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Magi 243rd Night Review

Written by: Micha

Apparently there is no foreplay this week. The translators, whom I respect very much, have given it to us fast and dry. I didn’t even get to read the raw version like I always do which took all the romance out of it, but who am I to complain? This is great. 

This chapter takes place a while before or during the summit, I’m guessing. And will explain the mysterious Metal Vessels Hakuryuu has come in to possession. In this chapter, it is shown that Judar raised the 68th Dungeon Belial for Hakuryuu,

Judar reminds him before going in that he could not predict what he was going to get out it in the end, but as a Magi, Judar was sure that the Djinn residing in that dungeon was strong and special. And Judar was giving it to Hakuryuu, just as he wished.

There is something erotic about this picture. I can't quite put my finger on it.
 Judar also mentioned that he had obtained an interesting power earlier, but did not elaborate on it at all. Hakuryuu then asks Judar why he was willing to work with him, considering Judar has refused to work with both Kouen and Koumei in the past.

This is when Judar gets all philosophical and creepy at the same time and tells Hakuryuu that he was the only one who had the same thing as him. This information shocks and puzzles Hakuryuu, and Judar thinks to himself that he couldn’t stand having similarities with Hakuryuu; but was willing to use it to achieve his ultimate objective. Obviously I will talk about it and present my far-fetched, lunatic theories about it, but let’s get on with the next part where they enter the dungeon.

Upon entering Belial’s dungeon, Hakuryuu finds himself in front of an exact replica of Kou Empire’s royal palace. He commented about it but Judar was obviously having his own reality in which he was in the middle of a deserted village. The two of them got in to an argument, clearly thinking they’re both lying when it dawned on them the reality of their situation.

The Kou Empire is so Chinese-themed.
I love it.
 Hakuryuu asks Judar about the kind of Djinn Belial was, and Judar answered that he didn’t know; although, the color of the rukh is the same as when Hakuryuu uses Zagan’s magic. Hakuryuu then deduces that it was the magic that manipulates life, which would mean that what they were seeing was probably an illusion. Djinn Belial was affecting their bodies and taking over their sense of sight.

Hakuryuu turns around to see Judar gone, but came face-to-face with his sister Hakuei. And just like any normal person talking to their imaginary person would, they lit a fire, sat down and started talking. Also, Hakuryuu is completely aware that she was nothing but an illusion.

Hakuei looked remorseful and apologized to Hakuryuu saying that all those times when he was troubled by mother and she had no idea of it even though she was his sister. She then smiles and tells him that there was no need for him to take his revenge anymore.

Hakuryuu, seemingly shocked, asks her why and she retorts back asking why he would want to kill their mother. Hakuryuu tells her that it was his mission entrusted to him by his brothers who told him to defeat Gyokuen who unjustly stole their country, and also to defeat Kouen and the Al Thamen.   

A cunt or not, Arba has produced some pretty good looking offsprings.

Hakuryuu was also beginning to realize that even though he knew that his sister was a mere illusion, he could not help himself from reacting. Hakuei then counters him, reminding him of the will of their brothers and father. They had fought so hard in the past to bring peace to their country. And yet, Hakuryuu was creating a civil war, which was contradictory to the mission he was given.

Hakuryuu says that his brother’s wishes and his feelings was the same thing, which suddenly caused a wound to appear on his face. Greatly puzzled, he wonders why it had happened as he saw spirals of illusions happening in front of him.

This is when the voice of the Djinn Belial echo, as it says that he was the Djinn of Truth and Conviction. And he would not let anyone lie in his dungeon. He also further explains that what Hakuryuu saw was not an illusion, but a fragment of his mind. It was something Hakuryuu was thinking about, and if he were to lie in the dungeon, he will continue getting wounded which will eventually lead to his death.

This is like Pinocchio, but Ohtaka-style.

 On the other side we see Judar’s reality, which is when his village was burned to the ground by Al Thamen. Next to him, Aladdin is present and he gives a little background information of Judar saying that Al Thamen had kidnapped him when he was born. Aladdin also says that it was not Judar fault, even if he had done some bad things.

Judar says that he has killed a lot of people, regardless. Aladdin insists that he was nothing more than a little boy and that he should go to their side and cut all ties with Al thamen. He could choose a king and create his own country.

Judar refuses his offer, saying that Aladdin was wrong. This caused a wound to appear on his (beautiful) abs. He then changes his answer saying that it was as Aladdin has said, before plunging a rod in to Aladdin’s body.

