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Digimon Adventure Tri Part 6; Future - No Hope for the Future

Written by Shiggins

Thank Homeostasis that's over!

Those who have read my previous reviews of Digimon Adventure Tri will know that I wasn't looking forward to this finale. I grew up with Digimon Adventure and Tamers, but I'm not the type of guy who is so nostalgia-blinded that sequels instantly make me vomit. I adored Dragon Ball Super, after all. Tri on the other hand has been a ride full of ups and downs, and I was concerned that they wouldn't be able to conclude it well. And...

Note: Spoilers for all six sections of Digimon Adventure Tri.

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After the events of Part 5, in which Gatomon reached her new Mega Digivolution Ophanimon Falldown Mode (which I had to Google to check the name of, because the anime never told me) and then fused with Meicoomon's Mega to transform into a new beast called Ordinemon, the Digidestined are in despair because Tai has died. No seriously, he's dead. I totally believe he died. Completely. The fact we spend around half an hour talking about him and his death is totally legit because we all know he died. We're just that stupid.

And because of the threat of Ordinemon, Homeostasis (basically the God of Digimon) is planning to reboot the real world and this would absolutely cripple the technology of humanity. So the race is on for the Digidestined to find a way to defeat Ordinemon as soon as they can before they lose their own technology, while Tai is totally not in the Digital World and going through any troubles whatsoever.

Buy the toy, kids! Coming to your local store ten years ago!
With this plot, you can all think of countless ways that this could be awesome. We see Digimon coming to the real world, Ordinemon flying about in a rage, the military trying to fight back, and a Digital God threatening to basically destroy the planet so as to stop the big monster. The potential, like everything in Digimon, is limitless. And unfortunately, Tri just doesn't know how to use any of it.

To start off, we're meant to believe Tai is dead. For at least half an hour, Digimon Tri tries to make us care and get emotional over the death of a character we all know is still alive. And while I do admit it gives Matt a nice moment, this decision to fake us out feels completely manipulative and token, but too incompetent for us to appreciate anything Matt or the others say. The poster shows Tai is alive. The original show's epilogue showed he is alive. Tai is the main character, and we're wasting time that could be spent actually developing the characters and their relationships.

Which brings us to the massive issue that I was hoping Tri would deal with from Part 1 but has failed completely to do so; None of the actual relationships are developed. While we were told that Matt and Sora ended up together in the epilogue, for some reason, and we saw the beginning of a potential ship between Izzy and Mimi, all hints of romance or connection were completely gone by the Part 4. This show became so fixated on ridiculous crap like Gods and reboots that we never got the scenes we wanted to see.

Wow! It's... exactly the same clips from the previous movies, with zero change whatsoever! Progress?
The story regarding Homeostasis and Yggdrasil is one that sounds really complicated and is told in a very awkward manner, but is actually simple when you get down to it. The writers of this nonsense however are convinced they are actually smart, and so they fixated on making every conversation vague and dramatic, rather than just use words or visuals to tell the story in a straightforward fashion. The movie of Digimon released in the 90s was cheesy and full of horrible puns, but at least it was coherent and fun. Yes, I'm praising the movie that had a Digi-Rap!

The villainous monster of Part 6, Ordinemon, is an interesting design but the effectiveness of it is pitiful. I distinctly remember one scene where we watched it break some buildings, then stopped moving. The Digidestined talked about it as if it was about to tear everything apart right now, but then the show literally goes on for another 24 hours and the monster has yet to move. For such an "immediate threat", Ordinemon seems quite content to just stand there by itself.

Way too many booty shots of the main villain, thank you very much. Do even female monsters need to be sexualised too? What's next, female cars? Female politicians?!
Since I've talked about her in every other review, let's have one final chat about Meiko and Meicoomon. First of all, I still say calling the human and the Digimon basically the same thing is absolutely stupid. One of the biggest examples of lazy writing I have ever seen in my life. And at the end of it all, what was achieved with Meicoomon? Absolutely nothing. Spoiler alert; She died. So we spent almost 6 full movies about this character and how to save it, and it turns out that they should have just had Omnimon cut her in half from the start because it would have basically had the same impact. Meiko is a dull, annoying character who wants to be emotional in every scene, but removing her relationship with Meicoomon wouldn't have had any real impact on the story.

I will say that the animation was good. Omnimon's final form, which is apparently "Merciful Omnimon" was a great visual and seeing him combine with everyone to become sleeker and futuristic was fun. I wish the design had been a lot more though, and the usage of it had lasted longer. I wanted a fight to last as long as Goku's fight with Beerus in Battle of Gods, but this was over far too quickly.

