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Fairy Tail Chapters 361 and 362 Review - Bring On The Beast!

Written by: Shiggins

(Since I was busy last week, I'm including last week's review in this week's.)

Jackal shows true evil!

So, we go back to that old man Mikelo who is currently running as fast as he can and demands random people to save his life because he's an Ex-Council member and that makes him think his life is ultimately important. Personally, I find it a bit silly he's running around revealing himself to people he can't trust but he is desperate so I suppose rational thinking isn't likely here. Wendy and Lucy try to attack Jackal but the explosions seem to just blow them away. (I'm not sorry for the pun.)

Away With You, I Say!

Jackal then reveals he doesn't use magic but something more powerful called "Enchantment". If I had to guess what this is, I'd say it's like a parallel version of magic and therefore, has a different effect on it. Think of it like Jackal is a chess piece on a board of checkers. After some more fun explosions, Jackal runs off and Lucy declares she will defeat Jackal because of "their pride".

It's Like Magic... But Cooler!

Jackal almost instantly finds the old man and this is where things get quite interesting. Mikelo starts crying out that he is just wanting to live in peace with his granddaughter, but Jackal doesn't believe him due to Mikelo actually leaving his granddaughter behind with Lucy and the others. Lucy catches up and accidentally sets off an enchantment mine, which means she can't move or she'll explode. Jackal then gets a fun idea and places Mikelo and a pregnant lady inside magical bubbles. Lucy gets to be the lucky one here, as Jackal lets her decide which one would explode and which would not.

This Wouldn't Even Be A Difficult Issue For Me

Mikelo really pissed me off here. I'm not asking him to be noble or anything, but to actually go this far and scream that his life is more important than the pregnant lady because he was once part of the Council? I'd have loved it if Lucy had made the hard call and chosen to let Mikelo die here but since this series has had tons of death recently, Hiro Mashima chose to avoid another one and make Natsu suddenly reppear and smack Jackal. Thank whoever you people pray to that Natsu then hits Mikelo too. (Personally, I pray to The Man In The Blue Box.)

The Best Heroes Can Throw A Punch

With Natsu now able to stop the explosion (somehow), he's ready to fight Jackal. I think Natsu is eating it as it explodes, causing his hair to go frizzy but I'm not sure that's possible because of what happens later. It seems a bit silly to me but maybe we'll find out more next week. Anyway, now it's time for the two to battle again as Natsu punches Jackal, then glows and explodes but his hair just gets frizzy again. Jackal gets confused and angry, causing him to turn into his final form. Werewolf man!

More explosions and punches follow, with the whole town getting attacked just because it was next to this battle. Jackal declares that no human could defeat a demon, and Natsu asks if that's the reason for him fighting. Natsu says that species doesn't matter (equality is best!) and begins his final attack. Using the power Laxus gave him in the Tenrou Island arc, Natsu unleashes his Lightning-Flame attack.

It's Okay Because Laxus Copied Natsu In Chapter 321 (See That Review To Find Out How!)
So, the town is mostly broken apart but Jackal is down and the Exceeds return to reveal they evacuated the civilians. As they are thankful that Natsu just managed to beat such a powerful opponent, we see Jackal is still alive and talking. At this point, I was admittedly really happy because I was wanting Jackal to win here to keep the plot interesting and honestly, he's awesome.

Sadly, Jackal is dying here and he apologises to Kyouka for failing her. Clearly, she's one of the top ranking demons, which surprised me a little because I thought they were all the same level in Tartaros. Jackal is about to explode and wipe them all out, laughing as he knows they can't escape or survive this. Then I got very surprised. Happy did something!

Could This Be A Sign Of The Apocalypse?

Happy flies up with Jackal in the air, and Jackal explodes in mid-air. Of course, this saves everyone and it makes sense but damn it, how did Happy survive that? Why did he survive that? I honestly don't understand this. Fairy Tail loses one of it's best villains since Future Rogue, but we have to keep seeing that damn cat? If it turns out he survived because of a stupid joke, I'm going to rant angrily. So prepare for that.

Good chapters overall, with only slight hiccups. That asshole Mikelo and annoying Happy surviving is probably my biggest complaint. I really hope Jackal will fly back to Tartaros to get a new body like Tempester, but that seems unlikely judging by the way he exploded. We'll find out next week, I'm sure.

361 Manga Rating: 4/5

362 Manga Rating:  3.5/5

Character of the Week: Jackal for being a truly evil villain that would have actually killed a pregnant girl and wiped out the town.

Predictions: Mikelo is going to be in a lot of trouble and Natsu better keep smacking him. We'll find out how Natsu and Happy survived those explosions, then hopefully move on to another group of characters with another Ex-Council member.

P.S I love anime werewolves!

I Pity You If You Don't Know Who This Awesome Character Is

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