Monday, November 25, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Izumo

Favorite personality trait:
Pride. In contrary of Kotetsu, he’s proud to be one of Tsunade’s errand boys. That’s a good thing, since Kotetsu will try to avoid work all the time and he’s the one dragging him back to finish the job.
Favorite relationship:
Kotetsu. His loyal partner. I really love this relationship. They know each other so well and know exactly what to say to the other to get him to do something.
Favorite fight:
With Hidan of course. He has such awesome techniques and the way he coordinated his attacks with Kotetsu, was amazing.
Favorite jutsu:
We’ve only seen one so far. Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field. Great technique, but it can be countered so easily.
Favorite outfit:
His exam proctor outfit.
Favorite random thing:
That he’s a germaphobe. I would love to see in what ways it does affect his job as a shinobi.
Personal thoughts:
He’s one of the characters I liked from the start. All because of his personality and his relationship with Kotetsu. But I would love to see more of his skills and techniques.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. The hell is Izumo?

    1. Well... obviously he's the guy shown in the pictures and the one talked about in this Challenge. I know he doesn't have much screen time, but how could you not have noticed him?

      Unless you don't watch fillers, since he had some missions during them. But still. He fought together with Asuma and Shikamaru against Hidan. There's no way you could have missed that!

      Or maybe you didn't know his name. But now you do. This is Izumo, it's been a pleasure introducing him to you =3

    2. I don't watch fillers. I read the manga.
      Not your why the Birthday challenge is focusing on a random character that barely had any focus and clearly is not important.

    3. I do challenges on every character I have (enough) information on. Some of them are minor/side characters, like Izumo & Kotetsu, but some readers/viewers like them very much. I myself love these kind of characters a lot. My top 5 of Naruto characters exists of 1 main character and 4 minor/side characters.

      If I do a challenge on a side characters I look up their pages on Narutopedia and check if I have enough info to complete a challenge. Even if there's only one jutsu to choose from or one single mission.

      I get that a lot of people find these character useless and boring, but I'm sure the story would only be boring without them. They all have their specific role in a series, or else the author wouldn't have bothered to come up with them and their unique jutsu's.