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Fairy Tail Chapter 332 Review - Yummy, Yummy I Got Fire In My Tummy

Written by: Shiggins

Eating Is The Best Strategy Ever! Of All Time!

So to start off, Laxus and his gang of misfits are attacking Atlas Flame, the dragon of fire, with every attack they have to offer. Atlas just laughs at them and, keeping up his constant dramatic flare (Get it?), tells them how he is unaffected and cancels out any magic. When the group are worried because even Laxus can't fight him, Natsu drops down from above and starts trying to eat him!

This Is Going To Ruin My Figure. 
Atlas gets annoyed and starts thrashing about, trying to shake him off in a rage. Natsu plays the cowboy on a mechanical bull and refuses to let go, despite Atlas getting angrier. Laxus and the gang are then told by Natsu to go ahead to help Wendy fight Zirconis, because she's too young to do it alone. (I think she's 12 or 13 actually. Unsure!)

The next few panels are clearly just filler, and have Natsu holding onto Atlas and getting a good ride out of it! As this bucking bronco goes on, Atlas starts to recognise Natsu's magic and questions him, sensing a connection between Natsu and Igneel. Natsu comments on how Igneel was his dad and raised him and Atlas suddenly has a change of heart, revealing how Igneel was his friend and King of the Flame Dragons.

This Picture Is So Hot! (Get It? Innuendo!) 
Meanwhile, F.Rogue has gone on an extremely dramatic evil-villain-monologue, saying how he is light is going to be replaced with shadow, and how he is going to become the ultimate light, which is now shadow. So he will be the ultimate shadow. Sounds fun for him I guess, but Natsu refuses to let that happen and, with his new BFF Atlas, he flies up and collides with Motherglare, starting a Dragon vs Dragon match by the looks of it.

To be honest, most of this chapter disappointed me. Natsu's strategy was one I had known was going to happen for weeks now, and now Natsu is going to try to fight the same guy who can easily beat him up, again! I felt that Wendy's fight with Zirconis was going to be a growing moment for her, but if Laxus makes it in time, then he'll end up taking the glory. And we didn't even get a glimpse of Erza, Jellal, Milliana or Lucy with her coincidental journal.

At Least Gajeel Found A Buddy! 
The fact that Atlas Flame knew Igneel is interesting in a sense. He knew Igneel from so long ago, 400 years in case you haven't been paying attention to previous chapters. To me, this means one of two possibilities: either Igneel is extremely old and probably managed to keep his youth and title for so long, or Igneel is a time traveler. If it's the latter, then we might actually be one step closer to finding out where he actually is!

Manga Rating: 2/5

Overall Character of the Week: Future Rogue for being a villain, and giving a super-dramatic monologue. (Even if it barely made sense.)

Predictions: We aren't going to see the contents of that journal until after F.Rogue is defeated, which means we'll focus heavily on Natsu fighting F.Rogue. Natsu will urge each Dragon Slayer and Dragon to work together to defeat F.Rogue. And if we're lucky, Erza and Milliana will fall in love and beat up Jellal to avoid most "I deserve death" from him. (Deal with it. I hate Jellal.)

P.S If I don't see Cobra or Gajeel get some proper screentime soon, I am going to snap! Especially since Cobra took so long to appear!

I Did NOT Wait For His Return This Long Just So I Could Get One Panel A Week!

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