Monday, November 11, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Jiraiya

Favorite personality trait:
Perviness. The way he admitted that he was a super pervert, showed that he wasn’t ashamed of it. And it also gave him the inspiration needed for his Icha Icha novels. But it also gave Naruto a way to get him to do things while using the Sexy no Jutsu.
Favorite relationship:
Even though he tried to hit on her when they first met and he was a real show off, they became really good friends. The way they made a bet involving his life when he went on his last missions, showed how much she cared about him. Too bad this was the only bet she every won.

Favorite fight:
His last one with Pain. It showed how skilled he was when using Sage Mode. Amazing fight, too bad he lost it. And his life.
Favorite jutsu:
Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon. Amazing technique. I love almost every Sage technique we’ve seen so far though.
Favorite outfit:
His standard Konoha outfit. And he looked so damn good.
Favorite random thing:
That he shares the same blood type as Tsunade and Orochimaru, but also with Naruto and Minato.
Personal thoughts:
He’s awesome and will always be one of my favorite characters in the series. The moment I knew he trained Minato before Naruto, made him even more awesome. And I really loved the relationship they developed. He was like a father to Naruto and he made him the shinobi he is now. Seeing him die was just horrible.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Jiraya... something has always seemed wrong with him : he (and maybe Kakashi) could have been there for Naruto since the beginning... yet, he wasn't. Nothing was never explained about it, and it's one of the great flaw of the manga for me.
    Plus, now I've started watching DB, I realize he's a shameless rip off of Muten Roshi...