Why did you get wings? You can already fly!
One of the biggest sins this movie commits is the wasting of time, rivalling that of a Family Guy episode, if not somehow surpassing it. I will never forget when the film took around 4 minutes to have everyone Digivolve into their most powerful forms, using the same animation they've used since the original because lazy bastards gotta be lazy, the amazing song that still fills me with glee playing, and then everyone charged towards Ordinemon... and were wiped out in ten seconds. What should have been an amazing action scene involving my favourite childhood monsters was instead a slap to my genitals.

The only scene that really got to me in the way it intended was when the Digimon get their memories restored and are able to fight Ordinemon. It's a lovely scene with charming music and bright colours that made me remember the good old times, even though it never bothered to show them to us. In fact, this scene makes the memory loss seem almost pointless in the end, doesn't it? Whoops, there's another criticism from me!

He's wearing the goggles, just like in the original! Except without the fun, or charm, or nuance, or subtlety, or compelling characters, or worthwhile plot, or....
The question I found myself asking once it was all over was; "What was the point of Digimon Adventure Tri?"

To further the characters? Not really, since none of them had any arcs that needed completed until Tri contrived them out of thin air and wrapped them up just as fast.

To give us closure? No, because we didn't have any huge issues with the show's epilogue and Tri never once attempted to give us even a kiss between T.K and Kairi or Izzy and Mimi or Matt and Tai/Sora.

To get more money from a franchise from our childhood? Well, I'm definitely not buying the Blu-Ray for this series at least.

I think I hate Digimon Adventure Tri.

I hate it.

Now, don't mistake my hatred for nostalgia blindness. I love a great sequel and I love when characters grow, change and whatnot. I gave The Last Jedi a positive review. I adored Dragon Ball Super. Old franchises coming back from the dead to give us new stories and ideas is something I am not against, but Digimon Adventure Tri is a perfect example of everything wrong with doing this. Instead of improving characters, it demeaned them. Instead of exciting audiences, it put them to sleep.

Is Digimon Adventure Tri the worst anime ever? No. I distinctly remember several scenes throughout that were fun, such as HerculesKabuterimon's first ever appearance, and the animation was top-notch at times. However, Tri might be one of the most aggravating experiences I've ever had since falling in love with anime. It got under my skin. It felt like it was trying to piss me off, personally. When Tri's main antagonist force, Yggdrasil, was literally defeated in a sentence off-screen, I felt like throwing my laptop out the window. When the one who represented Yggdrasil, Gennai, disappeared into a portal, I nearly screamed. If this is seriously trying to give itself a sequel by leaving us on a cliffhanger, it can go to hell.

As a whole, Digimon Adventure Tri is nowhere near the treatment this franchise deserves, and it is an anime that has no reason to exist whatsoever. It fails in almost every area of storytelling, with only handfuls of fun to soften the mess that has been created before our very eyes, using characters we adore. Laziness and pretentiousness go hand-in-hand to bring out a package of boredom and waste, never once going beyond the boundless limitations of "okay".

I'm going to Tri to forget about it.

Opinion: 1/5.

Digimon Adventure Tri Overall Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Movie: Omnimon Merciful, for being shiny.

Best Part: Memories restored.

Worst Part: No closure whatsoever.

And lastly, here are some final questions that Tri never bothered to answer.

Was that the real Gennai, or a copy?

Why did Gennai disguise himself as the Digimon Emperor?

Why did Gennai even want to do everything he did?

What actually happened to Maki? Is she dead? Should I care?

How did Homeostasis destroy Yggdrasil?

What were the point of half of the villains, such as Alphamon?

Why didn't the series ever show us at least one scene featuring the Adventure 02 generation, since they appeared as silhouettes?

When do Sora and Matt actually get together?

Why would Matt choose Sora, when he clearly has a better romance with Tai?

Will I ever stop making Matt x Tai jokes? (Answer; No.)

Why? Just.... Just why?

Got your own questions? Did you like this review? Give a comment down below!

Yeah, up yours too, Tri.

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  1. Haven't seen you give 1 since boruto started a year ago and that there is another example of how not to do a continuation but yeah tri part 6 really ended on a terrible note

    1. You should check out my review for Part 5. That was also a 1, because I was absolutely bored out of my mind. And yes that is right, although Boruto is a different kind of example. Boruto is continuing a story that ended. Tri was continuing a story that could have gone somewhere, then messing it up in every way.

  2. Tamers was the shiiiiiiit. It forgot its target audience and went full Eva my childhood was changed forever after that series. I'm only mentioning it because from everything I've seen the writers attempted to create a deconstruction of digimon adventure despite Tamers already being that while attempting to appease original fans seeing that currently Digimons overall strategy.

    1. Tamers changed my life as a kid! It broke barriers for me, but it did it in such a perfect way. And I can see why you would think of it during the challenge that is Tri. That is a pretty fair observation