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Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapters 17 & 18 Review - Water God Dragon & A Painful Choice

Written by Shiggins

Moisture and madness.

With Diabolos temporarily out of the picture, it's time for us to return to the main story of our predicament, fighting dragons to the death, and another twist on our time with Touka. Do both plots work this time though? Well...

I think Levy took acid. Or became a Nichijou character.
Everyone is cramped together on a small boat, rowing back to Elmina as quickly as they can, but there is chaos in the city. Natsu and Wendy go ahead with their cat mascots and arrive to help save as many people as they can, before discovering a Mega Digimon has appeared! It's Mercuphobia, gone on a rampage with his power returned.

Boobs, cats, or muscles. Which is your preference to be against?
Caramille comes over to explain that she caused this and allowed the White Mage to take his power. Flashback to Mercuphobia worried that he is causing harm by his existence, and considering letting the assassins of Elefceria to kill him. It turns out the White Mage tricked Caramille, by using her own ability to increase his magic, since her own magic is either increasing or decreasing one's power.

So... is this like his SkullMercumon form?
This takes us to the tied-up Touka, interrogated by Jellal, who reveals she had come to Fairy Tail in the hopes she might also find Wendy, who could possibly enchant the White Mage out of her. But that conversation is interrupted by the White Mage's personality, who reveals she is controlling the Water God Dragon from the distance. She is why Mercuphobia has lost control, and Caramille begs Natsu to kill him.

Next chapter, Natsu is thinking about how nice Mercuphobia was, and is about to unleash his white hot rage all over Caramille before being calmed down by the others and forced to make a choice. To protect the town and the people, Natsu and the others charge forward! Bringing back the Dragon Slayer Enchantment from the war (Erza vs Irene), Wendy gives the others the attribute so they can harm the Water God.

Fire on a Water type? That's not very effective.
Everyone unleashes all their attacks and Mercuphobia descends under the water for a moment before returning with a roar and causing all the water around them to gather up above, presumably for an attack. Back in Magnolia, Touka has somehow caused the entire Guild of Fairy Tail to go unconscious. I assume that this is Jet and Droy's fault.

Opinion: Feel a bit sleepy.

Forgive me, but I am just not feeling the tension right now. Maybe I'm starting to suffer from only having these chapters once a month and having to wait for so long is cushioning the impact, or maybe I just know Mercuphobia is going to be fine by the end of this. And honestly, I'm not that bothered if he survives.

Mercuphobia is a nice guy and has a great design, especially when he's a dragon, don't get me wrong, but I... I... I'll just confess. He's nothing new. We only had one or two chapters of Mercuphobia before everything went nuts, so we didn't get a proper chance to enjoy him as a character, only as a "nice guy". I feel more connection to the crew of Diabolos than him, because I've actually seen more of them! Again, I love his design, but he needs more personality. And honestly, Caramille is too underdeveloped for her plot twist to really hit home.

I reeeeally hate seeing this trope in manga, where heroes become fodder for the new villain. It's the WORST!
So far, Touka and the White Mage are still the most interesting duo with the most potential. Sure, Gods are great but I just love seeing a person in pain because they're fighting against an evil personality that won't let them go. As you can probably guess, one of all-time favourite villains is Two-Face, and there's always room in every series for another version of him. Don't tell me it wouldn't have improved Twilight or Eastenders to see someone get their face ripped in half and then go around killing people!

In short, I feel like these past two chapters are the victims of this new monthly release schedule. As I watched the characters try to make me care about Mercuphobia, I was reminded of when Hiro Mashima once spent an entire chapter where the characters did nothing but hang out together at a water park during the Grand Magic Games, and that other time when he released six chapters in two weeks! It's weird to say this, but canon filler created by the original author is one of the best ways to make characters seem more relatable and interesting, and you can't usually do that with a monthly series.

Hopefully, things start to pick up again soon.

Manga Rating: 

Chapter 17: 2.5/5

Chapter 18: 2/5

Best Part: More Touka.

Worst Part: I have no phobia of Mercuphobia dying.

A chapter I'd have loved to have read before this one.
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