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Fairy Tail Chapter 476 Review - Bid Farewell to the Mage Girls

Written by Shiggins

Predictable, yet satisfying.

To be honest, we knew what we were getting when we finished last week's chapter, and in many ways, that's disappointing. I love a good twist or unexpected situation added to the mix, but on the other hand, we got what we needed to get. So while this chapter isn't bad, it won't be remembered hugely either in the grand scheme that is Mashima-senpai.

Ultear: Ah finally... I've always wanted to do it to two little girls! ....Wait.
With Carla dying and frozen in time, Wendy and Chelia have to hurry and decide which one of them will obtain "Third Origin", so they can defeat Dimaria but lose their magic immediately afterwards. Of course, neither girl hesitates and offers their own bodies to be sacrificed.

Now comes the debate of who should be the one to turn Third Origin, but to me the answer is as obvious as how much better I am than all of you. Of course, they each give their reasons anyway and Dimaria finally decides to charge forward and attack, because all manga villains need to stop letting their enemies have big talks while they just stand there and don't kill people.

AHAHAAHAHAHA! Sorry... Sorry, I know I'm meant to take this seriously but Chelia's face here makes me laugh.
Wendy manages to go forward and Ultear seems to give Wendy a power-up, but it proves useless against Dimaria, which makes Wendy realise she hasn't gotten Third Origin. Suddenly, Chelia jumps in and is obviously the one with Third Origin. Supposedly, Wendy will be needed later and Chelia has God Slayer Magic so obvious reason is obvious and I obviously need to stop saying obvious... obviously!

Is that the name of the attack or an insult? Dimaria's moveset is so confusing and random I sincerely have no idea. 
What follows is fighting. And honestly, it's nothing super-impressive. I'm not sure why, but I feel like we've seen this a million times before. Wendy cries that they'll still be friends because she's not a bigot, Chelia uses that black petals magic again, and Dimaria falls down. Time is restored, young Ultear disappears and old Ultear smiles to the sky.

Opinion: It's... It's good.

That's all I'll say about it. Was it awful? No. Was it great? No. It was good. And that's it. Wendy and Chelia are a cute couple, They're going to be friends. Hell, I bet Chelia will get her magic one day, so this is more a judgement of character and friendship if anything. Or at least, that's how I'll see it.

Fuck that. I'd rather have magic.
Dimaria is down but I'm not thinking she's finished with this arc. Her (lesbian) relationship with Brandish has been far too noticeable, and she's had a bit too much influence and aura since this arc started to just disappear like that. This isn't the last time we'll see her. 

Ultear.... Fuck knows. She's still old. That's all we need to know and I'm happy about that. Honestly, almost makes me wish we didn't see her young self this time, since the last goodbye from Old Ultear worked a lot better than this one did.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Predictions: Hopefully, we'll move to see either Erza and Kagura go against the mysterious member of Spriggan 12 we know nothing about, or we'll instead skip to Gajeel's gang arriving to help out Blue Tooth. Personally, I vote the former. Get the South done, then the North. 

Best Part: Wendy and Chelia will always be sweet together. 

Worst Part: I predicted everything. And that's not just because of my god powers.

Why can't Happy train to turn human instead? Wouldn't that make him and Carla even more cute together?

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  1. I think it's probably just me, but it feels like the Spriggan fights are happening quicker than I expected... or wanted. I know fights normally don't last very long in this series, but if I'm counting correctly that's 5 of the Spriggans down already. Now obviously they had to be beaten at some point, but I'm just saying that it seems like what should be an arc that should be taken a little slower is still trying to go at the fast pace this series normally goes at. Again probably just me, but while I certainly feel that the Spriggans are indeed the most physically powerful foes that Fairy Tail has gone up against, it just doesn't sit quite right with me when the fights and outcomes are all happening so fast. Part of that for me though is because they really do have such cool powers that I want to see them fight more often. Yet when 5 of them have gone down already I just get this uncomfortable feeling that they went down too easy, even if it obviously did take a lot of effort for them to go down. Oh well, personal rant over sorry about that.

    1. I agree. It doesn't help how they were defeated so far either. Ajeel was the only satisfying victory. Brandish was turned into a complete joke, God Serena existed solely to hype Acnologia even though we already knew he was a threat, Wahl was beaten by asspull against someone who shouldn'thave even been a threat to him, and DiMaria was beaten by a blatant Deus Ex Machina. Not only that, but we barely know anything about these people aside from Brandish, even though many so far could have been interesting. I can't take this seriously as war like Mashima wants us to because it seems like the usual crap that's happens. The other guilds are barely even accomplishing anything, the only non Fairy Tail members who actually achieved anything are Ichiya and Chelia. Ranty response is ranty.

      As for the chapter, Chelia's sacrifice felt hollow. It was predictable and it's utterly ridiculous that Wendy is proclaiming FRIENDSHIP and having more of a emotional response then the person who actually lost something.