Sunday, May 5, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Deidara

Written by: Nitaya

Favorite personality trait:
His love for art. It was easy to see that he just lived to make art. The fact that his art had an explosive effect, only made it even more awesome. I really loved his sculptures and the way he used them.
Favorite relationship:
Sasori. Even though they always argued about art, they respected each other and all kinds of art. They knew each other’s way of fighting and thinking, which made them a very good team.
Favorite fight:
His fight with Sasuke. I loved they way he anticipated Sasuke’s steps and tried thinking ahead of him. It perfectly showed his way of thinking in a fight. Too bad he tried to kill off Sasuke by blowing up himself, but this showed he would do anything to stop a powerful opponent.
Favorite jutsu:
Explosive Clay. I just love the whole clay-thingy. His sculptures, their different uses, the different rankings of explosive. Everything.
Favorite outfit:
His Akatsuki cloak.
Favorite random thing:
The fact that he created C4 with the sole purpose of defeating Itachi and the use of his scope to be able to see through genjutsu. It shows he made it his main goal to defeat Itachi after their first encounter.
Personal thoughts:
I just loved Deidara. He’s one of my favorite characters in the series. His kind of jutsu are amazing and I would’ve loved to see more of them. Also liked his way of thinking in fights and of course his love for art. He really loved his job and wanted to show everyone how explosive his art was. It just sucked to see him die, but his death was one of the most spectacular ones in the series.
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