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Fairy Tail Chapters 449, 450 & 451 Review - Mavis & Zeref, The One & Only in this World, and Fairy Heart

Written by Shiggins

Yes, I waited until all the flashbacks were done so I could review them in one! Sue me!

Our tragic story begins around 100 years ago, and if you haven't read Fairy Tail Zero then prepare to be utterly lost because it really does skip over that. Luckily, I reviewed all of them so I suggest you at least check out my reviews of the 11 chapters before continuing this one. We see how Mavis met Zeref (when he was naked of course), and how Mavis used an incomplete spell which caused her body to be unable to age.

I wonder if this is meant to be a hint that another "Fairy School" is coming.
Chapter 449: 

With the Fairy Tail Guild now formed, Mavis and her posse were roped into fighting in the Second Trade War (and I swear to god, if the climax of this series is the Third or Fourth Trade War...). This war is actually how Mavis gained her reputation as Fairy Tactician, leading the armies to victory. During a celebration of the battle, Mavis ponders to her friend Yuriy about when this war will end and when she'll get to go on an adventure again.

"Who cares if  people around me are dying? I want to go hiking!"
Finally, the war did end and a treaty was written to avoid Guilds fighting in wars again due to so many lives being lost. 6 years after that, by pure coincidence apparently, Mavis and Zeref met again. Ignoring the fact that "the black wizard" is cursed, she hugs him and he reveals to her who he is. The duo have a lovely talk, with Mavis revealing she doesn't believe Zeref to be a bad person at all.

Anybody else think Mavis is getting a bit too excited just from a forehead tap?
When Mavis reveals her body can no longer age, Zeref realises that it's much worse than she realises. The truth is that she has become immortal and cursed, meaning that those around her will die the more she wants to save a life. (If you've forgotten, remember Zeref's contradictory curse that we discovered not too long ago). Panicking, Mavis runs away from Zeref and heads back to the Guild where Yuriy's son is being born.

Chapter 450:

Oh yeah. We definitely need a Fairy School 2 now. No doubt it.
The baby is born and Yuriy's wife Rita gives Guildmaster Mavis the honour of naming the child. Ignoring Precht's suggestion for Pippoco, Mavis chooses the name Makarov since it resembles the name of a prince from a book she read. And then... Rita dies because it turns out that Zeref was right about the curse.

Personally, I'm voting for Pippoco.
Realising she's the cause, Mavis runs away into the forest and collapses. She then notices that nature around her decays and dies, just like with Zeref. Choosing to stay away from the Guild, Mavis spends a year in solitude, accidentally taking lives as she does so. Finally, Zeref finds the half-dead darling under a tree and trying to starve herself.

I feel sick for saying this but... Those eyes make me realise I'd love to see this version of Mavis more. Maybe as a side-villain that works with Zeref or something.
Surprisingly, Mavis actually begs Zeref to kill her but he replies that he cannot, and tells her about his own wish for death which included creating the demons of Tartarus in the hopes they'll kill him (Oh Jackal, I miss you). He then proceeds to tell her that he is creating a country, and by viewing the people as pawns in preparation for war, he no longer takes lives around him.

I bet the anime messes this up. I don't know how but... I just feel like it's impossible to do this properly.
As Zeref talks, Mavis realises that even his own thoughts have become contradictory as he keeps disagreeing with words he said a moment ago. As he starts to break down due to his own suffering, Mavis holds him and tells him they should work together to break the curse. Tearful, Zeref thanks her and shows his appreciation and feelings towards her in a kiss...

And then Zeref breaks several World Records.
Chapter 451:

Aww... So close to three Fairy School pictures in a row.
Zeref returns to Fiore with Mavis in his arms, ripping off the end of Batman: Arkham City, (and some famous painting but let's keep things simple for now), and he meets the one-eyed Precht who is alone for now. To my ultimate anger and shock, he DROPS her as if she were nothing!

Revealing to Precht that she is dead and he himself is Zeref, he takes his leave. Calling himself a "Spriggan" for murdering Mavis and regretting falling in love, he heads off back to his country while Precht frantically checks Mavis' body for signs of life. In fact, all he can feel from her is her magic. (I'm not sure how that works. Do mages have second hearts now or...? Whatever).

Conveniently, there is a lacrima under the Guild so that is what Mavis is coated in. Precht studied in secret for ways to resurrect Mavis but ultimately failed and discovered the secrets of the curse she was under. Realising she caused the death of Rita, Precht told no-one as it would cause too much pain.

