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Fairy Tail Chapter 453 Review - Parental Role

Written by Shiggins

I've had a crap week.

So imagine my surprise when Mashima-senpai's newest chapter came out a few days early, as if knowing I was feeling down and wanting to cheer me up. I appreciate it, sir! It actually did help a bit because although this chapter wasn't groundbreaking, I did still grow fond of it... and I'm also terrified now!

Sigh... I wish people reacted like this to my reviews...
Our chapter begins in the sanctuary of Lucy's room, which I only now just realised I missed seeing. She's writing in her book about her thoughts on Fairy Heart and how they must protect Mavis from Zeref's forces. And in nostalgic fashion, Natsu and Happy appear out of nowhere to read her words. Of course, Lucy attacks but they stay anyway, since they're bored because the entire city of Magnolia has been evacuated.

Last week I said Gajeel had grown up. And this week, I'm going to say Natsu has grown up. In fact, it's almost staggering!
Lucy tells Natsu how she's not excited for this fight, and assumes Natsu is. Surprisingly, Natsu actually shows some maturity here and says he doesn't like this type of fight either. He enjoys a battle where one can test their strength, but since this is a war with battles to the death, it's not the type to have fun.

Huh... Interesting. I'm sure nobody would be stupid enough to actually make plans like Lucy is saying...
When Natsu starts to reveal he's got plans for the future, Lucy stops him and tells him that it's basically tempting fate by making big plans before a massive battle. And honestly, I couldn't agree more. As Natsu plays strip poker with Happy, sadly without Lucy's approval, we then go to see Erza and Wendy who are back in Fairy Tail's baths.

Erza is telling Wendy that Crime Sorciere will be helping them out during the battle, (no doubt Jellal will wait until people have died so he can do that usual "last minute rescue for Erza only" crap he loves to do...) and then she starts to get nostalgic about when she first invited Wendy to join the Guild. Inside, she feels a bit guilty for involving a young girl in a war. Wendy reassures Erza with a naked hug and says she'll help protect her this time, leading Erza to call her the pride of the Guild.

Next up is Gray and Juvia who are standing together at the balcony. After thanking her for being at his side, he promises to give Juvia an answer after this battle is over. Gray also says that, like Natsu, he has ideas on how to battle E.N.D and Zeref as well. Watching all this is the ghost of Mavis who then flies over to where Makarov, Warren and Macao are.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the rare canon phenomenon known as "Mavis' legs". Be careful or you might them scare them away.
The three dudes are trying to figure out a strategy and using Warren's radar to see if they can locate any oncoming forces. Mavis comments how everybody seems unworried and strong, but Makarov disagrees. (The first time Makarov disagreed with Mavis perhaps?). He states that they appear uneasy, and are banding together in desperation for comfort and assurance. Makarov once again talks about being their parent, and that he has to protect them all no matter what.

Oh hey, it's Zancrow! ......Oh wait.
And sadly, there's no time for Gajevy or Strauss, as the entire city starts shaking and the radar suddenly reveals a massive fleet. 50 large ships in the sky, all part of Zeref's army, and led by the cocky and loud Ajeel.

Opinion: So uh... Uh oh.

As I've said before, the certainty that someone is going to die during this arc feels almost overwhelming. The only reason there is any doubt is because it looks so obvious, that it'd be a bigger twist to not kill someone, but then he'd be accused of trolling us so... Still a chance that everybody will come out alive but I doubt it. 

Now obviously, Makarov is the most likely candidate to pass away but the fact we had Lucy say "Planning for the future in this scenario is basically a kiss of death", then almost immediately went to Gray who was planning to tell Juvia his "answer" does certainly provide a scary possibility. Honestly though, I am going to be majorly pissed off if one of those two die and not just because I'm a shipper. It'd be such a disappointing end to their personal story arcs if one of them died like that. And can you imagine how heartbroken Makarov would be if someone else died while under his watch?

When the spoilers for this chapter were revealed, NOBODY talked about the massive invasion. No no, instead they wouldn't shut up about the fact that Gajevy have the SAME BLANKET! Clearly, the priorities are truly realised here.
I would have liked to have seen Gajeel, Levy, Elfman, Cana or Laxus get a "moment" before Ajeel invaded, but I can see why we didn't. Not enough time for everybody, so focus on the main group and let the others have their time later. And in all honesty, the moments were nice. My favourite one goes to Lucy and Natsu's enjoyably fun yet mature moment, since Gray and Juvia were a bit too brief and Wendy and Erza's was nothing that distinct. Doesn't make these moments bad. Just makes them not as good.

I honestly considered making Erza's booty the first image people would see, just to test whether or not that'd make them click this link.
So Fairy Tail is now having a Kurakura Town Arc? A giant battle with all the enemies and heroes inside the empty city of the main characters? I'm okay with that but the sudden reveal that Ajeel is here makes me realise he is probably going to die soon, so we'll never get a chance to see all the Spriggan 12 together at once, unless a flashback happens. And that's a shame.

Oh and... heartwarming chapter. 'Nuff said.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Predictions: It's party time! War is here and it's time for Ajeel to attack and be attacked. Prepare for chapters galore and never once un-clench because the risk of death is far too high here! The characters will split into teams and begin their assault, and it's going to be chaotic. Maybe the Guild Hall will be destroyed AGAIN!

Best Part: The surprising maturity of Natsu.

Worst Part: Some characters didn't get the heartwarming moment they probably deserved.

"Brings happiness wherever it goes"... I still hate you, Happy.


"Are you an angel, because you look like you just fell out of heaven..."

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  1. I can't wait to see what comes next and hopefully, even though we didn't get them this chapter, we might get those moments with the other characters later on through the rest of the arc. Fingers crossed for the epicness that is hopefully to come!