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Fairy Tail Chapters 477 & 478 Review - Transport & Stealth

Written by Shiggins

Two unimpressive titles. Two entertaining chapters.

Chapter 477:

Another Spriggan 12 is down! Everyone is celebrating early, in a way that tells me they would be utterly slaughtered if we were watching Attack on Titan because celebrating DURING A WAR is a dumbass move for dummies of the ass variety. Every screenwriter knows that! Is there not one writer amongst you? ...Oh wait, no there isn't. They're all actually fighting!

One of the very few flaws of buying paperback over digital. Paperback doesn't include colour.
And just as I'm hoping these idiots get taken out of the spotlight, God delivers a prophet! Or an assassin, which I would argue is far better. Yes, Jason Statham has actually arrived at the Guild! It turns out August has been influencing the map so all the positions on the radar are wrong. But before we can wonder if that means Wahl or Dimaria are actually still standing, Jason Statham (Yes I know his name is Jacob but deal with it. He's Jason Statham), starts talking some more.

Wait. Why isn't Cana's attire making the assassin freak out too?
He has no minions or subordinates, and he's apparently showing respect to August by going on ahead and taking care of the situation in the Guild first. From the next page or two, we see Jason Statham is surprisingly casual and confident of his abilities. And with a clap of his hands, literally everyone but Mavis disappears from the Guild. Even Makarov is gone.

Oh silence... Sweet, sweet, beautiful silence!
Also, to Mavis' shock, Jason Statham is able to sense her! And not only that, he's able to give her damage, beginning to torture her. He reveals the rest of the Guild are still alive, and Mavis better start talking or he won't release them. Suddenly, Lucy-Taurus attacks and enters her sexy Lucy-Leo form next. It turns out that Horologium used his magic to protect her, Natsu and Happy (minus clothing of course).

I ship NaLu so... Yes, go there.
Of course, Jason Statham goes to attack Lucy next but he's interrupted by... the Dragon Slayer Natsu!

Chapter 478:

It's time for some action, with Natsu and Jason Statham fighting it out. Jason Statham starts to disappear and reappear, due to his magic ability of Stealth. Seeing Natsu is at a disadvantage (great comeback, firelad), Lucy summons Leo for help and he uses a burst of light to blind Jason Statham. As Leo attacks, he is thrown back by Jason Statham's invisible weapon.

Was I the only one hoping for a Taskmaster-esque magic?
Everyone is beaten, and now comes the silliness that Fairy Tail is best known for. Jason Statham pins Natsu down and begins to use his power to... strip off Lucy's first layer. Admittedly, this was the part where I started to think the entire chapter was doomed, but humour saves everything as Natsu is literally unaffected and it's Jason Statham who is "wounded".

*sniff* The Lucy Kick has come so far... 
After some funny bluffing to make Jason Statham think Lucy is actually stripping, the two finally manage to attack him and he is enraged by their attack, while Mavis realises she might have discovered how to defeat Zeref!

Opinion: Mavis is going to strip!

I'm kidding, I'm kidding... I think. I mean, there's like a 40% chance Mavis will actually flash Zeref because this is Fairy Tail but I'm thinking the far more likely reason is that she's going to use Zeref's personality against him. She's not been looking at Zeref as a person, but rather a target. She knows the real Zeref fairly well, and she wants to see if she can use that side of him to her advantage. Of course, the failing in this (if my theory is correct), is that Zeref tends to contradict himself repeatedly and he can be unpredictable. So this could easily backfire. That is, if I'm correct.

Phase 1 of Mavis' Grand Plan!
Jason Statham is a lot of fun, surprisingly. I remember thinking I instantly didn't care for his design when he first appeared, but he's proven to at least provide some entertainment. I do really want to see him continue down this path of combining threatening with comedic fun, since that's when Fairy Tail tends to thrive. Oh and the asshole side of me hopes he just keeps everyone he captured/moved away for a while. I was sick of seeing Jet, Droy and the others do nothing but celebrate prematurely.

Lucy wasn't useless! Not that she usually is! I just meant that I'm glad that she wasn't thrown away because Natsu took over the fight. Usually, one character has to move aside for the other, but Lucy kept in charge of the situation, for the most part. She even used her fanservice to her advantage! And it looks like she has more fighting to do next week. Since recent fights against the Spriggan 12 have been fairly short, due to Fairy Tail rarely having large war-like battles, it would be nice to see this one last around two more chapters.

Manga Rating:

Chapter 477: 4/5

Chapter 478: 4/5

Predictions: Jason Statham will be defeated by the power of Lucy and Natsu, and everyone will be freed. As Mavis reveals she knows how to stop Zeref, August will appear suddenly... and then Gildarts will save us!

Best Part: Mavis plans to strip. Lucy and Natsu teamwork!

Worst Part: Seriously tired of the guild members...

Seems relevant.

Claydragon's ideal ending. (It's not happening, bro).

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