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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Characters

Written by Shiggins

I love Super.

Surpassing GT, the original series, and even some elements of Z, Dragon Ball Super has blown me away and I have to show my adoration of it somehow. And is there any way better than a Top 10? So without wasting any more time, here are my Top 10 characters introduced in Super.

Characters introduced in Original, Z or GT are not eligible for this list, so you won't be seeing Future Trunks or Frieza here. Also, the two newest films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, are being counted in Super canon so you can expect to see them appear on this list.

This group could literally get an entire arc all to themselves, and I wouldn't say a word against it.

10. Frost

When the Universe 6 Tournament was about to begin, fans everywhere were constantly spouting out the exact same theory that all the opponents would just be "evil" versions of the characters. We'd have a bad Goku, a bad Vegeta, a bad Buu etc. What we got instead were a great group of misfits with only two of them having any relation to the Universe 7 characters. One was a Saiyan, and the other was a seemingly heroic version of Frieza!

Frost is so bad. You could almost say he's cold-blooded!
Of course, that would not last and the appropriately-named Frost was soon revealed to be a cowardly bastard. No matter what universe he is in, or what name he goes by, Frieza is always evil. This version of Frieza is a lot more sneaky, trying to use cheats and lies to obtain victory. It works to make him feel like his own character, and the interactions he has with Frieza are absolutely fascinating to behold. Greg Ayres does a pretty damn good dub for him as well.

9. Jaco

First appearing in Resurrection F, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman is an odd duck in this odd series. I was unsure where to put him, but the amount of charm and personality he has was just enough to make him snag the beloved number 9 spot. For those of you who are unaware, Jaco is actually a protagonist of his own short manga series, in which he meets Bulma's sister and tries to leave planet Earth while on a mission.

Do yourself a favour and buy this manga volume. It's cheap and surprisingly fun. (I own one!)
Jaco isn't a brave character, nor is he especially strong when compared to the Saiyans or Piccolo. He's a flawed and resilient lad with enough willpower to keep appearing when needed and fight alongside the protagonists, even if he doesn't actually want to. At times, you feel like Toriyama just included him because he loves the character so much and not to further the plot in anyway, and that's what keeps this lovable fool from getting any higher, but he is still a lot of fun.

8. Zen-Oh

One of the more dividing characters out there, Zen-Oh is by far the most powerful to appear in the entire franchise. Frieza, Buu, Omega Shenron, and even Beerus are considered weak in comparison to this childish monster. Much like Buu, Zen-Oh lives to have fun and doesn't view any of his own actions as malicious or cruel.

Aww, so cute! He's so adorable and darling and probably has the biggest kill count in fictional history!
Nobody dares defy Zen-Oh, due to fear that their entire universe could be wiped out in the blink of an eye by his incredible power. Scenes featuring Zen-Oh always have this dark undertone due to this ability and his personality, causing the hairs on the back of your neck to tremble because he might just suddenly decide to kill Goku or the entire universe out of boredom. He's a terrifying little shit!

7. Jiren

Goku desired to fight the strongest out there. And for his sins, the strongest came. Almost like a wrench thrown into the workings of Dragon Ball, Jiren feels nothing like the enemies of the past and immediately stands out with his displays of power and attitude towards Goku and every other antagonist in his path.

I wonder how he escaped Area 51 though...
Representing Universe 11, Jiren destroys all with minimum ease. At the time of writing, nobody can even damage Jiren. Even Goku in his most powerful form to date has barely laid a scratch on this monster, and yet we never see any true malice or mocking. He is arrogant but his actions back up his cold dismissal towards the heroes. They aren't strong enough for him. He is just too powerful, and the franchise is going to need to keep rising if they want a chance to beat him.

6. Cabba

When the Universe 6 Tournament was about to begin, fans everywhere were con... oh, I've said this part already? Okay, well I mentioned the "other Frieza" earlier. Now let's talk about the "other Vegeta". Born on the peaceful planet Sadala, long before the Saiyans became warriors, Cabba's simple and humble design makes him an ideal fit to be considered the main protagonist of Universe 6.

"Please notice me, Vegeta-senpai!"
What is great about Cabba is his own journey to become stronger and learn the meaning of pride, and while his scenes by himself aren't exactly ground-breaking, he truly shines when interacting with Vegeta. They respect each other and Vegeta almost looks to Cabba as a pupil, much like Goku will with Uub someday, and both of them will continue to grow every single day thanks to the other's interference. Cabba, also known as "What could have been for Vegeta".

