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Fairy Girls Chapter 1 Review - The 4 Fairies

Written by Shiggins

The final spin-off!

Yes, after so many months of waiting the final review for the final spin-off is here! We had Fairy Tail Zero, Ice Trail, Blue Mistral and now Fairy Girls. To be honest, a series I cringed at hearing the instant I discovered about it, mostly because I didn't see the need for a spin-off like this. Basing a spin-off on Lucy, Erza, Wendy and Juvia when you've got so many other characters who don't get time in the main series is almost like giving a spin-off to Ichigo and Uryu from Bleach... while Bleach is still going on! There must have been a better choice to host a spin-off! Nevertheless, it's here and I'm going to review the first chapter. Is there anything noticeable about it, considering my opinions on Ice Trail and Blue Mistral? Well...

I'm finally done with these spin-offs!
This chapter begins with a storyline I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with; A group of people pretending to be Fairy Tail run into real Fairy Tail members. In this case, those members are Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Juvia Lockser and Wendy Marvell. It turns out that this first chapter is actually set during the party after the Grand Magic Games Arc, which is already odd because I'd be surprised if the characters left the party after discovering Natsu's crown-stealing but I'm nitpicking and that's not healthy so let's keep going.

He looks just as convincing as the "Fake Erza" in this chapter.
As they are walking, some kids come across them and get all fangirly, mentioning how great they were during the Games etc. It also turns out that Juvia is in a bad mood because Gray rejected her again, which is why the girls are trying to cheer her up... because the giant massive party in the castle wasn't good enough, I suppose. (Although maybe Juvia is like me, and would prefer a small group rather than a massive party of strangers).

I dunno... Juvia's grumpy behaviour seems out-of-character for her.
One of the kids is now acting as their guide, and takes them to various shops around town including a clothing shop of lingerie and a gift shop. They then go to the city square, which is supposedly a popular place to hit on women. (Yeah... I cringed too). The guys are scared away by Erza's natural look and she gets gloomy over that, which admittedly made me giggle. That's probably the funniest part of this chapter.

Aww, don't worry Erza. Most of the fandom still find you sexy.
Some more fun they have, and soon Juvia is drunk and being carried by Erza. The boy who was guiding them this whole time tells them all how he expected them to be far scarier than they seem, which tells me he must not have watched the Games very well. Suddenly, they're attacked by the group of impostors from before, who have reinforcements. It turns out that this guild is called Dark Mirror, and they always copy other Guilds to earn money... and the four girls utterly obliterate the guild. And then the chapter ends with the boy revealing he wants to request of a job of them, as he now realises they truly are capable like the rumours say.

"Girls just wanna have fu-un! Oh girls just wanna have fuuuuun..." *music plays*
Opinion: Honestly, with no ironic undertones, I think this is probably the best non-Mashima spin-off of them all. Unlike Ice Trail, the story isn't completely pointless as it does show what the girls are up to while the main story is going on, and unlike Blue Mistral, the artwork doesn't burn my eyes and the story can still -technically- fit into the canon. (At a very huge stretch).

Jesus, that is scary!
The artwork isn't half-bad. It's got it's own style which clearly needs work but does have good potential. Like most manga, it'll take a few chapters for the artwork to come into it's own. It actually reminds me of the early chapters of Nanatsu no Taizai, with the details on hair and such.

Like I said before, this story is unnecessary and I can't understand why these four needed a spin-off but on the bright side, they are a good four I can get behind. I like Lucy and Erza and Wendy and Juvia. They were all in the Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters list and they are dependable for comedy and drama. I do still feel other characters like Sabretooth are crying out for a spin-off more but maybe Mashima is saving that for himself.

She summed up these characters in one panel! That is impressive!
The story of this chapter is very... chick-flick? I don't know if that's the right way to phrase it, but I did find it strange that the chapter focused on shopping, clothes and cheering up a girl because she got rejected over a guy. I guess you could argue that since we see these girls doing so much awesome fighting and serious work in the main story, that they deserve a fun chapter like this but I did feel a bit of wasted potential.

On the brighter side, I was expecting a ton of fanservice that would be both shameless and eye-rolling. So the pleasant surprise that there was barely anything like that was refreshing. (Although I saw chapter 2 and they do change that slightly).

The closest to fanservice you'll get in this chapter, and it's not even that good.
Will I keep reading the other chapters? Maybe. And if you read my other reviews, you know that "Maybe" is much better than what I said about the others. I would give a more precise answer but I have many other manga to read right now and FG only has around 6 chapters out right now.

Oh and because I forgot to give credit last time because I'm an idiot, credit for this translation goes to "Variationa".

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Predictions: Various chapters are already out right now so no point in actually giving a prediction... except I doubt this series will last very long.

Best Part: Erza's depression.

Worst Part: Shopping to get over Gray was the main driving force behind the story.

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