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Fairy Tail Chapter 479 Review - Who You Should Show the Greatest Respect to is...

Written by Shiggins


That is all that matters! There is nothing else as legendary as this changing of clothing for the emperor/villain/brother/dark knight/whatever. Go home, everyone! Zeref has gotten a new outfit and therefore, he has won. He is victorious. I don't even remember what else happened in this entire arc, let alone this chapter. It's all Zeref's new outfit! That is all that's in my head is right now!

(Also, see the bottom of the review for other news)

Zeref, honey. That is not how you wear a scarf.
This chapter-with-a-long-ass-freaking-title-that-is-just-a-pain-in-the-arse-to-type-out starts out with Zeref and Invel preparing to continue their march on Fairy Tail and they shouldn't be afraid despite the fact that we already saw Natsu wipe out half an army already, and a few Spriggan 12 are already defeated.

Yes, how dare they (pretend to) flash you!
Speaking of which, Jason Statham is not backing down! He's great at hand-to-hand combat and is continuing to beat the crap out of Lucy and Natsu, while Mavis can only watch. Then Lucy gets an idea. She points out that JS's ally Brandish is in there, so he quickly brings her back out, along with....... Marin Hollow.

.........The horror of this situation is no more than a painful attack on all of my senses, including the sixth one I have that allows me to see ghosts. I consider this an insult and a travesty, resulting in a red-eyed rage that can only be quenched by the unfathomable depths of blood that results in a Marin Hollow-themed massacre. And once it's over, I will honest-to-god smile. Sincerely, Shiggins. 
And then my nightmares seem to be getting even more realistic because there are TWO Marin Hollows! Except the second one is actually Gemini, and now that Gemini can use Marin's magic, everyone gets sent back to this world as JS's magic is cancelled out. After Happy's intervention to prevent JS making them all disappear again, Makarov steps forward and reminds JS that since today is supposedly "respect for the aged day" (as referenced by JS in the last chapter), he should respect Mavis most of all.

Hmm... You know, the fact that only Makarov attacks JS here does help to really capture the pointlessness of most of these characters featuring in the war. I feel like a massive attack from all the characters could have been a really satisfying sight.
Makarov then chooses to smash JS so hard he goes flying through the guild and out through the air, then he throws Natsu too. The river lierally evaporates from Natsu's heat as he does one of his two-page super attacks and JS is gone!

Oh and the Gemini dress is... not bad. Leo is better.

Opinion: These feel far too quick.

Once again, just like with Dimaria, Ajeel, Brandish and whoever else, the fights are filled with good content but finish before we can properly appreciate them. Lucy's plan was very clever, as it did actually feel like a strategy more than a Deus Ex Machina, and I do appreciate that. However, Fairy Tail has always made their fight scenes short and while this does create a fast pace, it can also create an underwhelming feel.

This disturbs me on quite a few levels, actually.
Not that the fight was bad however, JS was a good character, and I wouldn't be upset if he returned later on. Lucy was smart, Natsu was powerful, Mavis was crying, and even Makarov got to help out, which I found utterly refreshing since I can't think of anything he's truly done since Tenrou Island. I just wish Fairy Tail would take a risk and make some of these fights a lot longer and harder. I'm sure they're saving the biggest and most painful fight for Zeref, but I want to see massive amounts of pain inflicted by these guys. They're the Spriggan 12! They're meant to be the most threatening guys ever, but so far I'm starting to think that Tartarus might have been scarier, if only because they had sexy furry Jackal torturing Lucy.

But... it is a good chapter.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Predictions: With everyone back together, they're going to start discussing what to do next. Natsu is going to want to charge out again, but Mavis wants to use her own strategy. Brandish will be helping out, and Lucy is going to... I dunno. She'll keep being awesome, we hope.

Best Part: Lucy used strategy.

Worst Part: Once again, the pace underwhelms itself.

Ground Control to Major Tom; We have sightings of "booty". Over.


Major Tom to Ground Control; We have our own sightings of "booty". Over and out.

In other news, the Fairy Tail anime has officially ended this week, due to nearly catching up on the manga. Again. While this is utterly refreshing because other series like Naruto and One Piece would never commit this act of waiting and would rather shove cheap filler in our faces, it does mean we're without an anime until Hiro Mashima releases the already confirmed Season 3. (Or would it technically be season 8...? Either way, this one better have some fucking colour again!)

Until then, I implore you to check out Hero Academia, which debuts on April 3rd and has already been acquired by Funimation for their streaming services. God bless Fairy Tail. God bless Superheroes. And thank God for me. (Btw, how much bullshit is Jim Sterling's lawsuit? I mean, seriously...)

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  1. not a bad review though I disagree about academia. I really couldn't get into it since there's too many similarities to other series. would've have been better to wait after one punch man ended or at least waited about 3 years after the Naruto manga ended.