Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Lee

Favorite personality trait:
His persistence to prove everyone wrong. He believes in his own skills and will try anything to prove it to others. And even after he’s been through hard times, he isn’t giving up.
Favorite relationship:
Guy-sensei. The way Lee looks up to him and the way Guy keeps supporting Lee, is just amazing. He literally tries to copy Guy (even his outfit), but if that helps him to reach his goal… why not? Without Guy-sensei he would have given up a long time ago, so I really hope Guy keeps supporting him no matter what happens.

Favorite fight:
His first great fight against Gaara. It was horrible to see how he (literally) got crushed by him, but it showed how determined he is to show anyone his true strength.
Favorite jutsu:
Drunken Fist. I just love it! The way he reacts and is able to avoid attacks. And of course the way his opponent reacts.
Favorite outfit:
His Shippuden outfit, I really don’t like the green jumpsuit. It’s just horrible.
Favorite random thing:
His eyes. He’s one of the only characters with this kind of eyes.
Personal thoughts:
I love Lee’s enthusiasm and like I already said, his persistence. I really hope he will never give up on that, since it just symbolizes him and everything he has accomplished so far. The only thing I dislike is that he’s a Guy clone. But that’s all.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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