something to enjoy and I saw Minerva get tortured a bit which I can't help but grin at.

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Week: Kyouka for being a sadistic bitch.

Predictions: Erza will probably turn into Jesus and somehow defeat Kyouka using the power of "Fuck you, I'm Erza". Unfortunately, Kyouka will die and Face will activate, but then Jellal will appear, save Erza in time and he'll be wearing a Batman outfit to symbolise how "he's so alone" and shit. (To put it simply, I'm not even interested enough for next week).

Best Part: Kyouka is in charge now!

Worst Part: No, Erza is in charge now!

Wow. What an appropriate image for this chapter. (By the way, that was SARCASM!)

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  1. I so fucking agree, I love the ladies of FT but Erza needs more development. Natsu and Gray were a step before her at the start, they had a decent room for development. Wendy and Lucy were timi, now they developed ALOT. Erza started out strong from the beginning, so it's hard for her to develop other than emotionally in the ToH arc. The main problem with Erza is that she's been put in a situation where she NEEDS to win. Like Mira could lose to Azuma in the Tenrou arc but Erza had to win because there was noone else.

    I am generally ok with nakama power until it becomes a characters sole power up, so I really hope Hiro ends this fight in a good way rather than bs.

    1. I think that's the problem. She seems to be the only person who does anything. She needs to stop being "the last hope" and start being an actual person who can have weaknesses because right now, she's not human.

      And to be honest, I think it has already gotten to bs stages. I doubt it'll end in a good way. Hopefully, it'll at least be quick.

  2. Pretty much what anon above me said. I don't think Igneel is going to be killed though (Because Ultimate Pain is Erza's). I gotta say though, Kyouka, you can take away all her sense but don't take away her sense of feel because how can she feel pain (I feel a bit sadistic now). One thing that could happen is Erza forgetting how to breathe (I love Erza, don't get me wrong) since she can't 'feel'.

    Also it seems Hiro is pretty mad at A-1 for giving Nanatsu no Taizi glorious animation styles while Fairy Tail has lolquality. For him to complain publicy is rare (on twitter)

    1. Hmm... That is a good point but if Igneel does survive this, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed but we'll have to wait and see.

      Wow. You are sadistic. (Not complaining or anything...)

      Really? Can you please tell me more about this? I've never heard of this problem.