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Quick Review of the Mist Village


Kirigakure which is mostly well-known as the Bloody Mist is surrounded by dense mists and hidden by the huge mountains. This works as an advantage to the village as it prevents being invaded by foreigners.

The Seven Legendary Swords:

It was known that the primary Seven Legendary Swordsmen were selected among the shinobi who showed the most promise in their insane killing spree, each of them possessing a sword with its own unique ability and power. These swords are also passed on from generations to generations.

Kubirikibo’cho’ (Executioner’s Blade)

This long, heavy blade has a unique regenerative ability.
Mangetsu Hozuki (also reputed as “Second Coming Demon”) was the first known fellow to have used this blade. He and his brother constantly went to dangerous missions to achieve their dream of becoming a legendary swordsman. Mangetsu had pursued his dream and mastered all the swords before he had died.

“No fangirls, you cannot ‘squeeze’ my cheeks”

After Mangetsu, the second owner of this particular sword was known to be Zabuza Momochi. It seems that the manga had highlighted more on Zabuza than Mangetsu. Zabuza was the reason they had to disband the practice of making their grads kill each other, after he had slaughtered each and every one their shinobi. This occurrence had reputed him as the “Demon of the Hidden Mist”. He also went so berserk to the point that he had posed a threat towards the Mizukage. However, his plan proved to be a failure and he would later escape the village with Haku and some other ninjas which included the Demon Brothers. Much later, he was seen working for an organization for money. He died in battle due to severe injuries, but right next to the person he valued the most.

After an approximate of three years and a couple of pointless filler arcs later, Suigetsu Hozuki had hunted this blade. It was one of the first things he did after he was freed by Sasuke from Orochimaru’s fish tank, besides the obvious nude flashing that followed after it. Deeply affected by his brother’s death, Suigetsu wishes to collect all the swords and re-create the Seven Swordsmen and become the leader of the group. Though Suigetsu does not seem to have the hang of this blade like Zabuza, he did show quite some skills in wielding it. The blade was taken away from Suigetsu when he was captured by the Samurai is the Fourth Shinobi War.

Let’s pretend we had made a sexual pun regarding something about the holes.

The blade was later restored with the resurrection of Zabuza by Kabuto Yakushi. He would again encounter Kakashi Hatake, where they would end it once and for all. It was seen later that Kakashi had taken possession of this blade, though it had now magically disappeared in the recent chapters taking Kishimoto’s sanity with it.

Samehada (Shark Skin)

This sword noted to be the most tarrying sword of all. It has a unique ability of sucking in chakra and grow in size.
The best and fairest way to describe Fuguki Suikazan- the first known wielder of Samehada- is to say he’s simply an asshole. He had assigned Kisame to protect his team who were guarding valuable information of the village. Fuguki had emphasized so much about prioritizing the village’s information more than his comrades. At this point, Kisame had even killed all his comrades in order to protect the village’s secret in fear that it would reach the hands on Konoha. This was before he had realized that Fuguki was nothing but a betraying man who was giving information to the enemies behind their backs. Fuguki would then be killed by Kisame who would take away Samehada.

“No, I did NOT eat Chouji!”

After Hoshigaki Kisame had killed Fuguki, he was reputed as the “Monster of the Hidden Mist and he was also referred to as the “Tailless Tailed Beast” for his enormous chakra reserve. Yagura had kept Kisame as high regard for killing his comrades to protect his village which led to him believing that he was a living lie. Though after knowing that Yagura was being manipulated by a mysterious masked man who had presented him the Moon’s Eye Plan, the idea of a “world of truth” had seemed appealing and took his side. He would then become one of the Akatsuki and eventually leave his village.

During Kisame’s fight with Killer B, Samehada had taken a liking to B’s chakra. It had fallen in love with it so much to the point that it had betrayed Kisame and even protected B from Kisame’s attacks. Despise this, it had aided Kisame in infiltrating the enemy’s territory when B had claimed Samehada after Kisame’s supposed death. However, it was known that the Samehada had actually cried after Kisame was killed, which proved the deep bond they shared after so many years of being together.

