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My Hero Academia Chapter 159 Review - The End!!!!

Written by Shiggins

Its over... or is it?!

Just when you thought this arc could finally take a breather and relax, a last minute twist has appeared and it looks like we could be up for at least one more big piece of bad news before the hammer drops and we can hopefully enjoy watching Midoriya go back to class. Not that this arc hasn't been really fun, but I think we're in need of a a break.

As soon as its revealed that Kurono is handsome, suddenly he appears all the time.
The chapter begins with Kurono thinking Chisaki (first name Kai apparently!), and worried he might actually be in trouble. Since he is in charge of taking care of the serum, he decides to kill Eraserhead, but is stopped by the reappearance of Suneater/Tamaki Amaijiki who is carrying the unconscious Mirio and has brought the police with him.

As Tsuyu approaches Suneater, we go back to Midoriya who is grabbing the distorted boy of Overhaul and smashing it against the ground. Finally, Overhaul is down. His mask is off to reveal a surprisingly normal face, but there is a problem. Eri's Quirk is going out of control. Overhaul uses the last of his will to wake back up and try to attack yet again.

Just like Kakashi and Kylo Ren, that is one disappointing reveal.
However, due to Eri's Quirk going haywire, Overhaul is reversed and he is returned to his normal human form, which is then pinned down by Uraraka. Eri's Quirk is still going and Midoriya is in pain because of it. This is when Eraserhead appears and uses his own Quirk to shut her off, causing her to collapse. Midoriya holds her as the ambulances arrive.

Nighteye is being wheeled into an ambulance, as Midoriya gives Eri to the doctors, and he tells Midoriya that the future has actually changed thanks to him. Midoriya suddenly remembers that All Might said he was ashamed to look him in the eye and that they, Nighteye and All Might, need to meet again. And with that, at 9:15am, the rescue of Eri was complete!

Literally Tsuyu's biggest contribution to this arc.
As the cars transporting the eleven members of the Eight Precepts of Death rives along the freeway, they see a truck slowing down in front of them. That truck has Tomura on it, with Dabi and Sako inside, and clearly planning to steal some new members.

Opinion: Shogi time!

The League of Villains are here to steal the show once more, this time by collecting the Eight Precepts of Death! Or at least, one of them. I'd be surprised if they walked away with all the members of this gang, but Rappa and Kurono at the very least are likely candidates to be joining in. Rappa wants another match with Kirishima, while Kurono is pretty and so he will get more screentime by default.

Overhaul himself didn't really add much that we hadn't seen him do before. It was quite cool to see him actually manage to wake himself up so he can keep fighting, at the very least.

Holy crap, none of them actually died?!
Seeing Eri's Quirk explode like that was interesting. It shows that she won't be in control and we shouldn't expect some convenient healing every single time something goes wrong. At least for now, I think Mirio is going to have to accept Eri isn't in control and she can't heal his poor body. I just hope we'll see a lot more of her, even though she was sent away in an ambulance.

I predict the next chapter to be mostly discussion, with Tomura trying to convince them to join him, now that Overhaul has been dethroned. He'll probably be taking the Quirk-erasing bullets too, maybe even planning to go after Eri next so he can figure out how to create more of them. At any rate, next week should be a creepy one if Tomura smiles again.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Midoriya for smashing Overhaul down.

Best Part: Overhaul falls.

Worst Part: The arc still runs?

Bring back Fat Gum's fat!
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  1. I was really pleased with this chapter because not only does it build up the return of the League of Villains but we finally leave that boring location too hopefully a mad max style fight over the 8 Precepts. I agree that Rappa should become a member because of his development during this arc. However I will be surprised if Overhaul is added to the ranks as the League still holds a grudge against him for killing Magne and removing Mr Compress's arm.

    I will admit that the girls were practically useless during this arc. It would have been much better if they got to fight at least two members of the 8 precepts instead of being curb stomped by just one and even then doing very little against him.
    Overall this chapter made me pretty happy knowing that we will finally get to see the League of Villains return and hopefully they will return in a big way reminding everyone why they are the true antagonists.

    1. That's true. The underground location was a huge bore that I actually forgot to mention in this review. That's one huge positive right there! I don't expect Overhaul though. I feel like his time in this series is done, at least for now.

      The next arc better feature more girl power. I want Uraraka to get the same type of development and energy she got during the tournament.

      Thanks for reading!