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Quick Review of Iwagakure

Iwagakure (Village Hidden by Rocks)

Just how the buildings of Suna are made of sand, the construction works of Iwagakure are of rocks. The Iwagakure villagers take pride in the huge mountain ranges enveloping them which provides natural defense to their village. It is seen that the Tsuchikage’s location is the tallest in Iwagakure.


Just how the name of the village suggests, the Iwagakure ninjas are skilled in Earth release techniques. The brilliance of their jutsus range from something as complex as Dust release to something as sexy as Suicide Bombing Clones.
Molding chakra into materials was a kinjutsu in Iwagakure that was passed on from generations to generations. Deidara apparently found this fascinating since he stole the kinjutsu to perfect his art. The mouths on his hands and chest were used to mold chakra in to clay to develop his ultimate Explosive Technique.

Though I have a strong feeling that the mouths on his hands are for making out with each other.


Kamizuru Clan.

For those pervs reading this who watched the particular filler episode just for the heck of watching young Hinata get naked under a waterfall, you’ve probably seen some ninjas of Kamizuru Clan in that arc. The Kamizuru clan who held expertise in bee using, had attempted to invade Konoha in the past. However, they were defeated by the Aburame clan in battle where a lot of Kamizuru clan members were killed resulting in their decrease of number.
Due to this event, Kamizuru clan held very little value and was looked down upon in Iwagakure village.


First Tsuchikage.

Though the founder of Iwagakure was born in to previously said Kamizuru clan, he was not seen using any of their techniques. Also, there is no doubt that he was kickass since he possessed the ability to fly like his successors.
The manga also highlights the event where the First Tsuchikage had talked about the representation of stone was the tough, unmovable will of his Iwa shinobis, when he had assigned Onoki to clean the Iwagakure Stone Monument. He had considered this will to be something essential in every Iwa shinobi.

Second Tsuchikage (Muu).

This calm and skilled persona was known as the “Null-man” or in other words a “Non-person” for his perfect Camouflaging Technique. Attributable to this, Muu was known to have given the middle finger to both form and chakra as it was apparent that he did not have such a thing when the particular technique was active. There was no way anyone could sense his presence in this state thereof.
Muu was one of the few handfuls of people who possessed Kekkei Tota, an advanced and dominant form of Kekkei Genkai. Muu’s Dust Release derived from this Kekkei Tota was a powerful jutsu capable of bombarding a person to mere specks of dust. This technique was also taught to Onoki at some point in his life.
One of the greatest enemies of Muu was the Second Mizukage with whom he had died fighting in battle.

Third Tsuchikage (Onoki)

In the making of this particular character, Kishimoto wanted Onoki’s appearance to radiate nothing but sheer stern aura. So what’s better than drawing a midget with a fat, round nose and balding head to convey this attitude? Which is also one of the reasons why we believe…

they're long lost brothers.

In his spring time of youth, when he was assigned to clean the Stone Monument the First Tsuchikage had told that the monument symbolized the unwavering strong will of Iwa. Onoki was not the kind to believe in such BS. Regardless of his attitude towards the relevance, the First Tsuchikage had said that Onoki did possess the will but would have to face hardship with determination if he were to abandon it.
Onoki also trained under the Second Mizukage who taught him the Dust Release. He is the second person to use this Kekkei Tota of combining Earth, Wind and Fire for the Dust Release Technique which is so powerful it could grind a person to nothingness. At some point, Onoki and Muu had confronted Madara Uchiha whom had stoked flames of war between the two countries. Onoki was also the only kage among the Allied Shinobi Forces who had battled Madara in the past, which gained them advantage in intelligence during the ongoing Fourth Shinobi World War.

Onoki was also said to have been a proud mentor of Deidara, though he wasn’t very fond of Deidara’s philosophy and fighting style. After Deidara went rogue, Onoki would meet Edo Deidara during Shinobi War 4 and they would blow the absolute fucking shit outta each other.

Also, like you have your occasional cup of tea with your friends, Iwagakure was said to have hired Akatsuki several times for their military purposes. When the Raikage had raised this issue in front of all kages, Onoki had countered that the Iwa had no choice since countries such as Kumo had an upper hand in their military powers.

