Monday, November 25, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Sai

Favorite personality trait:
Empathy. I know it’s horrible what Danzo did to him by ‘taking away’ his feelings, but it makes him such an entertaining character. The way Sai reacts to emotions and tries to understand them, is actually very interesting.
Favorite relationship:
Naruto. I’ll never forget the moment that Sai decided to change his mission of killing Sasuke, into a mission to save Sasuke. Only because he was interested in the strong bond Naruto had with him before he left Konoha. I just loved this moment.
Favorite fight:
There isn’t a fight I favor more than another. I like all his fights, thanks to his awesome techniques. And he usually isn’t playing such a big role in fights, he’s mostly on the lookout for other enemies or to see how the fight evolves.
Favorite jutsu:
I like every single one of his technique. I’m a huge art lover myself, so the way Sai uses drawings to fight is just amazing. I’m also glad that he’s the only one using such techniques.
Favorite outfit:
I really don’t like his usual outfit(s), so I’m going with his standard Konoha outfit.
Favorite random thing:
The nicknames he comes up with. So funny.
Personal thoughts:
At first I didn’t like Sai. He was just a arrogant Sasuke clone and tried to replace him. But when he decided to save Sasuke instead of killing him, I knew he had a change of heart. And he kept changing. When I look at him know, I see someone who genuinely cares about Naruto and Sasuke, and would do anything to keep them save. I really like him now.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. Ah Sai, how utterly poinntless you were.
    He was only there for the yaoi fanservice.
    Look at where he is now. He practically vanished.

    1. Yes, he only shows up shortly every once in a while during the war. Like a lot of other characters though. But I'm sure he will show up soon enough (like, this week's chapter) and I really hope his development will be 'talked about' in the upcoming chapters. During the war or after.