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Top 10 Anime Mascots

Written by Shiggins

A recent look back at our previous works has made me to come to realise I am indeed scum. A request from long ago has now finally been fulfilled, provided by commenter Teybor, and I am ashamed to admit it took so long and got forgotten about behind my collection of videos of hentai, game shows and Breaking Bad. So as an apology, please allow me to provide you all with the anime characters that don't just show off their personalities. They represent their own show/movie/game/cult, and they do it proudly. Here are our top 10 mascots that we at Otaku Nuts love!

10. Monokuma (Dangan Ronpa)

“Let's give it all we've got! IT'S... PUNISHMENT TIME!”

If there is a more sadistic mascot out there, we're all truly doomed. Danganronpa's mascot is none other than a creepy bear with a mocking voice that says basically whatever the fuck he wants and dear god, he is hated! Possibly the only character on this list to actually advertise himself as a mascot and then try to sell people his own merchandise, Monokuma is unforgettable but that doesn't necessarily make it a good thing.

He's "beary" happy to be here.
Proud to be a bear of despair, Monokuma gets an almost perverse pleasure from watching the students of Dangan Ronpa try to overcome his motives using friendship, before he tears them down and makes them realise just how weak and pathetic they are to him. Of course, his true moments to shine are during the infamous executions, where he proceeds to batter, fry, chop, smash or explode his victims into whatever horrifying shape he chooses.

His most terrifying form yet!

Of course, Monokuma isn't technically the main villain of the series as he is just a robotic toy, but he acts as the vocalist for the mastermind's schemes and the mystery behind who the culprit could be is part of the reason we're so interested in Monokuma. He's capable of doing anything, so long as he can ruin someone's day and will literally laugh at them for it. That and he's such a bastard!

9. Elizabeth (Gintama)

"A true friend will always protect a friend's back. That is what I learned from my friend on Earth."

How the hell do I categorise this thing?! Man? Woman? Duck? Costume? Unholy abomination we dare not question, lest it feast on our innards? ...I'm going with that last one actually, because it fits Gintama's creation quite well. For those who don't know, Elizabeth is the pet and friend of rebel Katsura, and is only able to communicate through signs that he/she carries with them.

I wonder if Elizabeth buys their signs from the same place as Wile E. Coyote.

As a member of the Gintama franchise, Elizabeth is just as ridiculous as their co-stars and can often be found playing along with the tomfoolery that bombards the series. From dressing up as Mario's Luigi, to becoming a cyborg, to parodying just about every single anime out there, Elizabeth has done it all. And yet, I'm still damn terrified of it.

....................................................I just shat myself.

What makes Elizabeth interesting is just how odd it's entire existence is. In fact, there's multiple Elizabeths! There's a Darth Vader Elizabeth who rules over them all, and the Elizabeth of the series might literally be the Director of the anime! I am so not joking. It's weird. Elizabeth is weird... and that's probably why it's so endearing and we keep giving Elizabeth attention.

8. Happy (Fairy Tail)


Love him or hate him, it's hard to deny Happy's relevance to the series of Fairy Tail. As the best friend of protagonist Natsu Dragneel, Happy has always been around since Chapter 1, and it's unlikely I'll ever get rid of him... but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to like about him. For example, he made fun of a ship I hate. That got him some damn high points.

Why I hate Happy.

Happy is an Exceed, which is a cat creature from another world known as Edolas, and one of the very few to have a major role. Along with the epic Pantherlily and the female Carla who's main job is to be the female one, and sometimes a bitch depending on the arc. (In fairness, she's growing on me nowadays, and I hope it's not because of her human form... wait, I didn't word that right!).

Why I like Happy.
Able to provide both humour and tragedy, Happy is someone who can be enjoyed best by a carefree dude with a love for wearing only a bag and not a single pair of pants. We've seen Happy cry. We've seen Happy laugh. And we've seen Happy be unbearable. For me personally, Happy is best when caring about Natsu. If it wasn't for his friendship with Natsu, I would probably not let Happy reach so high a number on this list.

7. Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)

I always run away... Everyone's always bailing me out. That's why... no one relies on me!! It's time I stepped up and raised the pirate's flag!!

