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11 Ideas I'd Like to See Dragon Ball Try Next

Written by Shiggins

Dragon Ball is Super!

This franchise is showing no signs of slowing down, and I am showing no signs of getting sick of discussing it, so I thought now was as good a time as any to discuss where we'd like to see the franchise go next and what it could bring to the table for 2019. So without further ado, here are 11 possibilities I want to see Dragon Ball try next.

Note: Full spoilers for Dragon Ball Super and Super: Broly. 

I'd be crazy for NOT showing off Universe 11 here considering the article's title.

Z-Fighters Catch-Up

It's no secret that Saiyans, evil aliens and literal Gods are the big powerhouses of the franchise, but that wasn't always the case. Many years ago, Krillin, Roshi and Yamc... Tien were some of the best around, and Goku could never afford to take them lightly. As DBZ went on however, that slowly began to change. One of the last non-Saiyan battles of the series was Piccolo fighting Android 17, and it's still one of the best.

...Still better than what happened to Launch.
To put it simply, we need the other characters to catch up in terms of strength. The Tournament of Power was a great way to utilise all these wonderful personalities, but it still devolved down to Saiyans vs Enemy Aliens eventually. I love Goku, but can we not give Krillin a few wins now? Piccolo was literally forced to admit he would get in the way during Super: Broly, and that's demeaning for someone who was once seen as Goku's greatest enemy. This dude made Goku resort to using himself as a battering ram during their first fight! Don't throw him away!

Raditz Returns

I've talked about this before, but I'll keep talking about it until there's no need to; Goku's brother! The first ever antagonist of Dragon Ball Z, who opened up the entire universe to readers, and he has barely existed in the franchise. A few opening moments of villainy, a mention or two from Vegeta and Nappa, then one surprisingly fun flashback in the Super: Broly movie.

Even the 3DS games know how to use him better!
For a story that often focuses on interactions between characters, it's shocking to see such an important bond barely get the acknowledgement he so deserves. Imagine Raditz back in the fray, fighting against Goku with disdain. Or going the route of many other villains and actually befriending his own brother, or at least finding some common ground. Hell, de-age him to the age he was in Super: Broly and make him join Pilaf's gang. I don't know, but do something! Anything!

Also, the Ginyu Force. Can we have those guys come back too? They were fun.

Bring on Broly!

Speaking of Broly, I just want more of him now. It's almost undeniable that something will be happening with him after how his movie ended, and there is a sign that Goku is beginning to embrace his Saiyan heritage in a way we viewers have never seen before. What might be just another ally and training partner has the potential to give us a Goku we've never seen before; Kakarott!

He's not a psychopathic monster who screams Kakarott? What a freak.
And even if we don't get that from Goku, we still have this amazing new Broly, who is an absolute treat to watch. His relationship with Cheelai, another fun addition, and learning to control his power could make for some fun, interesting or possibly tragic scenes. It's also nice to see a new Saiyan again, since we've not had one worth watching since Future Trunks. (No, Goten doesn't count as "worth watching")

The Toriyama Touch

You'll notice in my review of Super; Broly that I said the new version of the titular antagonist was somewhat of a renaissance for the character, as it rebooted a famous Dragon Ball icon and brought him into the canon. Unlike the previous iteration, Super's version of Broly is distinctively Toriyama. And honestly, would we complain if he decided to do that to the others from our childhood? The ones we never realised had very little personality outside of their epic designs, because we were young and we think everything we watched as a kid is still good today.

If it wasn't for Emmett, this could have potentially been the first sympathetic Lego character.
Cooler, Janemba, the unseen Androids, Garlic Jr, Turles, Lord Slug, Bojack... Hell, let's go a step further! Imagine if Toriyama rebooted and redesigned the Shadow Dragons! The characters I consider my least favourite in the entire franchise, given a new look and feel by Toriyama himself, could finally live up to their potential. We all have a favourite that we'd love to see brought to life again, and now is the best time!

Home of Shenron

Since we're on the subject of GT, let's discuss the ending. Goku has defeated Boring Shenron the White, and is given an offer by the real Shenron to fly away with him to the Realm of Dragons! We never did see it in the original show, but we do know it enabled Goku to live for over 100 years, and he still looked pretty good for his age too.

Considering how swole this dude is, the realm must have AMAZING gym membership deals.
Imagine how cool it would be to go deeper into the lore of Shenron and the Dragon Balls, to explore their origin and reason for existing, beyond a simple "created by green aliens" reason. Of course, this could potentially ruin the mystique and wonder behind them, but it's a risk I am willing to take if you are!

More Vegeta. (The Planet, Not the Character or the King.)

