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Fairy Tail Chapter 469 Review - What I Want To Do

Written by Shiggins

You know what I'd like to do? Continue with the war.

I honestly think Lucy has forgotten at this point, because I've never seen someone in a war smiling and enjoying a sunset. That is actually one of the most impressive feats I've ever seen when I think about it. Her friends could be dying and killing, and she's enjoying herself! That's one cold-blooded bitch! I'd love to have seen that in Saving Private Ryan.

fairy tail cana aquarius
Your friends are dying! Stop acting like you're just in a normal situation, please! Am I the only one that remembers we're in a war?!
Sorry. Unlike Lucy, I'll stick to the topic at hand. Our chapter begins where it left out, with everyone panicking as Natsu is seemingly dying. According to Porlyusica (who by the way, has my least favourite name of all time), Natsu has some sort of anti-etharno tumour that happened because he overheated his magic... So wait, the guy who uses FIRE as a weapon has overheated? Wow. Okay.

So does this mean others have had it? Jellal? Jura? Makarov? Zeref? Batman? I'm going to say Batman.
Just as it looks like the plot might be about finding a doctor who can perform the procedure to save Natsu's life or better yet, my prediction is going to come true and Lucy will have to go inside Natsu to destroy the tumour, Brandish comes out and is able to save Natsu due to her shrinking magic! How convenient! I mean, more so than all magic is. A short flash-forward and Natsu is in bed and unconscious but perfectly stable.

fairy tail makarov beard
That moment you realise Brandish has helped Fairy Tail more during this war than Makarov...
We then see Makarov by Natsu's bed with... I'm just going to call her Polly from now. Okay? Every review starting with this one is calling her Polly. So now, Makarov and Polly are discussing Natsu's condition and Brandish, who is now sitting in the cell again but thankfully has her jacket back so she looks less like she's about to have a girl-on-girl modelling session. We then see Lucy trying to talk to Brandish who gives her the cold shoulder because of reasons.

fairy tail brandish and aquarius
Me and my pals. I'll let you guess which one I am.
Now Lucy and Aquarius are actually having a moment watching the sunset. Man, it's a good thing nothing else is going on right now... like a war. (And yes I know I keep repeating this but seriously, what the hell?!) In a choice I actually find myself appreciating, Aquarius is not going to tell Lucy where the key is because Lucy needs to find it for herself. As Aquarius takes her leave, Lucy vows to recover her key. She's also happy because she has a goal to go for after the war ends, like Natsu and Happy were thinking about before... Lucy told them not to... Huh. No no... Right?

fairy tail nalu
.....Where is Mashima-senpai going with this?
Meanwhile, both Mermaid Scale and Blue Tooth have made an uncharacteristic retreat because of a few surprise appearances from Spriggan 12 members, and are now planning their next attack. Kagura was apparently stripped down to her little cute panties by Dimaria's magic, Sting and Rogue got quite a few casualties and, in the biggest twist this week, God Serena has single-handedly destroyed the Wizard Saints. Warrod sheds a tear in sorrow, wishing to have seen his friend Mavis' smile one last time before he went to join Yuriy and Precht...

god serena fairy tail
"I'm pretty fly for a white guy!"
Opinion: Ok so next week is gonna be good, right?

I mean, it has to be after that cliffhanger! God Serena, who wasn't recognised by Warrod apparently so dear god if he's not Yuriy... Anyway, Warrod needs saved. Will it be Jellal? I'm guessing Jellal. Why? Because he was a Wizard Saint, and the only overpowered character I can think of who isn't already in this war. Then again, none of them are Erza so it's a 50/50 chance he'll care...

fairy tail kagura hot
Pfft, please. A true warrior fights until they are stripped to the bone!
The only really bad part about this chapter was the way they suddenly made Natsu's condition so convenient in every way. He went from nearly dying to being perfectly fine so quickly. And it was such a great excuse to make Brandish do some good. It feels like we're in a war and that opportunity would have presented itself eventually, so this sudden random "tumour" came across as forced and contrived.

Lucy is going to get Aquarius back after this arc. Those who were a bit upset about Aquarius suddenly reappearing so soon can at least take comfort in that she's now going to be the goal of the next arc, and it provides a good reassurance that yes, Fairy Tail will continue after this arc. Most of us knew that anyway, but it's nice to have confirmation.

 I really can't think of much else to say... Yep. I think I'm tapped out for this one. There was nothing amazing except for that cliffhanger so I can't praise it, and there was nothing infuriating like last week so I can't rant. Huh... Well, I'm off to play more Witcher 3.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: God Serena for his impressive slaughter. And that pun. I love puns.

Predictions: Jellal appears and destroys God Serena because he has a face tattoo and is a fan-favourite! The other two Spriggan 12 with Serena might actually do shit this time, and we might get lucky and see more of one of the other groups about to fight again. I doubt we'll see Lucy or Natsu next week, but I've been wrong before.

Best Part: God Serena makes a pun.

Worst Part: Natsu's condition was convenient.

fairy tail cover chapter
Lady, either appear properly in the chapter or go away. I love you but... Make your choice.

Fairy Tail Volume 53
This new volume cover is absolutely and utterly DARLING!

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  1. Well at least this chapter went a little bit forward compared to the last one. A perfectly adequate chapter in every way, inspiring little joy or anger. Oh well it doesn't bother me too much, after all even the best of Fairy Tail's arcs had a bit of a lull period where writing quality dipped a bit, and I'm hopeful that we're getting it over with early. My guess is they had all of the characters retreat so that when Fairy Tail eventually arrives then the real asskicking can begin. That pun... was actually really good. Although while we did see the, rather impressive, end result of God Serena's fight, I'm very concerned with how they'll beat him since he took on the next 4 most powerful wizards in Ishgar without breaking a sweat. Well done review.

    1. Yeah, it's really difficult to review a connecting chapter. It's after a proper development and before another one, which causes me to be stuck. And that's true, no arc is perfect.

      That would be good, although I'll be surprised because that means Fairy Tail can't do the sudden rescue in the middle of the fight like the cavalry/Gandalf.

      Praise the God of Puns. His pun was very... God. *awaits applause*

      But yeah, I think we need Jellal, massive amounts of Deus ex Machina, and for Natsu and Lucy to go absolutely nuts on him. I don't even think Zeref could stand up to God Serena actually.

      And awwww, thank you!