There is no escape from One Piece. Whether it's because of merchandise, cosplay, video games, tv, books or whatever else, One Piece is the most successful manga series of all time. Personally, I'd rather read Dragon Ball but whatever, that's Japan for you. Obviously, One Piece needs a mascot character to represent the adorableness and success, and that's where this deer comes in.

I am not convinced this deer has a medical licence.

Starting off as an innocent reindeer, Chopper ingested a Devil Fruit and was granted a second life, able to speak and move and even transform into other forms. Of course, the only logical option for him was to become a doctor in his winter home until the day when Luffy came around and brought him on board for the important job of patching up the freakshow crew whenever they got injured from fighting the government, pirates or whatever else comes along.

I would buy this version, to be honest.

Chopper's design of cuteness and adding a pink top hat is quite iconic in this day and age, even if his character isn't the most used in the series, you'll find plenty of merchandise that resembles Chopper in some way. He's had plenty of emotional moments and plenty of aggressive moments, culminating in a character that, while not perfect, is still memorable.

6. Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Just make a contract with me. And become a Magical Girl.”

THIS BITCH! Monokuma is sadistic, but even he couldn't cause as much trauma and carnage as this fox-alien-thing! Known as a “messenger of magic”, Kyubey is well-known amongst the anime community as a bastard, that offers to grant your wishes come true and in return, you must become a magical girl and face off against the evil witches. From this description alone, you could be forgiven for thinking it's a nice and enjoyable anime that wouldn't dare make you scream out the C-word.


While the mascot of the Madoka Magica series, Kyubey can also be seen as the main villain due to his actions putting the horrifying events into play. However, that's not strictly true. Kyubey is tactical, emotionless and characters often perceive him as cold due to these traits. Also, they literally saw Kyubey eat himself... I wouldn't exactly call him a hero.

There will never be enough holes!

Madoka Magica is a very dark series, despite such a friendly premise and adorable characters that are all wonderfully colour-coded so we know which one is which. It's almost like Power Rangers for little girls, until Kyubey is revealed as a horrible manipulator who is literally using emotions of the “livestock” that is human girls to power his race for survival. Noble intentions? Perhaps... but fuck Kyubey!

5. Agumon (Digimon)

"Agumon digivolve to - Greymon! Greymon! Greymon, yeah, I'm Greymon! I'm big and I'm bad..."

I don't think I can ever express my love for Digimon enough. I watched the series. I bought Cyber Sleuth on the day it was released. I even still own a copy of the Playstation 1 classic Digimon World 3/2003, that I've had since I was but a wee boy in a kilt and still trying to grow my first beard. And a major reason for that love is the lovable dinosaur, Agumon!

*Squee* Digimon Tri!

Partner of the Digidestined Tai and representing the power of courage, Agumon was the first hero Digimon we ever came across and instantly won fans over with his Pepper Breath attack and his transformations into the symbolic Greymons. As Tai and Agumon gained a stronger friendship, Agumon became stronger and eventually grew to even possess the power to DNA Digivolve into a god known as Omnimon!

Wow... The CGI did not age well, did it?

Agumon's relationship with Tai is his best asset, and it's just impossible to deny how much he is the face of Digimon. Even after his time was over, Digimon attempted to bring his popularity back by having some cheap copy of Agumon appear in another anime, but we didn't care. There is only one Agumon. And he doesn't wear red armbands. Ever.

4. Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan)


Da-da-da-da! Da-da-da-da-da! If you were not singing the opening song like I clearly was just there, then you are officially dead inside. When this anime took the world by storm, popping the cherries of many westerns out there, it was the Colossal Titan who led the charge to the new world by giving humanity a grim reminder... that anime exists and you cannot escape it!


The origin of the Colossal Titan is one of mystery, so I won't give any spoilers away. Needless to say, he's a big bastard who may have more secrets than the characters realise. His first appearance is legendary, and almost symbolic of what he did to western culture's view of anime, as he broke down the walls with ease and let in the masses of slobbering freaks who will go in and wreck your shit up by being assholes... Wow, the Colossal Titan is one giant metaphor!

....Meh. Still better than a Tsundere.

Ever since the anime was released, this titan has been everywhere. I've seen cosplays, figures, statues... I even saw a body pillow that I 100% did not buy so shut up! He's so distinct with his skinless body and permanent smile, looking like the Joker if he and Bane had a baby... that was giant... and had no skin... and this paragraph is breaking down so let's just move on to the next one!