Shibuki (The Splash)

This is a sword with many, many explosive tags attached on one of its edge. After, one batch of tags explode, another batch of explosive tags are being discharged on its surface.

Aside from Mangetsu Hozuki, the official wielder is seen to be a ninja named Jinpachi Munashi. The background of this person’s is not given much importance as the manga had not mentioned it. But it is said that his expertise in sword wielding amplifies the destructive force when the tags detonate. Despite the sword causing a risk to the user when the tags explode, Jinpachi’s skill in swordsmanship avoids the damage.

“Yes, it’s chapstick. So what?”

Kabutowari (Helmet Splitter)

Of all the swords, Kabutowari is known to have the strongest attacking feature that can break through any defense. This sword literally has a giant axe in the end and a hammer at the other end.
Jinin Akebino who is only known wielder of this sword other than Mangetsu Hozuki, is said to have the full grasp of using this weapon due to his expertise and high speed. It is shown that he would first strike with the axe first and then hammer the object to break in to strong defense.

At this point, we don’t think it can even be called a sword.

His personality accurately matches with the features of the sword; hyped up and ready to spray some blood on the walls.

Nuibari (Sewing Needle)

If you’re thinking that this sword something to do with sewing clothes, then you’re totally right. This sword has a unique ability to pierce through the opponent and stick them together. Just like how your Grandma does it. This is usually done simultaneously with multiple opponents.
Aside from Mangetsu Hozuki, the most well-known user of this sword is Kushimaru Kuriarare, an ANBU from Kirigakure. He is seen to have shown very much flexibility using this sword, as he would pierce and stitch through a person speedy enough to move on the other without getting hit.

And yes, his head does look like a floor mop.

Hiramekarei (Twinsword)

Hiramekarei being the only sword left in Kirigakure’s possession by the time of Fourth Shinobi War. It has the ability to store chakra and unleash the chakra through the holes at the end. The Hiramekarei can also change form in to various other weapons like hammers and long swords. The size of each weapon depends on the amount of chakra stored.
It is believed that Mangetsu Hozuki was the owner of this sword before it was passed on to Chojuro.  Despite Chojuro having a submissive aura and shy personality, the fact that he was chosen as one of the two bodyguards of Lady Mizukage speaks volumes of his power. He is strong enough to wield the heavy blade and has shown promising ability during the Five Kage Summit.


The Hozuki Clan

The members of this clan have a unique ability to turn their body in to liquid form using a technique called Hydrification Technique. The second Mizukage was one of the members of this clan. Also, the other known two members of this clan, Suigetsu Hozuki and his brother Mangetsu Hozuki, are seen with a water bottle to keep them from dehydrating, like they're snails.

"Wtf did you just say?"

While Mangetsu was chilling somewhere being a hot shit Swordsmen, Orochimaru, shockingly had found the Hydrification Technique highly arousing since he had taken Suigetsu as one of his test subjects.


Yagura, the Jinchuriki of Three Tails

It’s obvious that Kirigakure had possession of the Three Tails (Isobu) at some point and was sealed into Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage.  It was also known that Yagura had started the practice of making the graduates kill each other to move to higher ranks.
Yagura was also so cautious to the extent that he slaughtered anyone suspicious of betraying the village, which included him taking in Kisame Hoshigaki as his direct subordinate. However, it was later revealed that this was all full of crap when it was confirmed by some sources that Tobi was controlling Yagura.
He carries a long hook like weapon with a green flower on its top, which is used to complement his Water Mirror Technique…

…and also to tell everyone that he used to be a flautist.

Yagura’s unique Water Mirror Technique is basically a mirror made of water which has the ability to reflect the opponents’ technique and would counter their jutsu and repel it. Yagura is also one of the Jinchurikis, Danzo from Konoha had informed that, was capable of controlling the beast within him to the fullest.
It’s really sad, actually, that even during his reign as the Mizukage and later when he was resurrected in the Fourth Shinobi War by Kabuto, poor guy had to be under the control of Tobi. It was unknown how Yagura died the first time since, when the Akatsuki was hunting for the Three Tails, it was spotted deep under the ocean chilling and being wild and all.