Super: Broly surprised a lot of people when it rebooted the near-extinction of the Saiyan race by the hands of Frieza, presenting a new look at the life of these warriors long before they were gone, and why Goku, Vegeta, Broly and a few others survived it. Bardock was even changed into a nicer guy, albeit still rough around the edges. In less than 15 minutes, we got a fascinating look at Planet Vegeta, and I am gagging to see more of them.

I think I figured it out! The original Frieza Force, led by Prince Vegeta, goes to war with the New Frieza Force!
Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how it would be done. More flashbacks to how Bardock lived with Gine? The resurrection of the Saiyan race? Or is the most we can see of them in Universe 6, under the previous name of Planet Sadala, which would still be a fun ride, but not what we're looking for? This is Goku and Vegeta's heritage and home planet, after all.

Jiren's Master

While he wasn't for everyone, Jiren certainly managed to gather quite the attention with his horrific strength and refusal to believe in comrades. His backstory, while somewhat generic, did at least serve to show why he is such a loner, but it also briefly brought about a motivation that I doubt we'll ever get an answer for.

You see, Jiren had a master who taught him the ways of the Force, but he was slain by a villain. Who was Jiren's master, known in the manga as Gicchin, and who was this menace that caused Jiren to be the titan we know today? Is he still alive, somehow able to survive Jiren's overwhelming strength that literally surpasses the Gods? Hopefully we'll find out next time, on Dragon Ball Super 2!

War of the Angels

The Grand Minister was evil! I'm still convinced that the Tournament of Power went through some rewrites during the saga, possibly due to budget or creative disagreement, and so we never got a confrontation or payoff to the foreshadowing that the GM provided, with his dark sneers and apparent enjoyment from watching people get erased. Throughout the saga he and his children, the "angels" were given an extra hint of menace about them, but there was no conclusion.

I don't care what you do. I will never trust you!
My proposal? The Grand Minister unleashes chaos. The Angels betray the Gods, the GM seals the two Zenos, and Goku is given his most impossible task yet. Whis and Vados are torn between their duties and their friends, the most powerful beings alive are no longer a convenient Get-out-of-Jail-Free card to ruin the tension of any fights, and every universe must band together to succeed.

And that's just my own dumb idea! Imagine if Toriyama used his better one!

A Final Faceoff

Kami help Toriyama, who now has the terrifying task of giving fans a final confrontation and goodbye to the greatest anime villain ever. Frieza is back at full power, and no simple fight is going to be enough for us anymore. His death in Resurrection F was fine, but after seeing how far the fights with Broly and Jiren went (which of those two are stronger, do you think?), it's clear that the bar has been raised to maximum power levels! The scouters can't take it!

Goku Ultra Super Saiyan 5-God Kaioken x 100 vs Frieza's 1000% Diamond form?
Goku vs Frieza is building up, and it's proud to take its time, but that is a double-edged laser cannon that could easily backfire and leave us all disappointed. What we need is a battle that doesn't just reach the level of the original, but surpasses it in ways we can't even imagine! Broly broke reality! Will Goku's final bout with Frieza need him to break through universes?!

Goku Karma

The onslaught of selfishness with this character has become something many people are, quite frankly, just sick of at this point. We're all tired of, and while it can be understandable to those of us who pay attention to the character's development, it is starting to feel like we finally need to see Goku pay.

Weirdly, this isn't enough karma when it comes to Goku.
We nearly saw this happen during the Tournament of Power, but that was quickly resolved. (See my WINP article for more context). What I want to see happen is a consequence of Goku's actions. Something he can't wish to be resolved. Something that he has to live with for the rest of his life. Hatred from those who he admires, perhaps? The loss of a loved one, like Chi-Chi or Gohan or, worst of all, Oolong?! WHAT IF OOLONG STOPPED LIKING HIM!?


Can we please finally skip past the ending of Z, meet Uub, and have a story with a teenage Gotenks, a balding Mr Satan, and Goku as a master? Right now, we're at a strange spot where we feel tension for Goku and pals, but not enough to think someone could die because... well, we know they'll appear at the end of Z. It's like how we knew Bill from Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn't going to die, because he was in the first Red Dead Redemption. Weirdly enough, Super has fallen ill of Prequel-itis!

Uub, stop being a bitch and get back in the franchise! You're taking too long!
And honestly, it'd just be great to see Goku training Uub. A new character who needs to go through his own story arc to become stronger and save the world, but with a different set of powers to Gohan. A child learning to get stronger (Kid Goku, Gohan) is when Dragon Ball is usually at its best, and Uub is crying out to bring the series back to it's roots.

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