In the series, Onoki was also seen to have had a bit of an age complex issue since he openly mocked youngsters such as Gaara. He had insulted Gaara and showed little respect towards him among other kages. Because you see, a frail body with a constantly breaking backbone is something to be proud and cherished.

Thus creating a lot of sexual tension between those two

 However, Onoki was moved by Gaara’s skill, power and wisdom which caused him to have a change of heart. Onoki also remarked that he had lost sight of himself after his encounter with Madara, which would explain his stubborn and willful personality.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Onoki was shown to be a very motivating leader who encouraged the shinobi to face Uchiha Madara without fear.

Jinchuriki and Bijju:
When Hashirama gave away the Tail Beasts to different nations like it was Halloween candy, Iwagakure came in possession of two tail beasts; Four Tails and Five Tails.

Han, The Jinchuriki of Five Tails.

You probably have guessed that like any Jinchuriki we’ve come to known, Han’s life was no better than shit. According to Deidara, Han despised humanity and had no compassion thanks to the hatred and negligence he received from his village.
Aside from the fact that he was the most, ever physically built Jinchuriki (Kushina, I mean no offense to you), Han’s ninjutsu was steam based. His ability to generate heat with his armor had aided him in accelerating the force of his attack and speed.

It’s self-explanatory as of why he always has his hand tucked inside his kimono.

Han was captured by the Akatsuki and had his Tail Beast extracted causing his death. He was later resurrected by Kabuto Yakushi by Edo Tensei and used by Tobi as his pawns.

Roshi, The Jinchuriki of Six Tails

Roshi who became a jinchuriki at a young, left Iwagakure for a quest to gain better understanding and control over the demon inside him. He was hard headed and stubborn as much as Onoki since during the forty years of being the Jinchuriki of the Six Tail, never had he called it by its name.
With the help of Six Tails, he has the ability to use the Lava Technique; a combination of Earth and Fire. His skill in this technique had given him advantage not only by spitting lava balls at his opponents, but also was able to create an armor made of lava. This particular armor works as a defense but also amplifies the damage when using taijutsu.

Kisame who had captured Roshi had complimented him saying that he was indeed a tough opponent. After Roshi was captured by Kisame, he died due to the extraction of the beast inside him.
Roshi was later resurrected by Yakushi Kabuto and used as a pawn by Tobi during Fourth Shinobi World War. Before Roshi was freed and went to afterlife, he had told the Six Tails that he never forgot his name.

Relation with other Countries and Organizations:
You could say that Iwagakure is like the asshole that was never on good terms with anyone. Iwagakure has a history of betrayal and desperation for power. They had attempted to destroy Konoha with the Kamizuru Clan but resulting in their shinobis being trumped by Aburame clan of Konoha. Again for a second time, after the scandal of Orochimaru destroying Konoha, Iwagakure had taken the golden opportunity to finish Konoha off. This also had been proven futile when Kosuke Maruboshi (the eternal gennin) had got rid of them with the help of other Konoha ninjas.

The only notable good relation the Iwa had was with Kirigakure. When Kirigakure had asked for Iwa’s aid in the retrieval of the scrolls Kumogakure stole from them, Iwagakure had betrayed Kiri and took the scrolls like the bitch they were. It was also known that Iwagakure betrayed them upon orders from their Tsuchikage. This incident led to a whole lot of tension between the Stone Village and Mist Village.
As said before, Iwagakure were apparently BFFs with the Akatsuki and hired them as mercenaries for military purposes.

 Wars Participated:

Though Iwagakure wasn’t the biggest highlight of Second Shinobi World War, they made sure that they’d be kickass on the third. Iwagakure rivaled the Leaf Village as they proved dominance and had the upper hand during this event. However, Team Minato was able to successfully destroy the Kannabi Bridge which was the means of supply for Iwa. Accordingly, they had to back down from war leading Konoha the victory.
Furthermore, much like other countries Iwagakure joined Allied Nations to participate against Fourth Shinobi World War Tobi had declared.  


Written by: Micha

Quick review, my ass.

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