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Fairy Tail Chapter 331 Review - You Spin Me Right Round, Baby!

Written by: Shiggins

Nudity is awesome and if you don't agree, leave this blog!

We start off with Wendy preparing her magic to fight Zirconis, who is now holding the naked Lucy in his grip. Lucy is terrified because she is naked, and possibly the giant dragon about to eat her but mostly the naked part. Mirajane turns into her Satan Soul and attacks Zirconis, which he laughs at until Wendy comes up behind him and uses her magic on him. This angers Zirconis, causing him to literally throw away Lucy and focus on Mirajane and Wendy.

Sorry Demon Lady. I Can Only Be Hurt By Underage Girls! 

Meanwhile, Natsu and F.Rogue are battling it out, with Natsu having trouble. By the looks of things, F.Rogue is just too powerful to beat and the dragon he is riding isn't going to stop any moment soon. This is when Natsu turns his head to literally see a flying Lucy smack into him and send them both flying to the ground, where they land in what appears to be a bell which then topples over, spins the two of them around, and lands.

Someone Likes A Certain Song By The Weather Girls.

Happy, who had followed to save Lucy, catches up and jokes at how bold they've gotten, especially after Natsu's genius plan to cover her up. (Personally, I saw nothing wrong with his plan.) Lucy then goes on to complain about how strong all the dragons are and how she was almost eaten, which seemed to make Natsu think up a strategy to defeat them all.

It's True. He Really Didn't.

Now, instead of conveniently finding out what this plan is, we go back at Erza who is currently extremely weakened and somehow managed to get separated from her guild. It almost feels like she did this on purpose actually because of how unlikely it is in this scenario where everyone is sticking together, and how messed up Erza is from her fight with Minerva ages ago. Lucky for her, her silly idea to be alone pays off as she is saved by none other than Jellal who helps her up. Thankfully, instead of another Jellal/Erza moment,(Yeah, I don't ship Jellal and Erza together!), Milliana appears and sees Jellal, causing her to get just as angry as a fangirl whose least favourite ship is about to happen.

Like Me, She Ships Erza With Mirajane!

Natsu and Happy fly off, having told Lucy their plan while we were away, and prepare to start it up. Lucy is wearing new clothes provided by Virgo, who seems to be smiling at how she and Natsu had a "hug" during her nudity moments. Lucy smiles at how Natsu always finds a silver lining, and finds a journal from her own future self.

On the one hand, a lot of this chapter made me laugh and enjoy while on the other hand, a lot of it felt lazy and too coincidental. For example, Zirconis threw Lucy who just happened to get thrown into Natsu and then they just happened to safely land. Erza just happened to be alone and wounded and Jellal just happened to be passing by to help, and then Milliana just happened to be alone and see Jellal. Lucy just happened to have been standing there and be right where her future self had hidden a journal.

My Face At All These Coincidences.

There is a lot of coincidences happening here and even though Lucy spent most of this chapter naked and funny, it did slightly disappoint me. Seeing Wendy and Mirajane take on Zirconis was a great moment, and Natsu finally having a plan to fight these dragons cheered me up. A distinct lack of Gajeel, Cobra, Sting, Rogue and Laxus did make me sad though.

At Least Virgo Made Me Happy!

Manga Rating: 3/5

Overall Character of the Week: Natsu for coming up with a strategy to defeat the dragons and for having a great idea to cover up nudity, even though Lucy didn't appreciate it.

Predictions: Natsu is going to announce his plan to the Dragon Slayers around the area, or just surprise them all and activate the plan himself in secret. Future Rogue will do something to put the plan in jeopardy and probably attack Natsu again. Milliana will reveal she was in love with Simon, hence her deep hatred of Jellal, and Erza will defend him because Jellal will be an angsty bitch again and let Milliana attack him.

P.S I'm sure there is some explanation about why F.Lucy's journal was there such as "She's from the future so she knew Lucy would be there" but that doesn't work since the future has changed. If you have anything to say to help me here, send me a comment down below. Kay thanks, bye.

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