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NARUTO Chapters 694, 695 and 696 Reviews : Naruto and Sasuke (1, 2 and 3)

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

So many things to take care of, so little time left...
Naruto is ending in three chapters from now on !
And I also have three chapters to review... ugh.
Fortunately for me, nothing really happens in them.

Fap material for SasuNaruSasu fans.

NARUTO 964 :

Basically, this chapter is nothing but Sasuke explaining his vision of what kind of Hokage he's going to be. Usually, politicians, when trying to convince people to vote for them make promises about social or healthcare reforms (even if they end up not doing any of that). But not Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke is the kind of guy who's honest about his projects. He plans on being a dictator. But he wants to be a proud dictator that will be able to take on any kind of hatred people will bear towards him. It's very serious !

Unlike Naruto, who tries his best to eradicate the hate ninjas bear towards each other, Sasuke chooses to receive it all, and to do so, he also needs to erase the past and present Kages. Naruto tries to make him understand the meaning of Itachi's life (the fact that you can't do everything by yourself) and Sasuke does understand that, but it doesn't matter because he wants to do things his way and "destroy the past".

"Even my beloved brother's efforts to give me a better life than the one he had...
Yeah, let's flush his blood, sweat and tears down the toilet." #genius

He even goes as far as to call Itachi "a phantom of the past" (the very same past he is trying to get rid of...) and decides to make Naruto "the last offering" to his brother.

Naruto tells him there's no way he's gonna let him do all that sh*t because everything he knows is from people of the past and it's very important to him.

Meanwhile, Kakashi asks the Rikudou Sennin about what he should do and the latter answers that there's nothing he can do but believe. Hagoromo then has a flashback about what were the boys' answers to his questions when "they were dead" (which is good I guess for people who were frustrated about not knowing what happened on Sasuke's side at the time). They consider each other best friends, but they're not following the same path.

Back to Naruto and Sasuke, they're having a flashback about their academy days as they start fighting.

NARUTO 695 :

So, the battle begins. It's not very interesting to have me describe their every move, but if I don't, the review's gonna be pretty empty, so I apologize for that.

Sasuke starts with a classic : Goukakyuu no Jutsu but its goal is to distract Naruto while Sasuke sneaks behind Naruto to Chidori him. Naruto doesn't have the time to react and is sent flying in the water. Sasuke doesn't let Naruto rest and goes Susano'o mode to shoot three arrows that Naruto deflects with three of his Gudoudama.

Sasuke uses the impact created by the arrows and the Gudoudama to charge directly with Susano'o and, in order to defend himself, Naruto goes Kurama mode so it can stop Susano'o's sword with one of its tails.
Susano'o and Kurama then fight fist-to-fist (it almost looks like a bro bump).

All I see is a rip-off of Hokusai's print, but okay...

Follows a flashback about how sad and empty the two boys' childhoods were, with things that we've seen about one million times before like their first battle in the Valley of the End and Sasuke screaming at Naruto that he couldn't possibly understand his pain since he has always been alone. Except that now that Jiraya is dead, Naruto can understand Sasuke's feelings (Jiraya = more useful to Naruto dead than alive #neverlikedhimanyway).

The fight goes on until Sasuke tells Naruto that he's going to kill him if he doesn't become more serious and Naruto replies that he isn't going to let him, Sasuke, his best friend, do that.

Kurama shoots a Bijuudama at Sasuke's Susano'o who chooses to reply with Chidori. It creates a gigantic explosion that "takes them" to their inner dimension, the one in which they can understand each other's feelings.

NARUTO 696 :

They start chatting a little. Naruto asks Sasuke if he's really sure about wanting to destroy the past for the sake of his new world, and how he is planning on making it different from the current one.
Sasuke answers that this time, HE will be in charge of it.

Naruto tries to talk some sense into him by telling him that the five nations are finally united but Sasuke thinks it's only for their personal interest, because they had a common enemy, but now that the enemy has been defeated, things are going to revert back to what they were.

Sasuke says that with both the Rinnegan and the Sharingan, he can become immortal and take care of everything by himself, so there won't be any more wars, even if that mean being lonely and hated by everyone for the rest of eternity.

Back to battle, Naruto repeats that he won't try to kill Sasuke, but Sasuke doesn't let him finish his sentence and attracts the moons in which the Bijuus are imprisonned to him in order to absorb their chakra and conbine it into one to create an even stronger Susano'o.

Even Kurama's chakra is being drained from Naruto's battle form. Apparently, Sasuke has reached Rikudou Sennin's level and his next attack is going to be a big one.

"Behold my ultimate jutsu : Unicorn no Susano'o !"

Naruto creates clones of his "battle Kurama"and Sasuke goes psychologist mode by interpreting that this jutsu is proof of Naruto's weakness and loneliness (and he's absolutely right about the loneliness part though, since Naruto uses his own clones to play cards when he's alone at home).

Next pages show the fight between Upgraded Susano'o vs. Kurama clones. At some point, these clones each send a Bijuudama at Susano'o but he counters them with arrows.

Sasuke realizes that Naruto has little chakra left from the Bijuus and is planning on shoting an arrow at Naruto, but Naruto fuses the three Kurama clones he has to create a three-headed Kurama. This, plus the energy another Kurama clone that was hidden has collected allow Naruto to create one giant Rasenshuriken AND a Bijuudamashuriken. Naruto has a short flashback about how Sasuke would always beat him when they were little, at the academy and it reminds me how much he wants to beat Sasuke.

Sasuke shoots an electric arrow with Susano'o, Naruto throws his two "shurikens" and he shouts that he doesn't want to beat the current Sasuke (meaning, he wants to beat the "friendly" Sasuke).

Thank God I'm finally DONE !!

My opinion about these chapters :

I don't really have one TBH. The fight is nice, Naruto is being creative about how to use the few jutsus he knows and the few resources he has left.

I'm still wondering if Sasuke is really serious though, he could have used Amaterasu and even Kirin (though he said it was a jutsu created only for his battle against Itachi), but so far, he's sticking to the classics (besides the fact that he took chakra from the Bijuus).

Also, I don't want to think that Kakashi is going to stay and just "believe" in Naruto. I hope Sakura wakes up and does something meaningful too with her sensei, and I want Hagoromo to GTFO already. He was supposed to go 3-4 chapters ago !

But with so many things left to do, I wonder if Kishi will have time to finish everything in three chapters... well, we'll see.

Overall : These chapters deserve a 3/5. Nice, but nothing exceptional.

     Good thing(s) :
+ the battle looks very nice
+ the creativity in the execution of the techniques

     Meh thing(s) :
• things are starting to get repetitive... hopefully the battle ends soon
• I wish there was more use of strategy rather than pure strength

     Bad thing(s) :
- Hagoromo, don't tell Kakashi to just sit there and believe, that's lame !

That's it ! I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews again ! See you next week ♥ !

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