Utakata, the Jinchuriki of Six Tails

After Kirihakure came to possession of the Six Tails (Saiken), it was sealed in to one of their shinobi named Utakata, who by the way, does not see walking around naked under a simple, loose robe as a problem at all.

“Shut up. I wear this because I fucking want to and I fucking can.”

The arc of Utakata was solely dedicated to the Teacher-Student bonds. It is shown that Utakata’s master had tried to extract the beast inside of him to take away the burden of being a Jinchuriki, however Utakata had misunderstood it as an intent to kill. Utakata had fully transformed into the demon and killed his own teacher, and had lived mostly thinking that his master had betrayed him.
After he went rogue from the Mist Village, he was constantly chased by the Kiri ANBU wanting to retrieve the nukenin, and also a busty female who had desperately wanted to be his student. However, Utakata had rejected and ignored her pleads. It is also known that he had a healthy relationship with his inner demon, as it was shown that he would transform fully in to Saiken but never had it taken control over its Jinchuriki’s mind. Though he was quiet determined to not rely on the beast, just like Naruto.
Utakata, also whom we like to call the “bubble boy”- for his great contribution to the ninja world by the invention of soap bubbles- does not only blow bubbles but also explodes them. This technique comes in handy in killing enemies because what’s better than trapping a ninja in a freaking bubble and popping them in to nothingness?
But I guess it gets much better since he also uses bubbles in the form of defense. He was capable of protecting himself from opponents’ strikes while inside a bubble and also uses a technique called the Bubble Barrier. Also his bubble blower seems be there just for the show since he’s able to produce bubbles even without it.

Ten lines about bubbles? 

After having known the truth about his master’s intentions, Utakata had taken up Hotaru as his students but was captured by the Akatsuki. He died due to the extraction of the Tail Beast but would later be resurrected in Fourth Shinobi War by Kabuto Yakushi.

"I'm not foolish enough to be someone's master!!"

We all know Kishimoto is lazy enough not to tell us about the ancient people in the series, which is one the reasons why he thought it’d be useless to tell us anything about the first Mizukage. At all. I could go on and make up a story of First Mizukage being someone, say, Chuck Norris, but that’d be unfair for the rest of the kages. And also we could get sued.

Second Mizukage

The Second Mizukage who is mostly well-known for his enmity with the Second Tsuchikage, Muu, was from the Hozuki clan as said above. It is also said that he had constantly made fun of young Onoki…

…we’d guess because of his short height but then there’s the nose, of course.

It appears that he hadn’t done anything fun worth noting in his time- except for killing himself along with Muu in battle, and growing a mustache- he had taken a liking to Gaara after he was reincarnation in the Fourth War by Yakushi Kabuto. He had praised Gaara for his battling skills and referred to him as the most creative thing he could come up with; the Golden Egg.

Of course, one could not fail to mention that he claims himself as the Yin Release Genjutsu user, for he summons a giant clam which literally pukes mist. This is a highly remarkable technique since it’s near impossible to find the actual location of the actual Mizukage through the mirage of thick mist.
Like all members of Hozuki clan, he has the ability to liquefy and solidify his body at will. He also shoots high speed water bullets with his pointer- speedy and strong enough to penetrate through Gaara’s sand clone- which is very, very badass.

But the most badass technique he performed was creating a cute, chibi clone of himself which contains nothing but water that is outlined by an oil film. This clone is the best invention in science after the invention of pressure rice cooker since the oil film layer absorbs heat to evaporate the water inside and causes to explode and rain a shit storm of hail. This process continues when they cool down and goes back to its normal self, repeating the whole process again and again and again.

“But no matter how you look at it, I’m the strong one!! Right?! Looking at him, he was just some raggedy mummy left out to die!! Am I wrong?!”

