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Fairy Tail Chapters 431 & 432 Review - My Sword Is... & Briar in Love

Written by Shiggins


You know what? I don't care anymore! Avatar suck a fat one and I wouldn't want to be associated with someone from that Guild! There will be better Guilds to share my heart to and I don't need you, Briar! Sigh, and just when I was ready to love again too.... Anyway, new chapters are here and like I said earlier, Avatar are not exactly the pinnacle of villainy. In fact, I'm embarrassed for them.

I always like seeing manga pages coloured like this. Even if it does piss me off when it's not coloured in the paperback... (rant rant grumble grumble)
This chapter begins with everyone kicking ass and unless you're asexual, prepare to be turned on! Lucy is fucking beautiful right now and Gray isn't far behind, with both of them having loads of fun crushing their opponents. Of course, Natsu is taking part too but he's nowhere near as hot... ironically. So it's time for the actual Avatar characters to step in.

Lucy: *drops the microphone*
And if you weren't already shivering from the violence and epicness, prepare for Erza's new armour! Two words rolled into one; Sword-Wings! That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Two of the best words ever have become one! And it's Jerome who chooses to attack the red-haired babe with his dark sword which melts stuff. After some slashing, Jerome falls because Erza's sword makes it so you don't even feel it hit you until a few seconds later. It is literally a sword with a delay.

Somehow, I think this costume is more dominating than her dominatrix one.
And then the next chapter arrives, with Gray fighting Briar who is pissed about his betrayal. Of course, Gray points out how obvious it is he'd never join them and even though his goal is E.N.D, he'd never disappoint his dad by using a method like Avatar to destroy it. (Well, technically "him").

Last week, I would have been mad at him for talking to Briar like that. This week? ...Go ahead, Gray.
Meanwhile, Lucy and Taurus are experiencing stomach problems because of Mary, who uses her Black Magic in the shape of a virus that... well, it's not going to have a nice outcome. (Pun intended). And just as Mary is about to send the virus to Lucy's brain, the spell is defeated by none other than Team Natsu's fifth member, Wendy!

"I'm about to shit my pants while fighting a massive army! I need schoolgirls to save me!"
And thanks to Wendy's curing magic, Lucy delivers the best Lucy Punch yet which utterly devastates Mary. Interestingly, Mary makes a reference to her "grandfather" before collapsing. Is Mary related to Arlock, or someone else in this series we're unaware of? I just thought it was something noteworthy.... Anyway, she's down now.

If you don't read that text to the "Falcon Punch" voice, you disappoint me on a new level.
And next to go is Briar, who has revealed her secret ability to be splitting herself into four versions of herself, each of which have distinct personalities. Rage, Laughter, Sorrow and Love. And thankfully, this embarrassing display is cut short by none other than the water mage herself Juvia! Juvia and Gray defeat the Briars in literally 3 pages. (One for them to appear, one for Love and one for the others).

...What? It's not like I edited it or anything... Totally 100% real.
Gray begins to apologise and says he'll explain about everything later, to which Juvia understands. And so the two begin their awesome back-to-back battling. Oh and then we see that Wendy can activate Dragon Force at will! Holy shit, is that awesome! She's been training for so long she can turn it on and off? Wendy, are you stronger than Gajeel now?

God, Gajeel. That is so last week. Catch the fuck up.
And we end this chapter with Arlock being told his forces are losing, and Natsu appears to take him on. However, Arlock proclaims that Ikusa-Tsunagi activates, the purification will begin as planned.

I'm not the only one who thought "Infinite Tsukiyomi", am I?
Opinion: Honestly, it's a good thing the actual fighting is filled with badass moments from Fairy Tail or these chapters would be awful. I know that's like saying "It's a good thing this film has Superman or Superman 2 would suck" but it's true. The fight scenes are great when we see everybody fighting hordes of faceless goons, and we get amazing ovary-growing scenes from Lucy, Gray and Erza, but the actual Avatar characters are such a shame.

Briar was the strongest one? WOW! You guys are so screwed!
I don't mean to keep going on about it, but final verdict really is Avatar suck. I bet if we'd seen them years ago, they'd be some sort of huge tremendous force to rival the likes of Zancrow, but here it's pretty cringe-worthy to watch everyone fail so much and so easily. Mary's magic is diarrhea? Why would you bring someone like that on a battlefield? It makes no sense!

I can't tell if this naked backflip is awesome or hilarious. All I know is, I want to do it too.
Juvia hugged Gray and didn't seem to be angry at him, but there are a few reasons that's okay. The best reason is that they're on a massive battlefield and there is no time for explanations. There is only time for action and fighting, which the two are doing together tremendously. The other reason is that perhaps Juvia just knows Gray would never willingly harm Juvia to that level. (Maybe that's me being too optimistic though).

Looks like Gray passed on his stripping habit. His legacy is truly complete.
Arlock is bringing out "secret death machine 5000" or whatever. I honestly don't care due to a lack of intimidation from this guy. I am curious to what it looks like though, because the closest translation I could find was "war connection" so maybe it's like a giant cannon or super-soldiers.

Manga Rating: 2/5

Character of the Week: Erza for taking down Jerome and having epic sword-wings.

Predictions: Giant death cannon appears and it looks like the others are too tired out to stop it! Then suddenly, Gajeel and his gang save the day and Arlock is either defeated or bolts it while the others are arrested for their crimes and Levy hugs Lucy.

Best Part: Lucy and Gray being amazing and awesome and a... great duo!

Worst Part: Avatar, no. Just... no.

Nothing like a wee family-animal-murdering to get closer together.
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  1. Am I the only one that thinks that the fact that Wendy can activate dragon force at will is complete bullshit? She isn't even as old as Natsu was when he first used it. I understand that a year of training would be enough, but what motivation did she have to want to be able to do it?

    1. I think it's just you really. We know Dragon Force can be activated at will because of Sting, Rogue and Natsu activating them at times without help. (Natsu did it on his own against Mard Snore). And her motivation probably came from Chelia and Lamia Scale, since they are a lot less relaxed than Fairy Tail and she was new, so she felt she had to prove herself to them.

  2. The only reason Sting and Rogue can use dragon force at will is because they are third generation Dragon Slayers. Dragon force is called the highest attainable point of Dragon Slayers, it just doesn't sound like something that can be achieved after only a year of training, especially when the one training is so young and so inexperienced with offensive magic.

    1. That's what we originally though, but really the only characters not to achieve Dragonforce via will are Cobra and Gajeel. So clearly, Sting and Rogue were mistaken about only third gens doing so. And we can't underestimate Wendy, because she has definetly proven herself to be amazing over the years. Chelia is her age too and she taught herself God Slayer Magic. Age is rarely a big factor in anime/manga.

    2. When Sting and Rogue said only third generation Dragon Slayers can use dragon force at will, I took that to mean that only 3-G Dragon Slayers can do it without having to train to have the ability. My theory is that the lacrima in there bodies allows them to bypass said training. You are right about the age part and yes Wendy is an amazing Mage, but you have to admit she was inexperienced when it came to offensive magic, before the time skip

    3. You could argue that Sting and Rogue only thought 3-Gs could do it. Remember, this was the same fight that they thought they were the greatest at before Natsu wiped the floor with them alone. So we can assume they weren't fully aware of the magic yet.

    4. Yeah, you're probably right, point Shiggins.
      But, I want to point something out. When Wendy uses dragon force she gains no physical traits that are related to dragon force. She didn't have any scales or scale like designs on her face, the only thing she gained were wings. If Lucy hadn't said the words "dragon force" would you have assumed it was dragon force? I know I wouldn't have. These observations make me wonder if it was a true dragon force.