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Fairy Tail Chapter 360 Review - And Boom Goes The Dynamite

Jackal vs Dragon Round 1

So we start immediately where we left last week, with Natsu and Jackal having a staring contest. With Wendy and Lucy going to help Mikelo get away (and his grumpy attitude starting to just annoy me now), Jackal does some type of spinning dance that reminds me of that Last Airbender film that everyone despises. Within seconds, the entire surrounding area explodes in what I personally felt was a bit over-the-top, but effective nonetheless.

He's Also A Terrific Singer
With this, Natsu is pissed and the battle finally begins. We see Natsu just swallowing all of Jackal's explosions, which instantly makes you think this is a major loss for Jackal. With the amount of beatings and attacks Jackal takes from Natsu afterwards, you would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be another typical fight where Natsu's "punch until they die" technique works. Oh, how wrong you are.

I Love A Good Smack To The Chin

As Jackal tries to tell Natsu something but is rudely interrupted, Mikelo thinks that Tartaros might be after something called "Faith" and "White Inheritance". Obviously, we aren't going to find out this week due to lack of time and to keep the suspense up, but could this perhaps be us finally about to find out more about Lumen Histoire? The glowing thing that resides under the Fairy Tail guild hall? I hope so because it's been so long since we mentioned that, some people might be forgetting about it.


Natsu plans to interrogate Jackal, which is your first clue that something will go badly here since Laxus tried that and look at what happened to him. Mikelo seems to be trying to run and denying he knows anything, because he's a coward/asshole. Jackal then gets back up easily and reveals what he was trying to tell Natsu before he got attacked in the face. Jackal has a secret ability. Whenever someone or something touches him, he turns it into a bomb.

I Said A Bang. Bang. Bangity Bang. I Said A Bang Bang Bangity Bang!
With the beating Natsu gave Jackal earlier, Natsu is now one big massive bomb. He tries to warn the others to run away, but is too late and explodes before collapsing in defeat. With this, Jackal gets ready to make Mikelo talk and threatening to only kill his granddaughter if he does.

Aww, What A Sweetie

So yes, I liked this chapter mostly because we got to see some Jackal action, Natsu finally fighting a match he should be fighting (instead of that damn cyclops bat thing), and it didn't end the same way as every other fight usually does. No friendship speech today! Sadly, the chapter didn't go past the realm of predictability until the last few pages and everything else felt a bit mindless.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Jackal for defeating Natsu with a clever and sneaky tactic.

Predictions: Jackal is going to have to leave for some reason but not before he defeats Lucy and Wendy easily. If we're lucky, Mikelo will die too. We'll then skip to another team like Gray, Juvia and Erza who go to meet Jellal. Erza will want to "protect" Jellal.

P.S I am not excited for the other Ex-Council members at all.

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