3. Doraemon (Doraemon)

“In the end, it's up to you to decide whether you want to make your future a good one”

The ultimate nostalgia trip for the Japanese, Doraemon is as much an icon of Japanese culture as Godzilla is, even if we aren't as knowledgable about him than the big kaiju asshole. Not only a major award-winner with dozens of volumes of manga, thousands of anime episodes and many well-recognised movies, Doraemon was appointed as the first “anime ambassador” in 2008 by Japan's Foreign Military.

He's far cuter than any politicians we Brits have.

Far from just being an adorable mascot, Doraemon is actually a robotic cat from the future, that was sent by an old man to go back in time to make the old man's grandfather have a happy future... Wow, that was a weird sentence to write. It feels a bit like Back to the Future, if Marty couldn't be arsed to do the work himself and sent the dog Einstein in his place. Joyful, caring and hard-working, Doraemon's adventures to help his creator's ancestor somehow manages to last over 2000 episodes, and Japan will never grow tired of him.

I don't even watch this series, and I'm getting the feels!

Doraemon's most recent work is the film “Stand by Me”, which was the first 3D animated Doraemon film to ever come out of Japan. The popularity and success of that film only further proves Doraemon's inability to ever go down. He's more than just a simple crappy mascot. He's an icon, that Japan will never want to let go of... Oh and his voice is Monokuma's voice. NOW YOUR NIGHTMARES WILL BEGIN!!!

2. Totoro (Studio Ghibli)


Totoro is not just the mascot of what is considered one of the greatest movies of all time, but he's the mascot for the entire anime studio that brings out other additions to the list of the greats. Studio Ghibli, the genius team behind Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Porco Rosso, Grave of the Fireflies and of course, My Neighbour Totoro, love to use the spirit of the forest's face to represent themselves. And let's be honest; That design deserves it.

Just one of many famous images you will see when Totoro is searched for.

Often considered the Japanese equivalent of timeless British icon Winnie the Pooh, Totoro is someone who can stand against any obstacle that comes his way, be it critics, time or pesky hipsters. There is nothing to hate about the gentle creature, including his own method of transportation known as “Catbus”, who is also quite a well-known public figure. You have to love Totoro, no matter the cost. He is just that perfect.

Totoro wasn't even in the script for Toy Story 3. He just decided to be there one day, and none dared oppose his majesty.

Studio Ghibli is a great studio, not just for anime fans but fans of movies and emotions in general. It's like Asia's Pixar, and while the famous director and founder Hayao Miyazaki is now retired, I'm sure Studio Ghibli will return one day to continue his legacy. Totoro cannot be stopped. He did not come from manga. He came from Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, and that's just one of the many reasons he is special and on this list.

1. Pikachu (Pokemon)

"Pi... ka... CHU!"

It must be wondered why they choose Pikachu as their mascot over a far better pokemon... such as Jynx. I mean come on guys, that thing is gorgeous! If not Jynx, why not Mr Mime? Or are we saying the kids wouldn't appreciate a disgusting clown-faced demon of death? Pfft... This is why I hate corporations. They don't understand what kids want anymore!

I don't care how damn cute you are! Scyther is far more child-friendly! Kids love blades!

Well, for whatever reason, Pikachu was chosen to be the main sidekick and logo of the Pokemon anime and it appears to have worked. It certainly was useful for the character, as he got over his bad personality the series kicked him off with, lost a ton of weight, and he's still one of the most successful fictional creations of all time.

Oh yeah... Detective Pikachu..... I don't get it.

The character Pikachu was so popular that Nintendo released Pokemon Yellow, which was entirely devoted to the little electric mouse. Pikachu's success is so overwhelming, he ignores the stats and rules given to him by the creators and can defeat an Onix with an electric attack. He can attack anybody he wants, and he never goes punished. Why? Because he's Pikachu. Pikachu is the boss. Pikachu does whatever the hell Pikachu wants. And if you don't like it, then you're next on his list.

Honourable Mentions:

Index (A Certain Magical Index)
Plue (Rave Master)
Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Baby Beel (Beelzebub)
Sakamoto (Nichijou)

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