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Fairy Tail Chapter 406 Review - The Girl in the Crystal

Written by: Shiggins

And another huge question is finally answered!

Ever since the Tartaros Arc happened, we've been getting tons of questions asked and answered. Where did Igneel go? What will happen to the "evil" Minerva? Will any of these shipped couples ever smooch? These and more were always on our mind, and now we've finally got one less question to wonder about: What is Lumen Histoire?

If I was about to get crushed, I probably wouldn't be laughing!

However, I'm going to be a dick to you all and not talk about it until after we've talked about the rest of the chapter. (I'm such a nice guy!). And our chapter begins with Elfman and Lisanna surprisingly, finishing off the rest of the Lamy clones with the aid of Jet and Droy and surprisingly, a joke from Warren. Yeah... Warren was in a sort-of funny moment. Weird.

I will admit, despite my dislike for Aquarius... This panel was a bit hard to look at.

This is when Lucy meets up with the group and she explains to them what's going on, while hiding the hurt she's feeling over losing her first Celestial Spirit Aquarius. Apparently, Gajeel, Levy and Juvia are going to Porlyusica (I hate typing that name up) to give her the medicine to heal Laxus and his fanclub... I mean his friends. 

Back off, GaVia shippers! Levy got him first!

We saw one panel where Gray seems to have found something odd, but I have no idea what it is to be honest. Is it the remains of Aquarius' key perhaps? Anyway, Lucy continues to talk about how Igneel is fighting Acnologia and just as everybody seems to get some hope, Wendy finally appears and reveals there are massive amounts of Face bombs to deal with.

Maybe it's time for CERTAIN CHARACTERS to disappear now...

Back to Mard Geer, who is talking about how he tries to keep all emotion down because it clouds his judgement. He puts down the End book and sits down on his throne, all cocky and pissed off, as he talks about how he will erase the emotion he's feeling and kill the three Dragon Slayers. Once again, we're given a sight as hundreds of thorn vines all rush about and attack. 

I think he's the first villain to ever try to justify his blandness... I almost respect that.

The next few pages are mostly the same. Natsu rushes forward but is blown away by one hand, and Sting and Rogue help out too. It's clear that Natsu recognises Mard Geer as an enemy too strong to defeat alone so he's accepting their help now. (Huh. He's actually gone through character development!). Despite all these attacks, Mard Geer just knocks them all back and absorbs any attack. Hell, he even goes back to sitting on his throne!

More thorns? Well, why not? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Back to Lucy's group, Warren explains he could never use enough magic to contact every mage on the continent because he's not powerful enough. This is when the group suddenly hear the voice of Makarov call out to them and he reveals it's time to use Fairy Tail's final weapon and last hope: Lumen Histoire. And what is Lumen Histoire you may ask?


Opinion: Awesome, plain and simple. Yes, the ending is easily the highlight but the rest was pretty good too. 

Going back to Elfman's group was enjoyable enough because we finally got some more explanation and development. Wendy returned and proved why my original theory of "ask every mage ever to destroy Face" can't work, and I was hoping she'd join the big fight soon anyway since this arc has been amazing for her. Although, am I the only one who is surprised that Gajeel is being told to leave the battlefield? He's a huge fighter and I'm surprised they don't want to keep him around. 

When did Fairy Tail start making all the characters look so sassy?

The battle with Mard Geer is getting a bit interesting, admittedly. Yes, I still don't like Mard Geer and yes, he did try to justify his blandness which is fair. At this point, I look at Mard Geer more like an obstacle that's in the way, rather than an actual villain. A bit like an impenetrable wall, which is very accurate when you consider how bland both him and a wall can be. 

His fight gave me Deja Vu however. It reminded me of when Natsu fought Gildarts during the S-Class Exam. Like Gildarts, Mard Geer is barely moving and Natsu isn't holding anything back. Could this be a sign that Gildarts is about to finally appear and help out? Am I overthinking this? Both are extremely possible, since I used to think Gray was going to go insane because of the Deliora flashbacks during the Sun Village Arc.

Histoire... History... History of Fairy Tail... This should have been obvious!

