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Fairy Tail Chapters 435 & 436 Review - Shout of Victory & Memoirs

Written by Shiggins

Does Mashima-senpai read my reviews?

Seriously, I feel like he read a comment I made ages ago about Acnologia and has decided to fix it to shut my stupid mouth up. Maybe I truly have the power to change the way of the manga, like some sort of omnipotent God. If so, I must only use this power for good! For character development and for as much cleavage as possible! (Prays for the return of Jackal.)

This picture is so goddamn cool, that it almost makes me forget about how shit the last film was.
It's victory for the gang as the God falls and Natsu stands. The losers of Avatar cry as they realise how weak they are, As the men try to run, D-6 and Abel try to stop them and keep the ritual going but... IT'S MOTHERFUCKING GAJEEL AND PANTHERLILY!

KILL THEM ALL! ...Oh wait, we're a 12 rating... LET SOME LIVE!!
Lucy and Levy are reunited in the predictable joyous fashion, and we admittedly get a good joke when Natsu and Erza "mistake" Gajeel for an impostor because Gajeel-san could never work for the Council. Apparently, it was Warrod's idea for Gajeel to join the Council, although I think we can be sure he meant it as a joke. Actually, to be honest, the humour goes right up here when Gajeel starts being a funny asshole. It's quite wonderful, and needed after the mostly-serious tone we've been sitting through recently.

Heeheeheeheehee... I missed giggling.
Of course, they won't arrest Gray because he helped save the day. Of course, Wendy and Carla are still bloody confused but Lucy will explain off-screen I'm sure. Of course, Avatar are arrested and we get a weird brief glance of Jerome noticing that the group are Gray's friends... I might be reading too much into it, but why do I get the feeling this isn't the last time we'll be seeing Jerome? .......Is he related to Frosch's future?

Oh yeah... And we got a cameo today. Commence the nightmares!
Speaking of Frosch, guess who appeared! That's right, Sting and Rogue were watching the situation from afar and Frosch has gone down to say hello to the other Exceeds because he is adorable and that's what adorable things do. And I swear to god, the reaction from Gray is the most precious thing you'll see all week.

Your life is now complete. You may now stop living. Nothing will ever top this.
The next chapter however is far more interesting and might be one of my favourite chapters we've had in some time. We're going back 400 years in the past, to see the childhood of Zeref! A young boy mage studying at a magical academy, and researching life and death. A prodigy before his time who is being recommended not to go so deep into such heavy subjects.

My headcanon: He's a sleepy dork who loves pillows and reading, and he gets all cute and shy when girls talk to him. His favourite flavour is mint and his toy horse is called Chuck. YOU CANNOT DENY THIS!! 
Present day Zeref wakes up and looks over at the book of E.N.D, and begins talking to... "the book". Zeref reveals he had a brother, who died really young and Zeref was too young to understand why, hence his study on life and death. Back to 400 years ago, and we see a slightly older Zeref introducing the "R System", which could bring back the dead.

Oh Tower of Heaven Arc... How you bored me.
Zeref is warned once again about messing with such a taboo subject, but after he continues with it, the academy have no other choice but to expel him. It turns out that this was all to resurrect Zeref's little brother, and when the old guy whose name I don't know has to harshly tell him he can never bring the boy back, Zeref doesn't react well... and by that, I mean his Death Magic activates against his will and kills everybody in the academy.

Well... That's one way to not need to pay your student loans.
Present day Zeref says he seems to have been cursed by the gods for defying them, (oh yeah, the academy was very religious by the way), and that's why he is immortal as well. His immortality and inability to be near life caused him to want to die, and that is why the demons exist. They were known as "Etherious" because of how much Ether they were made of, but sadly none of them were capable.

I'd love to see what he was thinking when he created Lamy: "Oh yeah! This rabbit girl who likes hunky boys will definetly have a shot at killing me! I'd love that!"
And then Zeref created E.N.D... who is also his little brother. So no, Zeref is not Natsu's father. He is Zeref Dragneel, Natsu's older brother. He decides he'll talk about the meeting of Igneel and Mavis some other time, because he has someone else to meet. This goddamn sexy son of a bitch...

Sexy Briar was a disappointment and now you bring in sexy Acnologia? All is forgiven!
Yes, Acnologia has gone back to his human form to listen to what Zeref has to say. Zeref mentions how Acnologia only wishes for destruction, and that he doesn't understand why that is. Zeref claims that he couldn't decide if he should fight alongside Acnologia or against him, but it doesn't matter because he will wipe both him and humanity out. And he offers to give Acnologia the perfect battle!

