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Fairy Tail Chapter 468 Review - Memory of the Stars

Written by Shiggins

I had to pour a big drink of whiskey before I went into this review.

Alright, technically it was just a big drink of Diet Pepsi, but I treated it like alcohol because when I make a prediction so painstakingly accurate, I'm usually proud and smug about it. This might be the first time I've ever felt so disappointed to be such a genius. Why was I cursed to be above others?! Sigh... Oh yeah and this chapter can just go straight to hell.

fairy tail review
I think Brandish just became my spirit animal. She doesn't give a fuck while everyone else is acting all melodramatic.
All fans of Aquarius and Lucy's happiness, begin celebrating because the mermaid bitch is back in action and yeah, I have to admit it's fun. I never cared for Aquarius but she's definitely making me giggle this week. It turns out that since it's been a year, Aquarius' key has been born somewhere in the world and the Spirit King is a bit of a cheat because he decided to let Aquarius visit Lucy just one more time. So... that's actually not too bad a reason. I can accept that.

Oh and she has a history with Brandish. It's too funny to talk about, so just look at it!
fairy tail brandish
Meh. Bitch had it coming. I was due for a laugh this week.
So as Aquarius begins to punish Brandish for her treatment towards Lucy, we get the bullshit. And I mean seriously... Aquarius actually shows them what really happened thanks to convenient memory/dream sequence that comes with it's own fanservice sea-themed bra and tail! This does show us someone I was wanting to see, thankfully; Anna Heartfilia. The one who collaborated with Zeref to send the Dragon Slayers to the future and that entire plan that ends with Layla opening the gate years later.

I love how we've gotten to the stage where we don't even explain fanservice anymore.
"Why are we in bras?"
"Because Fairy Tail."
Oh and this is a fun part. Brandish's mother was too far away and gone for Layla to know where she was, so she sacrificed herself like an idiot instead of waiting a few weeks to find the stupid bitch, and then she later died. And on her deathbed, she hoped that Lucy and Brandish would become friends and dear god... it just gets better. Who actually killed Brandish's mother?

Damn. Talk about an anti-climax.
So as we return to the present, with Lucy hugging Brandish and wanting to be her friend now, Aquarius is about to drop some more knowledge but Happy interrupts all of a sudden by bursting through the door with an unconscious Natsu.

What is this? A romcom? Finish the fucking sentence!
Opinion: Why are you even reading this review!?

You know my problem. I said it all last week. This is the exact same thing! If anything, it's even worse than I could have imagined! Layla died because her dumbass servant didn't leave a forwarding address, so Layla had to kill herself? Listen, I understand if Layla needs to have a diamond-crusted cooch for the plot to advance, but if the reasons for her being so fucking heavenly are this stupid then I'm not going to take anything about her seriously! Are you honestly telling me she didn't make sure her "friend" let her know where she was, incase SHE NEEDED THE KEY BACK!

I'm sick of complaining about Layla, let's complain about something else. Ah, how about Zoldio? Yeah, that douchebag with a tiny IQ that nobody gives a crap about. You know, the dead one! Which means Brandish's hatred for Lucy was almost utterly pointless, and she got lucky because Zoldio is already dead, thereby removing any possibility of Brandish being tempted by hatred or whatever and having a new character arc based on revenge. And before anybody says "maybe Zoldio isn't dead", there is no way that will remove the fact that I can't give a flying fuck about him or the contrived reason he killed Brandish's mother in the first place.

Alright, I will begrudgingly admit that this character is really starting to peak my interest.
At this point, you probably think my warm fuzzy heart found nothing to enjoy, and that's not strictly true. I laughed at the page that outed Brandish as Aquarius' bitch (although this does raise the question of what the fuck Aquarius was doing to that little girl...), but the main thing I remember actually being interested in was when we found out Aquarius' key is out in the world. If I had to guess, I'd say we just got a hint for our next arc after the war. A fun travel to find Aquarius, meeting enemies both old and new? Sounds good to me.

............I'm still pissed off though.

Manga Rating: 1/5

Character of the Week: Aquarius for actually making me laugh, which is something she rarely used to do for me.

Predictions: Natsu is injured so... Let's shrink Lucy down with Brandish's magic and go inside Natsu to find the problem! "Master, I Shrunk Your Master"? No? Uh... Maybe we should just get Porlyusica to tell us who might have the cure. Probably a Spriggan 12 member that Brandish can tell us about.

Best Part: Brandish the Bitch.

Worst Part: Layla the dumbass Saint.

Maybe Layla's biggest flaw was looking at someone like Zoldio and thinking "Oh yeah. I can trust him! Just look at how erotically he's staring at my goat butler!"

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  1. yeah kind of sad even I was able to predict the outcome of this chapter. I did like how Brandish was a bitch for Aquarius. I get the feeling that's her running gag after this now. so now lucy as to deal with both brandish and virgo wanting to be punished.

    1. I do not consider this a good week. I do not.

      Okay, that gag could be hilarious since Mashima can do comedy better than most BUT it could also crumble apart easily. This does make me hope that Virgo meets Brandish now though.

  2. I pretty much agree with every thing you said except for the gag with Brandish and Aquarius. This was a mage we at one point supposed to fear yet she been shit on the entire arc. It gets worse tge next chapter too. Brandish comes across a s a plot device.

    1. I would agree with you, except it was clearly stated from her first proper chapter that she can swap between hilarious and serious in a flash. Which is why this didn't bother me so much.

      And yeah, I certainly gave my opinion on that.