Lumen Histoire was Mavis Vermillion! And if you haven't taken a second to realise it yet, this is a huge game-changer. Does this mean Mavis never died? By the look of things, yes. Mavis was never dead and instead, her mind created the "ghost" of Mavis to walk about and talk to the Fairy Tail members. 

If you're as great as I am, you'll have also been reading the Fairy Tail Zero series. (The review will be out soon. I promise.) And in the most recent chapter, Mavis revealed her magic is the power to create illusions. I don't think it's a coincidence that we discovered this magic on the same day Mavis revealed herself to us. (No pun intended). 

Manga Rating: 5/5

Character of the Week: Makarov for revealing Fairy Tail's last hope.

Predictions: Mavis is being ressurected. Her magic will spread throughout the continent and request help from every mage out there, including Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale etc. Or Mavis will just say "I'm awesome" and blow up every single Face bomb herself.

Best Part: Mavis is alive!

Worst Part: Gajeel may have just left the battle.

Now THAT is an awesome cover! Thank you very much!

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    1. Hmm... Interesting theory but I'd be shocked and pissed off if Jellal was able to do that. He was blinded and crushed and such last time, so he shouldn't be able to magically appear.... Then again, Jellal fucks all the rules.

  2. Rogue and sting are twin dragons with their elements being opposite and if sting gets into a relationship with minerva (demon) it would be fitting for rogues girlfriend to represent the opposite which is angels so its possible that rogueXangel will happen

    1. Angel... from the Oracion Seis? I'm not entirely against that idea or anything but why Angel other than her name? I'd have thought Yukino would be more likely.

    2. angel has a rather extroverted and strong personality in comparison to yukino and rogue is one of the few people who felt bad about yukino and it would be e an interesting turn from since there are people who ship rokino and people would be surprised

    3. I'm an avid shipper (guilty as charged) but apparently a popular Rouge shipping is either Yukino while for Sting it's Yukino or Kagura (Don't ask me why). I'm okay who's who but the boob grab is apparently the defining logic of couples in Fairy Tail (Poor Gajeel)

    4. To be fair, Yukino and Rogue make some sort of sense but then again, so does Yukino and Sting so it's really awkward either way... Could be funny if they did a love triangle thing or something. Maybe.

  3. Not to mention the anime is making Lucy and Aquarius's bond stronger to crush us later... (And the filler started off better than what others thought it would start off as...)

    (Also pedo-Warren, no twin-tailed Wendy for you)

    This chapter was excellent and I think Natsu learned that lesson to know of an enemy he couldn't defeat from Tenrou, that's why he accepted help. Brotp Lucy and Lisanna, and I chuckled at the Gajeel-sama thing.

    I'm starting to crave Fairy Tail Zero more now (chapters that is) to reveal the secrets, but to think that Gildarts got nervous from seeing Mavis in that crystal (SNK? Nah...), I wonder what's going to happen next... and if Natsu can't beat Marde Geer easily (with no friendship speeches), how can he beat Acnologia or Zeref?

  4. Also, do you think Gray found Natsu's scarf in that one panel?

    1. Oh, you're referring to the new filler arc with the alternate Celestial Spirits? Yeah, I am curious about that.

      I've been watching it too so if anybody wants to discuss with me, go ahead. I'll gladly do so.

      Can't argue with that. Natsu is actually getting development. That's amazing!

      The thing is though, will this spoil the ending of Zero? Since we know she ends up in crystal and we'll probably find out why soon so the ending of Zero is going to be weird.

      Yeah, the SNK/Snow White thing has been made clear to me already but this frozen girl has nudity so... she wins. If SNK gets Annie naked, then they'll win.

      I think End and Face being awakened will alter the fight with Mard Geer. Since Natsu is clearly End, we can expect a powerup in the same vein as Dragonforce but a lot more epic. As for Acnologia and Zeref.... no idea but probably not in this arc anyway.

      Ooooh Natsu's scarf! I totally forgot about that one. I hope it's that because that would make a lot more sense.

    2. how is natsu clearly end it could be frosch

    3. Frosch lacks the gender to be End.


    5. Hmm........Still not convinced because it would mean very little emotional connection to Natsu other than "the cat of a guy I've talked to once". Also... It's Frosch! He/She is an Exceed! Not End!

  5. fairy tail chapter 407 is out