Judar learns a lesson regarding wearing crop-tees in dungeonsl

On the other side, we’re shown Hakuryuu with his sister and Morgianna. Morgianna apologizes to him for getting separated before and said she wanted him to go back to her and fight Al Thamen together. Hakuryuu concentrated getting the Djinn out of his mind, whose voice says that his dungeon ascertains the King Vessels by judging their lies.

Hakuryuu tells Morgianna that it was already too late. Morgianna insists that they all have the same enemy and he should’ve noticed it by now. Hakuryuu starts to realize it. He decided that he should talk to Alibaba, with whom he is comfortable with. This is when Alibaba appears and extends his hands.

Hakuryuu thinks to himself that he should side with them and fight together, and throw away his stupid obsessions. The Djinn, obviously pleased with it, says that Hakuryuu was finally eliminating his contradictions so he could make him a true King Vessel.

However, Hakuryuu could not take Alibaba’s hand which surprises both him and the Djinn. The Djinn was astounded by the “thing that is swirling in the depths” of Hakuryuu and Judar as Judar shouted saying that he might have wanted to become friends with Aladdin in the past, but he could not ignore the other him inside of him. Obviously the real voice inside of them does not agree with the reality that is presented to them.

This is my favorite line in this entire manga.

My thoughts on this chapter:

This chapter is awesome. You know why it's awesome? Because dungeons. I'm a total sucker for dungeon chapters, and I shall declare it publicly with no shame. Every dungeon has a little twist, or some kind of wisdom to be acquired in order to capture it, and Djinn Belial seems to be quite tricky. 

The Djinns in this manga are taken from the Lesser Key of Solomon (google), which is like a spellbook of demons, but Ohtaka makes little similarity between the Djinns and the demons they were inspired from, which pisses. me. off. 

Honestly, if the Djinns had at least some of the demon's characters, it would make this so, so interesting. This also makes it extremely difficult for me to predict what kind of Djinn Belial would be. But by the looks of it, I call bullshit on his whole "this is the dungeon of Truth and Conviction" thing. The dungeon seems to detect contradictions inside a person's mind, and inflicts physical pain on the person if they were to "lie".

Technically, Judar and Hakuryuu weren't even lying. They were ignoring the little voices in their heads that are telling them to do the right thing, and they both are coming up with their own final verdict based on their feelings. 

Technically, they weren't lying at all. Judar seems to not give a fuck at the end, though, which I'm guessing is going to lead to a speech of some sort by both of them that would convince the Djinn to take Hakuryuu as king. 

Another thing about this chapter is when Judar gets all shadowy and tells Hakuryuu that they have the same thing. He did not say  what it was, and I don't think we're going to find out soon because it all seems like an ultimate mission of his. I do believe that Judar, like everyone else except nerds like myself in the fandom, hates Arba. She has been a pain in everyone's ass.

Both Hakuryuu and Judar have been victimized by her and the Organization at some point in their lives. Judar's village was burned to the ground along with his family just like they had done to Hakuryuu's father and brothers. Judar who is raised in Al Thamen were given orders to carry out, that  probably came directly from Arba. 

Judar probably hates her just as much as Hakuryuu does, which could be the reason why he is willing to help Hakuryuu out, but just until he gets what he want from him.

This chapter really is interesting. And I wasn't prepared for a dungeon chapter because I didn't think we would get one in a million years because of all the politics, but it was a nice surprise.

Chapter rating:
I want to see the Djinn's face.


Judar gets cooler by each chapter. How is that even possible? 

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  1. If this chapter was great to you, then why did you only rate it 3/5? Also, it would be cheap if Ohtaka Shinobu just copied all the characteristics of the demons that inspired the Djinn. It's nicer to have these Djinn be original and unique in their design, powers and personalities.

    1. Hi.

      The chapter was great, but in the sense that it was a surprise dungeon chapter and involved psychological abuse which interests me a lot. But that was it. I've seen better chapters, especially recently, so it wouldn't be fair to rate this one more than 3 stars. But that's just my opinion.

      I do understand that Djinns need to have their own original personalities, but adopting names from historical scriptures and leaving it there feels pointless and more like a touch-and-go thing. But that's, again, just my opinion. Ohtaka doesn't need to adopt the whole characteristics of the demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon, but just giving them names from the book feels just as cheap to me.

      Thank you for your comment, though. I like your perspective.

  2. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ I completely agree with you about "lying" thing. In fact, it actually felt a little offending that their feelings were being pigeon holed as lies. I wonder if this is a conflict of translation and context? Whatever the case, I hope it wraps up well in the next chapter ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ.

    1. I'm not sure if this is mistranslation. I hope not. Yeah, I can't wait for the new chapter! Hopefully they'll release it sooner this time, too.

      Thanks for commenting, man.

  3. magi chapter 244 is out