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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 4 - Dances With Blades

Written by: Shiggins

Wow, I'm so sorry! I usually never take this long to finish a review! Well, here it is now!

Before I can talk about how excited I am by today's amazing ending, I'm going to focus on what is probably my favourite chapter of Fairy Tail Zero so far. Mavis and her new gang have arrived in the port town Hargeon, and the girls are looking in amazement at everything going on. Precht is in a foul mood because of the girls tagging along with them so goes to find information about Blue Skull and to his chagrin, Mavis wants to come too.

"We'll find the Two Piece and become Queens of the Fairies!"

Precht and Mavis end up at an inn where the barman tells them he's never heard of a mage guild like that before and they should leave. After making a joke about her age, Mavis points out how the barman was aware that Blue Skull was a mage guild and not some other type of guild, such as treasure hunter or industrial. Basically, the barman is clearly lying.

Oh, there's a slippery cameo that almost got past me... but too slow! Ha ha!

Suddenly, the entire bar starts attacking and Precht knocks them all back. As the barman orders them to take down Precht, Precht reveals a blade attached to a chain and begins a fairly awesome action scene where he defeats them all and reveals "he is the one who dances with blades".

Precht used Swords Dance, motherfucker.

However, the barman suddenly reveals a trap magic circle around the duo, revealing himself as Blue Skull. According to the barman, he is the one who keeps his information secure and refuses to tell anybody anything, which is important for a dark guild. Suddenly, Mavis realises a glyph is incorrect and steps out, revealing the magic circle doesn't work.

Well that was... a huge waste of time, actually.

And now, it's finally time for Mavis to show her magic to us. Or at least, what her magic used to be. All her time studying has given her magic and she uses it to summon a massive "heavenly wolf" and gets the information from the barman. Later, Mavis reveals to Precht that it was all an illusion and now, they are off to Magnolia! As they walk however, Mavis passes someone very special...

Oh God... Is this series going to make me ship them together?!

Opinion: Once again, seeing Mavis be a little genius is fun. I'm hoping it stays fun though and she doesn't end up becoming a "perfect annoyance" who can get out of every situation with a snap of her fingers. We still don't know if Zeira is alive or not since nobody has spoken to her but I'm going to dwell on that.

This picture is so awesome that even Precht makes a funny face!

Precht is awesome! When he was the villain Hades, I was never that warm to him because he was just an old man who hated people and told losers what to do, but his younger form is great! The Blade-Dance scene was my second-favourite scene of this chapter.

And obviously, my favourite part was that very last panel. Zeref has appeared in Fairy Tail Zero! That was fast, wasn't it? Is he already going to become a big influence? Will he befriend Mavis? Will he despise her? Or will we not see him again for a long time?

I have a feeling this moment will carry a lot more weight after reading this prequel.

Speaking of which, that seems to be the current theme with this mini-series. "Waste no time". In the first chapter, Mavis was a child. In the second chapter, we met the other characters. In the third chapter, she left the island. In the fourth chapter, she and Precht found Blue Skull almost instantly by asking the first barman they see. Very coincidental but considering this series is only monthly, it's best not to waste time. The only waste of time we've seen seems to be this chapter's magic circle.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Month: Precht for dancing like nobody was watching.

Predictions: The group will start going to Magnolia and find the building which will one day become the Guild of Fairy Tail. Eventually, Mavis will meet and offer to help the sad Zeref, causing a friendship which will one day result in tragedy.

Best Part: Precht vs Blue Skull.

Worst Part: The other characters did almost nothing this chapter.

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