Third Mizukage

Kishimoto made it sure that we’d know nothing about the Third Mizukage. Nothing. Not even a face.

Fourth Mizukage

As said above, Yagura served as the Fourth Mizukage and caused great turmoil in the village with his Neanderthal ways. He caused bloodshed, power lust and everything that the devil would encourage you to do. He held Hoshigaki Kisame as his direct subordinate but was later revealed that he was being controlled by Tobi. Which is also the reason why Tobi is considered as the “real” Fourth Mizukage.

Fifth Mizukage

Compared to the other Mizukages the Mist village was blessed with, Mei Terumi is completely on the other end of the spectrum. She is kind hearted, calm, open minded and also have seen complimenting others such as Gaara and stood up for him when Tsuchigake had mocked him in the kage summit. Not to mention that she is extremely flirtatious since she has openly admitted wanting to kiss the crap out of Uchiha Sasuke.

One of the reasons why we can’t seem to quit Naruto is Mei Terumi’s cleavage.

The one thing that can tick this woman off is calling her a hag and mentioning her love life. It’s seen that she is particularly sensitive to these two topics and would easily get angry at the mention of the word “marriage”. Or even a word close to it like “gorillas”.

Aside from her remarkable taijutsu, astounding leadership and her intelligence, she possesses two kekkei genkai. While being able to use Fire, Earth and Water elements, she combines Earth and Fire to create the Lava Technique. This is her first kekkei genkai and this technique is strong enough to melt Uchiha Madara’s powerful Susano.

Her second kekkei genkai includes her combining Fire and Water to create the Boil Release which is basically high temperature steam with acidic nature. This techniques, apparently, is strong enough to corode Uchiha Sasuke’s pretty, pretty Susano. It is also known that she is not affected by her own mist at all.

“Roger that! Marrying is the only thing I intend to do late!”

Relation With Other countries and Inner Conflicts:

More than the conflicts with the outside world, it is known that Kirigakure had to often deal with their own crap. Not only is this village famous for their generous contribution to the shinobi world with a load of dangerous missing ninjas, but they also seem to have liked killing each other out of mere boredom.
During the supremacy of the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, they had a system of simply letting the kids kill each other in order to upgrade to higher ranks. The best ones out of what’s left out were included in the seven Legendary Swordsmen. This practice was like adding fuel to fire as it just adjoined more reasons to call them the ‘Bloody Mist”. However, this methodology was abandoned when Zabuza went all berserk and killed his entire graduation class.

The conflict got worse when people grew insane with blood lust causing Yagura’s position as Mizukage to crumble. It was later revealed that Yagura was being manipulated by Tobi, with whom Hoshigaki Kisame had sided with since he’s such a rebel. This led to belief that Akatsuki was born in Mist Village.
It is also known that the Kaguya Clan (where Kimimaro comes from) fell in lust and called for war against the village. But the village superiors had massacred them from which the only known survivor was Kimimaro.
Taking the outside world in to account, it was known that Kirigakure had bore a grudge against Iwagakure for betraying them during a collaborative mission of retrieving an essential scroll and had stolen the scroll from them. The Iwa ninjas also made sure to kill a couple of Kiri ninjas while they were at it.

However, after Mei was appointed as the Mizukage, the village revolutionized their ethics, revised their policies for good and began to be more open minded. Now they seem to be more civilized, less blood lusty with devoted shinobis and an utterly, sexy Mizukage.

Wars Participated:
Details are unknown of the wars Kirigakure had taken part in. Though recently, it was shown that Kirigakure had played a role in the Third Shinobi War. High level shinobis from this village had encountered Rin and Kakashi Hatake from Konoha and there were implications that they were after Rin’s body (or what’s left of it) even after Kakashi had killed the Kunoichi with a sharp stab to her heart.
But all of the Kiri shinobi were killed by Obito who was batting with an emotional turmoil after witnessing everything.

Like all other villages, Kirigakure is taking part in the Fourth Shinobi World War side by side with the other five great nations.

Written By: Micha
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