Monday, November 26, 2012

Vampire Knight Chapter 88

"The sword is more eloquent than the lips..."

Every chapter for the last year has been very suspenseful and tense but this one really reached a new level of thrilling. Yuuki and Zero are officially teamed up to track down Kaname and all they can do is get hot and heavy with each other.

Kaname so rudely breaks up the steamy moment between Zero and his sister/fiance/great-great-great niece by appearing in a tacky cloak and mask that would catch anybody's eye. That's why he wore it.

Yuuki anxiously runs towards his disappearing figure but Zero finds it more important to get in a little smooch before hand. The timing may be off but that part really had my inner Zeki soaring even though I'm a butt hurt Kaname fan. 

Whoever this guy is, I don't like him. I feel like I've stepped into a Phantom of The Opera themed manga now. I came here for vampires, not Broadway!

Kaname's true intentions have been revealed to this remaining pureblood. He had always wanted to use his own life to turn Yuuki back into a human, but now he must become the new "parent" that had been destroyed at the Hunter Association previously.

I feel as though saying "Kaname's true intentions have been revealed" sounds like deja vu. Probably because we always think we have figured Kaname out, only for him to reveal he has a master plan under that master plan. Look under your chairs, you're all getting a new master plan from Kaname!

There isn't a lot I can analyze about this part. But I just giggled watching Yuuki tackle Rima like she had a football in her arm. 

You'd think the Kanyu shippers would have a glimpse of happiness with Kaname's muddled but pure intentions and Yuuki always looking at him with such longing eyes, but nope. Hino gives you a heated Zeki moment. There's something about Yuuki wanting Kaname every time she sees him, but the moment he leaves she's all over Zero like breeding is going out of style.

But wait! That touching moment was interrupted by Yuuki attacking Zero and deciding to face Kaname on her own. Because we all know when she runs off alone, everything goes swell.

Yuuki wants to make Kaname human, Kaname wants to make Yuuki human. Who will succeed? Either way, a pureblood must die in the process.

Written by Amber.
Credits go to the scanlation of Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino.

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