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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 7: The Universe's Warriors review

Written by: The Inquisitor

The freaks are here.

Note: I apologize for the late review, I blame the holidays and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Freak #1: Zunou. The chapter starts with Jaco and Bulma flying to Zunou's home planet and after a rather amusing conversation between the two, they arrive. It is revealed that if you want Zunou to answer a question, you have to give him a "present" first. After Jaco gives Zunou his "present" (a kiss on the cheek), Zunou allows him to ask one question. And the question was: what is Bulma's breast size?
This guy looks like what would happen if Buddha and Bowser Jr. had a kid.

After Zunou answered correctly (83.4cm), he allows Bulma to give him a "present". After Bulma kisses him, he allows her to ask three questions, the first of which she wasted by confirming that only got two more questions than Jaco. For her second question, she asks Zunou to tell her everything he knows about the Super Dragon Balls.

I don't know much about the female anatomy, but isn't it a little early for her breast to be sagging? She's only 38.
The SDB were created by the Dragon God Zarma in the Year 41 of the god calendar (whatever the hell that means) and the seven of them are actually spread across Universes six and seven, as opposed to there being seven in each. When all seven are collected, the collector must say "Come forth, Dragon God, and pretty please gimme a wish". After saying this, Zarma will appear and grant any single wish to the collector, and then the SDB will spread out across both universes after the wish has been granted.

After hearing all that, Bulma accidently uses her third question by asking Zunou to confirm that the SDB are spread out across U6 and U7. Bulma tries to get more questions by giving Zunou another "present", but it turns out he will only answer someone's questions once a year. Jaco and Bulma then leave the planet, having another amusing conversation as they make there way back to Earth.

We then go to Goku and Vegeta. As they train, the Saiyans talk about what they expect from the tournament. Vegeta is positive that they will be facing strong opponents due to how confident Champa was. As the scene ends, it is revealed that the Saiyans spent three days in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, accumulating three years worth of training.
We then jump ahead to the day of the tournament. While everyone is traveling to the tournament grounds in a ship made by Whis, Bulma tells Beerus everything she learned form Zunou. This fact irritates Beerus because that means that Champa has been sneaking into Universe 7. We then see Goku ask Videl where her husband is. Apparently, Gohan decided not to go watch the tournament because he had some sort of conference to go to. 
Here, we have Goku voicing the opinion of every Dragon Ball fan.
Then, we meet... Him. Freak #2: Monaka. Monaka, whose name means "He of Great Ponta" is the strongest person Beerus has ever fought. He comes from a rather docile and weak looking race, but it would seem that if someone pisses them off, they're in for one hell of a fight. Oh, and he also has huge nipples or Ponta. Yes, his name literally means "He of Great Nipples"
Yes, yes you do.
The next couple of pages show everyone trying to pass the time. Buu eats, Jaco talks to someone named King Ginga, and the rest play a Japanese word game. After about two hours and 45 minutes, they arrive at Nameless Planet. As they land, everyone marvels at the size of the Super Dragon Balls.
I'm calling it, these three are going to fuck up the wish scene.
After landing, the ships passengers are greeted by Champa, Vados, the no longer fused Kaioshin, and the U6 Kaioshin. After all the greeting is over, the Universe 7 contestants make there way to the ring. And we finally see the contestants of Universe 6, and one of them looks very familiar.
.......... I WAS RIGHT?!?!


Looks like I was wrong about Zunou, he might actually know everything about Universe 7. If he only told us information about the Super Dragon Balls, I still would've thought that his level of knowledge was exaggerated. But, since he also knew Bulma's bust size, both current and former, I now believe otherwise.
And on a side note, his attendants are hilarious.
Monaka is...interesting. His design is completely different from what I was expecting, but I do enjoy his personality, or lack thereof. Honestly though, as long as he gives us the badass battle that I expect from him, I couldn't care less what he looks like.

Next is Team Champa. Before I talk about these guys lets give them names. I have heard two names for each of these guys. One of the names is from Shiggins, the other is from the Internet. How the people from the Internet found these names, I have no idea, but they make sense so I'll use them.
From left to right.
Shiggins: DQ Robot, Midget Saiyan, Purple Man, Badass Winnie the Pooh, and U6 Frieza.
Internet: Magetta, Cabba, Hit, Botamo, and Frost.
The only ones I can really say anything about are Cabba and Frost. I know I'm supposed to be excited about Frost, but I'm not. His appearance basically means someone, probably Goku or Vegeta, is going to fight Frieza again. Which we saw recently in Ressurection F, and I believe is still happening in the anime (which I haven't watched). Because of that, I don't think Frost's battle will interest me at all.

Cabba, on the other hand, does interest me. Cabba is definitely the U6 Saiyan that was mentioned last chapter, and I am very curious to find out how powerful he is and what he can do regarding transformations. As for who he might be a parallel of, his hairstyle hints that it might be Gohan, but I think it's most likely Vegeta. 
Funny, I say the same thing when I want my stepmom to make me a sandwich.
Overall, I'm thinking that everyone on Team Champa represents someone that Goku fought in the past. Cabba is Vegeta, Pooh is Buu, Hit is Cell, Frost is Frieza, and DQ Robot is the Red Ribbon Army.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Good Things:
Team Champa is here.
Hilarious banter between Jaco and Bulma

Bad Things:
Frieza? Again?
Dammit, Gohan!

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  1. My name choices are far more sophisticated and classy.

  2. Whatever floats your boat. I do prefer the actual names for some characters. But Botamo will always be referred to as Badass Winnie the Pooh in my reviews.