Opinion: OH... MY...GOD!

Okay, first thing to mention. I love Zeref. In Fairy Tail, he's one of the most complicated and interesting character around and this week just solidified that claim. He had a brother. He sees life differently from others. HIS LAST NAME IS DRAGNEEL, which actually surprised me because I thought Igneel named Natsu that because Dragon + Igneel. Maybe there is a connection. We'll find out one day.

The face when you realise you're so bored, that you're literally talking to a book... Poor cutie.
As for Acnologia, my prayers were heard. I hated how he seemed to have a boring personality and was nothing but a dumb creature of instinct with an ego, and now he's got a sexy design and reasoning and a grin and it's all so good! Many have argued he looks like Gajeel, and maybe he has some sort of connection to Gajeel. If so, I'm totally for it.

Shiggins loved this week? HOORAY!
Gray hugging Frosch is something I didn't know I needed until I saw it. And now that I've seen it, I hope it never goes away. In fact, the way these two seem like they'll become friends makes the future more tense as Gray killing Frosch might be even more horribly tragic than we envisioned. What if he puts Frosch out of his misery or something?!

Do I wish Gajeel had arrived earlier to be awesome in the fight? Yes but I can wait until a worthy opponent rears it's ugly head. For now, let him be a hilarious douchebag. That works well with him.

Manga Rating: 5/5!

Character of the Week: Zeref Dragneel for so so so many reasons.

Best Part: Zeref and Acnologia meet.

Worst Part: It took too long for the Magic Council to appear.

I don't know what else to say here except.. . clock. Cool.

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  1. My reaction to this chapter can be summed up into two words: HOLY SHIT!

    1. That was my reaction too!


  2. These chapters were a lot of fun, and I had the HOLY SHIT reaction with Zeref's story. Zeref getting backstory development really helped flesh out the character, especially the fact that he was misunderstood instead of being an evil demon.

    I do have a few ideas after this though. Acnologia's human form explains a lot, including how he could disappear for such long periods of time.

    Also. what if Zeref tried Lammy for the whole multiplication aspect? All the other demons emphasize power, perhaps he was thinking that being swarmed by an army of bunnies would finish him off?

    Also, something just occurred to me. Wouldn't the magic council be rich in the fairy tail universe if they charged fines for innocent attire?

    1. HOLY SHITS ALL AROUND!!!! And yes, the more we learn about Zeref, the better it gets. Zeref is just so complicate it makes me more and more interested.

      True, it does. Although I do wonder if Acnologia turns into the dragon willingly, because I don't know enough about him to know if he's willing to lose his reasoning to gain power. We must learn more!

      Death by bunny invasion... I'd pay to see that. Or I'd just pay to see Zeref fight the Lamy army.

      The Magic Council are probably rich for dozens of reasons. They are basically the government, right? Probably taxes and the like go to them and the king.

  3. eh, despite numerous explanations, you still wont believe me that frosch wont die? it was also stated here that friendship blah blah has changed the future. I explained how chapter 333 was supposed to be interpreted, that simply knowing the future is bound to change it, or that changing a single thing in the past can make a new future altogether. (see almost all time travel books and movies) what a dumbo

    1. Whether or not we get a new future is irrelevant because we still need to know the circumstances of how Frosch died in the timeline that created Future Rogue. If you believe the story will just end without us finding out how it happened, you are the dumbo good sir.

  4. Zeref: As of how you came to meet with Igneel and my connection to Mavis, that will be for another day. Me: No! I still have time!

    Everyone thought Natsu was the lovechild of Zeref and Mavis (How would that work since everything he touches dies?) but nope! Natsu is the younger brother of Zeref! To top it off, ACNOLOGIA and sweet damn does he look good. On another note, I saw Rouge's shadow get lighter in the first chapter, does that mean the darkness is going out?

    Overall, can't wait for the day when END is released in Natsu.

    1. Zeref: Sucks to be you then! Teehee!

      Yeah. A bit of a shock, huh? I wonder if the reveal of Natsu's and Zeref's parents will be a big thing and important to the plot. I hope so because I think it'd be expand on the relationship Natsu and Zeref have.

      Damn, I forgot to mention Rogue's shadow. I think it's implying that F.Rogue's shadow is still with us, and he might step in to manipulate events if things start to change from the original timeline.