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My Hero Academia Chapter 148 Review - The Sorrows of Young Togaice

Written by Shiggins

I choose a really odd time to begin these reviews.

However, there is no point whining about how I should have waited until a new arc starts. My debut was Toga and Twice. That's good enough for me. And luckily, these two consumed this chapter with their fun banter and disturbing attachment towards each other. However, does that make this chapter good?

Aizawa is wounded from the sudden appearance of Toga, while Midoriya realises that "Camie" from the Hero Licence Exam arc was actually Toga in disguise. However, enough of that as we now move to Twice and Nighteye. Despite being such a strong clone, Fake-Rappa is sent flying from Nighteye due to him using something known as a "Hypermass Seal".

Fidget spinner?! RUN!
Nighteye is surprised to see the League of Villains bothering to work with Yakuza, and the fake Rappa dissolves. As Twice looks ready to rant, Nighteye throws another seal which breaks Twice's mask and causes him to do a silly runner. As he runs, Irinaka blocks off the path so Twice can't be followed, but Twice yells at him for nearly crushing him as well.

I didn't expect to type this out today but... here is an adorable Twice. Do what you like with it.
Due to the damage of the mask, Twice starts to freak out and talk to himself. Just as he's scared that he's going to go nuts, Toga appears and covers up the breakage with a napkin. Toga and Twice have a very strange conversation, with Toga reassuring Twice and almost treating him like a hurt kid who is being bullied and feels guilty over the death of their comrade Kenji (who was killed by Overhaul), much to Irinaka's disbelief and annoyance.

Like last week, we go to a flashback with Shigaraki, who is telling the League about the deal he made with Overhaul to have Toga and Twice work for them. Twice speaks out against this due to the death of Kenji and "Mr Compress" losing his arm, turning to Toga for back-up. Toga questions Shigaraki, saying she only joined to make things easier for herself and wants to know why she needs to do something as unpleasant as work with these people. Oh and she has a knife out because fun.

.....And I've now just realised he looks like an older, burned Komaeda.
Shigaraki reveals his freaky face to them, saying that this is for the League and he believes in them, also allowing Twice a chance to take responsibility for everything that has happened. Back to the present, where Toga and Twice insult the yakuza and cause Irinaka to snap. The walls start to collapse, as it looks like he's just going to crush both the villains and the heroes to death.

Opinion: Parallels!

Yes, the first thing to really notice in this arc is the difference between Shigaraki and Overhaul, as both of them seem to have different views and methods to use their underlings. Whether he's being sincere or not, Shigaraki uses inspirational words and phrases to manipulate Twice, and to a lesser extent Toga, to do as he wishes while Overhaul is the type to knowingly use his minions as nothing more than tools. It's an interesting observation to make that helps highlight why they can't ever get along.

Twice was the real winner this week, as the chapter displays more of his personality and psychotic tendencies. What really took my attention was the response to having his mask broken, showing his mind clearly struggling to decide which personality to stick with. It looks like Twice sees his mask a separate personality, and when the mask is broken then he feels torn between two worlds and about to be consumed. It certainly gives a new meaning to his name "Twice".

Actual leaked image of upcoming Twice video game. Original character. Do not steal.
This chapter definitely felt like it was racing however, especially in regards to Nighteye. While we were promised a battle last week between two polar opposites, it was over before the chapter was even halfway done and didn't feel at all satisfying. We can only hope that Irinaka's display next week will be more interesting.

That brings me to an odd nitpick of this arc; The setting. It has to be said that when you have a variety of superheroes all battling it out for supremacy, the last place you should put them all is inside a dark, boring room underground. There is no variety or atmosphere, and everything just feels dank and subdued. Setting is important, and this setting is nowhere near right for an exciting series of battles.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Twice for crossing the line between hilarious and fucked-up.

Best Part: Twice's broken mask.

Worst Part: Twice running away from Nighteye.

Oh yeah, Midoriya was also in this chapter, for some reason.
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  1. I felt that this chapter which while good could have gone further with Twice's fight with Nighteye. I did like his motives and the reason for why Twice and Toga went along with Shigaraki's plan instead of telling him to naff off. The information on Kurogiri was nice as he has been mostly absent this arc.

    The Location of this arc I will agree has been rather lackluster as all the locations seem to have been dark alleys with only the beginning of the arc occurring in the light. Would like to see the fights and locations be outdoors for a change in time of day.

    Overall not a bad chapter its just infuriating that some fights that could have a lot of impact are rushed and that Twice was removed from the fight almost as soon as he arrived.

    1. Could have been worse, but could have been a lot better if Twice got to actually have a proper fight with Nighteye. That's the best way to sum it up.