Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ao No Exocist Cosplays by Yuiie

We have introduced her kickass Magi cosplays before, and we're now here with her Ao No Exocist Cosplays. Because I fucking love them.

In the mean time, for the budding cosplayers who wishes to know the details of her costume, I asked Yuiie to elaborate on them a little.

"Amaimon was my first cosplay, I made it and my grandmother helped me with the patterns, the collars and the sleeves.
We copied patterns of normal clothes from a magazine and she taught me how to do modifications to make look the patterns as has the Amaimon's clothes.Then I sewed all the cosplay except the sleeves and the collars. She did these parts and I learnt how to sew it for the next time.
For the shoes, I bought them in a shop and later I made the bones and the skulls with clay.I made the fangs with fake nails and a scissors.And I bought the wig in ebay //Oh God, my first wig... ;_;... xDD//... And when the wig arrived at home... IT WASN'T AS THE SELLER SHOW IN THE PHOTO!! Was like fluorescent green and yellow,and black... And I had to dye a wig with acrylics paints and alcohol.. But finally the wig had the gardient as I want!
And this is the story of my Amaimon cosplay xD
PS: thanks ^^"
Find out about more of her cosplays on her Facebook page, deviantArt and her World  Cosplay Account. You can also stalk her on her tumblr. I encourage it.
Excluding Ao No Excocist, she has done cosplays for:


and many, many more!

Thankyou, Yuiie, for permitting to use your sassy pictures.

Note: If there's any cosplayer that you would want us to feature, please comment below or send us an email on otakunuts@live.com. We will try to get a hold of them (don't underestimate our stalking skills, we're experts.) And also if you want to know something about them, do type in the question so we can ask them beforehand. 

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