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Fairy Tail Chapter 454 Review - Team Flying Dragon and Team Osprey

Written by Shiggins

Let's hope this doesn't become Tartarus 2: The Same.

The army of fleets are here and with no time to waste, Mavis sounds the alarm. Ajeel orders the fleet to open fire with their cannons, but a large magical barrier blocks all the attacks. It turns out this barrage is being blocked by one of my all-time favourite gay characters; Freed!

Aww, my gayby has all grown up.
Knowing that Freed can't handle all those attacks for a very long time, Macao and Wakaba panic but Mavis is not even flinching and tells Warren to send a message to "Team Osprey" and "Team Flying Dragon", ordering them to begin moving and attacking. And Team Osprey consist of Bisca, Alzack and... Asuka?!

You brought a kid to war? REALLY?!
As Bisca prepares her attack, three flying figures go through the sky and begin physically blasting through the air fleets to destroy them. (Try not to dwell on the fact that three just probably committed several counts of murder, and this could in fact have been a truly dark and tragic moment in the series if the focus was really there). As it turns out, the three murderers are Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy with their flying exceeds.

I keep wondering if stuff like this are subtle hints that Phantom Lord will be making a return soon... I'd really like that. Gajeel has no other choice but to betray Fairy Tail maybe and Natsu and Levy lead a charge to get him back... Write this down, Mashima!
As the Dragon Slayers fly about, Bisca mentions how Osprey never let their prey go, before firing her huge cannon. It turns out it's the Jupiter Cannon that Phantom Lord once used to attack the Fairy Tail Guild and render Erza temporarily unconscious. As the cannon wipes out dozens of ships, the Dragon Slayers land on Ajeel's ship to take him on... then get sick.

Well... Technically, it is.
Yes, Mavis forgot about that factor in her grand plan, so now Ajeel has the advantage. As he grabs Natsu and mocks him, the front end of the ship is suddenly sliced off and all the guards are knocked down. Ladies and gentlemen, Erza Scarlet has arrived to fight Ajeel.

Opinion: So far, not an army vs army yet. Thank god.

However, the threat of this just becoming the same as Tartarus or Bleach's final Arrancar arc is looming overhead. This situation could easily just turn into a series of battles with easy win after easy win for Fairy Tail, and one or two sacrifices inbetween. As much as I absolutely loved Tartarus, I do want a lot more variety here. Like I said though, that's just a hope. Not a prediction.

Wow. Evergreen said those words at the exact perfect timing, despite being nowhere near close enough to know where Erza is or that she's about to face Ajeel...
Erza is fighting Ajeel. I can't help but feel that's an unfavourable match-up, considering Erza uses blades and Ajeel literally fights with sand like Gaara, Max, Crocodile and probably a billion other characters in the anime multiverse. Still, Erza is smart and I doubt she went into this battle without a plan or, heaven forbid, another bullshit Deus Ex Machina armour that will literally only exist for that one battle.

Although I'll always feel nostalgic when I see this armour.
I'm not opposed to Erza winning and being fabulous while doing so. On the contrary, I love Erza and I hope she keeps going and going to newer heights. However, you'll remember the spit that escaped my mouth during my review of Chapter 404 with the infamous "Because she's Erza" line and this is where the worry comes in. Erza's victory shouldn't be so absurd that the only explanation for her victory is Hiro Mashima-senpai's love for her. Love a character all you want, but if the victory they obtain is utter bullshit then I'm not going to support them. I'm just going to roll my eyes and give a negative review. In short, I want Erza to win but not in a way that's so stupid, I want to claw my eyes out.

Bisca and Freed are part of the first wave, so this is a good sign that other Fairy Tail members have already got a team or position to take part in too. Of course, the majority of them will most likely be a "ground team", but I will appreciate the singular moments that side characters will have.

Mavis forgot the Dragon Slayers got motion sickness from vehicles... I know it was for a joke, but I'm finding that a little bit too out-of-character for the genius tactician. I'm just going to assume that she was thinking of Zeref naked. That's what I usually do when I'm meant to be doing something... like bringing out these reviews a lot faster.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Gajeel. All the Dragon Slayers were awesome this week but his landing was the most badass.

Predictions: Erza vs Ajeel will be interrupted by another Spriggan 12 member, and Ajeel will leave to face Natsu. Meanwhile, Mavis will continue her operations and the Guildmembers will have to charge on a random generic gang of people we will never know or care about.

Best Part: Team Flying Dragon!

Worst Part: Mavis' OOC forgetfulness.

Why am I reminded of the woman from that hideous Prison School series?

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