5. Zamasu/Goku Black

After the events of Universe 6, it was time to go back to a more "Z style" arc. Suddenly, Future Trunks is back (with blue hair this time!), and he's come to warn the Z Fighters that an evil Goku is destroying his world! Later of course, we discover that "Goku Black" is actually a Goku from another timeline, possessed by the Supreme Kai known as Zamasu, who is working with another Zamasu from another timeline and... yeah, you can tell this arc divided a lot of people.

So are you two dating each other? Or does it count as dating yourself? If you kissed, would it feel like kissing your own hand? Does it count as sex or is it just... I'll stop. For now.
What everyone can agree on though is that Goku Black was surprisingly effective as a villain. Not only did he sport a brand new snake-like attitude and fuse Super Saiyan Blue with Kai energy to create a fabulous Rose-coloured form, but his first appearance was literally murdering Future Bulma! Cold, calculating and utterly devastating, Goku Black and Zamasu made a great duo/uno that will hopefully be in plenty of games to come.

4. Caulifla

If Cabba is the "Other Vegeta", then Caulifla is definitely the "Other Goku". The first official female full-bloodied Saiyan, unless you count Gine and Fasha, Caulifla is an instant standout for long-time fans of the series. Before Caulifla and her protege Kale, the only strong female fighter we really had was Android 18. Now though, we have a full Super Saiyan chick who not only can hold her own in a fight, but loves to!

Caulifla is so much fun, with her constant desire to get stronger and her abrasiveness towards Cabba for being a timid nerd. Unlike Goku however, Caulifla never feels too selfish and that's because of her great friendship with Kale (who just fell short of making the list herself), and her spirited personality. I very much doubt Super will make her take a back seat by getting her pregnant anytime soon.

3. Whis

It's weird to say this, but the campy food-loving angel with nail make-up had the best scenes in a film about resurrecting Frieza. First appearing in Battle of Gods/God of Destruction Saga, Whis is the attendant and teacher of the great God Beerus. And both those titles combined really make Whis and Beerus' relationship fascinating, the more you think about it.

I think Whis is about to activate his activate his Shoujo powers.
Sporting a peculiar and otherworldly design, Whis was exactly the breath of fresh air the series needed. He is such a delightful and ridiculous character, yet his scenes training Goku and Vegeta really do go to show the complexity of who he is and what his role is in the multiverse. He's such a popular character that Xenoverse practically forced him into their game, despite having no real canon moves of his own. They just wanted him that bad.

2. Hit

Beerus' entrance shattered the expectations of fans as he was revealed to be overwhelmingly more powerful than Goku, but they learned to live with it because he was a literal God. With Hit however, fans never thought they'd see this! A normal assassin from Universe 6 that Goku, to this day, has never actually had a chance to defeat.

I think he rented that chin from Bruce Campbell. That would explain a lot actually.
A hired assassin who works for Champa during the Universe 6 tournaments, Hit is believed to be the strongest in his own universe and for good reason. He stops time, punches bullets that can stop your heart, and he rarely even need to take his hands out of his pockets. The lore and mystery surrounding Hit is fascinating, and I really wish the series could focus more on who he is. Sometimes ruthless, sometimes honourable, sometimes heartless and yet always cool, Hit is a character I am begging to be see explored more.

1. Beerus

First, there was Bulma who introduced Goku to the Dragon Balls. After that was Raditz, who introduced Goku to the entire galaxy. And then there was Beerus, who opened up the entire pantheon of Gods and Angels, bringing about shocking changes and amazing twists. All from a position of power, Beerus changed Dragon Ball forever.

I know you guys wanted a badass Beerus picture but then I found this adorable one and I just... I had to.
Never seeming like a true villain, Beerus is always around to remind Goku to never go too far. He loves the food of Earth and he loves to party, but he also loves to destroy when he is unsatisfied and this is what puts him in conflict with Goku, Vegeta and Bulma on more than one occasion. He's a guy who does his job of destroying everything in his path well, and his charming personality mixed with his hysterical tantrums and dark glares keep him from being someone who, on paper, should come across as shockingly unlikable. Instead, Beerus is by far the best character introduced to the franchise since... well, the Buu Saga technically. (Or maybe even the Cell Saga...?)

Honourable Mentions: 

Barry Kahn





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