How annoyingly convenient that the Guild just happened to have one already prepared for a naked girl...
Precht had the year X697 be Mavis' official "death year" and Tenrou Island became the location of her grave since that was her birthplace. Thanks to Mavis' will, Precht was the new Guildmaster and  years later, Yuriy supposedly died. How? We still don't know which leads me to believe he is still alive and probably God Serena.

The combination of Precht's skills and magic, along with the curse that was frozen in the lacrima crystal, caused the creation of Fairy Heart which is "Eternity Magic". To put it simply, Fairy Heart is literally an unlimited source of magic. With it's power, the country-destroying Etherion attack could run forever.

In present day, the Guild members remain shocked at such a discovery. Unsure how Ivan or even Zeref's country found out about this, Makarov and the others wonder what exactly could be Zeref's reason for it. Mavis theorises that it is most likely because they wish to use it against Acnologia. Happy asks the obvious question of why they themselves don't use it, but Makarov claims that they shouldn't because they can't predict the devastation that could be caused afterwards.

Aww Gajeel. You're all grown up.
As Mavis starts to apologise for her sin, Gajeel is the one who surprisingly tells her it's not a sin to fall in love. (And yes, you will notice he said that Levy.) Wiping her grateful tears, Mavis says she has no other choice but to fight Zeref despite past feelings for him, and the others worry about how they'll fight Zeref. This is when Natsu finally reclaims his spot as the supposed "main character" and shouts out that he's been working on something, indicating his bandaged arm.

Opinion: Well, my balls are fucking sore. How about you guys?

I think these chapters were what made me realise how much Fairy Tail has changed for the better over the years. The series that took a lot of shit from casual idiots for having fanservice and not killing any of the main characters (because no other series apparently does that!) is really bringing on the heavy stuff now. And damn, I love it.

I never thought Fairy Tail would go this dark though!
The romantic relationship between Mavis and Zeref is official now, creating the perfect symbolism of dark and light and how opposites attract. It's the type of relationship that Jellal wishes his one with Erza was. The way it ended is horrifically tragic, yet also fitting for the life Zeref has been leading this whole time. Chapter 450 in particular really hit me hard with Mavis' grief and her one moment of happiness before she literally dropped dead in Zeref's arms.

I'm realising more and more with every chapter how great Precht is. As Hades, he was fairly enjoyable since he made for a formidable opponent but it feels almost minor compared to Precht. Precht is clever, determined, cunning, uptight and caring. In fact, he's easily the strongest of Mavis' trio to me.

Precht's evolution line.
Fairy Heart is infinite magic... And I'm slightly underwhelmed. The potential for unlimited magic is great since there's probably a device and/or weapon that can be activated with this thing, but I feel like it could have been a bit more unique. I remember I had a theory a while back that Fairy Heart was going to be a "purging" magic, and I think that would have sounded a lot more terrifying. The way it was created is very vague as well, so I'm hoping we go into a bit more detail on that in the future.

Let me guess... It's another "Iron Fist" punch?
Natsu has been using the power of E.N.D willingly! I originally thought that Natsu was being overwhelmed by it, but Natsu is so reckless that he's actually been harnessing it. As fun as this could be, this better not mean he's too fantastic and strong and OHMAHGADZ to ever be hurt by it. We saw him clutch it when he first laid eyes on Brandish, so hopefully that's a sign of danger ahead. And man, Gray is going to be pissed!

On a last note, still no Layla Heartfilia. That's fine. I can wait.

Manga Rating: 

449: 3/5

450: 5/5

451: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Mavis for her tragic but brilliant backstory.

Predictions: Next week is "Prelude to the Final Battle". And no, that doesn't mean the series is about to end. I do think however that this is the beginning of the characters making their attack on Zeref and his gang before he can get on them. I hope so, because I think we need to see some badass action now. Or at least, some character development.

Best Part: Mavis and Zeref together.

Worst Part: Fairy Heart could have been much more.

Bonus: I was away for 3 weeks so here are 3 bonus pictures from the grand pervert Mashima-senpai himself!

Does life get any better than this?

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  1. I just thought if something. Maybe Zeref wants Fairy Heart so he can try to kill himself with it.

  2. Maybe, although he has said he wants E.Natsu.D to be the one to kill him too so it's probably more likely Fairy Heart is for Acnologia. Or both since it's unlimited magic. Maybe his contradictory thoughts are trying to get him to save Mavis but also use her, since he's all over the place.

  3. I'm thinking Fairy Heart is kind of like the one magic or whatever. If that thing is love as Lucy thinks then love may be what is keeping Mavis half alive. That may explain why it's "unlimited". (And it's uncontrollable and unpredictable just like love)

    1. The two might be connected in some way, but I'm not entirely sure. The One Magic is meant to be the origin of all magic, so maybe it was partially used in some way to create Fairy Heart.