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Bleach 671 The Perfect Crimson 2/The Seven Deadly Sins 171 The Time Has Come Dual-Review

Written by: Pomelote

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Bleach 671: The Perfect Crimson 2

 So... that'd be scarlet, then? ...Right?

Hitsugaya, fresh off his adult transformation, retcons the "my Bankai ends when all of the ice petals disappear" thing from back in the Arrancar arc by explaining that it was a wrong assumption, while Byakuya patiently watches and listens. To compensate for the boost in power, he had to age up to manage it, or something.
Oh, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to find yourself a fan or two.

Gerard asks Hitsugaya who he is, and when Hitsugaya tells him, he seems confused about the transformation, but he cheerfully shouts that the adult Hitsugaya is more suited for the battle with him than child Hitsugaya. He throws his shield at Hitsugaya, discus-style, but Hitsugaya calmly freezes and dodges it.

Hitsugaya tells Gerard off, reiterating that he already told him to stop flinging things around and risking damaging Soul Society below. Gerard takes a swing at Hitsugaya with his sword, Hoffnung, and Hitsugaya just cuts it in half with a swing of his own. Gerard starts to laugh and do some reiterating of his own about Hoffnung's power, but Hitsugaya interrupts and informs him that by freezing it beforehand, he managed to negate its powers.

Ice, of course! Hope's only elemental weakness! In hindsight, it's so obvious!

Gerard forms a heilig bogen and declares that he'll just have to overwhelm Hitsugaya with a display of raw energy. As he's about to unleash it, Hitsugaya climactically reveals that Gerard himself has already been frozen solid.

 For some reason, Gerard's new look reminds me of the Mask of Agamemnon, even though he doesn't really look like it. Poll: What does Gerard most remind YOU of? 
As Hitsugaya starts to relax, the ice suddenly shatters and Gerard breaks through, grabbing Hitsugaya in his hand. He rants about how he's a disciple of God and can't be imprisoned by mere Earthly elementals, and he starts to crush Hitsugaya. Suddenly, he topples over, face-first, and it's revealed that Kenpachi dug his fingers into Gerard's heel, and it made him fall over when he tried to step forward.

It's just like sticking your fingers in a bowling ball.

When Gerard gets distracted yelling at Kenpachi, Hitsugaya resumes freezing him again. He switches to yelling at Hitsugaya, as thousands of swords form in the air around him. Byakuya is revealed to be standing behind him, using his Senkei Bankai technique. He uses a new technique, Ikka Senjinka, and all of the blades fly directly at Gerard's head (point-first, not handle-first, so you know Byakuya means business and isn't just handing them to him).
 The angel on Gerard's shoulder really has it in for him.


Actual teamwork! That's a novelty. I'd given up hope on seeing that a few weeks ago. That said, I doubt that this is the end for Gerard. Maybe it'll take the combined Bankai reveals/attacks of every single participant in this fight to take him out.

Otherwise, there's not a whole lot to really discuss. Hitsugaya's adult-form comes across as a retcon, but not the biggest ever. We're finally starting to see some of the improvements Byakuya made while he was training, which is interesting. Frankly, I haven't really been enjoying these Schutzstaffel fights very much, seeing them as mostly overly-predictable excuses to finally reveal Bankais against utterly flat opponents (with the slight exception of Askin), but this chapter was a positive turn.

The Seven Deadly Sins 171: The Time Has Come

Come on, the Hulk's pants aren't orange. Even I know that.

In the aftermath of Escanor's attack, the two members of the Ten Commandments lie in rubble, smoking. And not in a post-coital way, either, I mean they're all tattered and burned and icky. Ban turns to Meliodas to ask him what to do, but Meliodas is already pressing the attack. 

 "Foreplay"? Maybe my dumb post-coital comment wasn't that far off the mark, after all...

Meliodas rushes straight at the Dolor, the four-armed giant-guy's face while he's still recovering, but Dolor gets a fist up and sort-of counters Melioda's punch with one of his own.
 Ah, they both chose rock, it's a draw.

Meliodas' punch knocks back Dolor's, and Dolor tries to use his other three arms, but Meliodas counters those, as well, and he hops up Dolor's abs, Shadow of Colossus-style, to uppercut him in the face. Dolor takes a swing/s with his left arms at Meliodas just as he draws his sword and slices, taking off both of the arms.
Oh, that's definitely going to affect your balance.
Dolor sticks his fingers in the graze left on his chest by the slash and licks the blood, commenting, "So this is what you had up your sleeve." Meliodas confirms it and explains that he was waiting for an opportunity to make his attack when their guards were down, by pretending to not be taking the tournament seriously and not telling anybody his "plan" so that Dolor couldn't read their minds.

Gowther holds Escanor in his arms and asks him, "Why would you do something so reckless?" Escanor weakly smiles and tells him that even without a heart, Gowther is still one of his comrades, and he wouldn't forgive The Ten Commandments for playing with Gowther's heart.

Aww, that's nice. No, really, it is!

Dolor commends Meliodas, but adds that he made a mistake, while Gloxinia's rose-form of Vasquez pokes out of some rubble. Dolor waves his remaining arms about and slaps his hands together, using a technique called "Gigant Embrace", and the two stone hand platforms come together, crushing everybody between the two palms like when you try to catch a bug and you don't have a jar. Weren't his remaining hands both righties? Slapping them both together seems like it'd be really awkward and uncomfortable to do. Dolor threatens to crush his hostages unless Meliodas does what he orders, and Meliodas responds by chopping off Dolor's last two arms. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, I guess.

This week's chapter brought to you by Kubo Tite.

Meliodas declares, "In that case, I'll just have to butcher you first!" as he rushes at Dolor's face again. Ah, well, a blind, thoughtless bum-rush, there's no way that can fail. Well, uh, actually, it doesn't fail, and he punches Dolor, sending him flying. Before he can finish him, he's hit by an attack. The attacker is revealed to be Gloxinia, showing off another one of Vasquez's forms.  
No, that looks great on you, really! *stifles snicker*
Gloxinia reassures Dolor, who looks pretty unconscious, that they'll put Meliodas in his place, as he fails to notice the Vasquez armour starting to crack and splinter. It shatters, shocking Gloxinia. Meliodas threatens him once again, and the chapter ends.


Actually, I haven't kept up with this series in a while and I haven't had time to properly catch up beyond the last few chapters, so I'm mostly confused about what's going on. I'll get my act together and do a better job of this column next week, I promise!

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  1. it was not a retcon before the arc started kubo said in an interview about toshiro mastering his bankai that before his bankai when his petals crumbled his bankai would dissapear but after he mastered it Howver... (and then he never said what would happen

    Q: Is Hitsugaya's Bankai complete?
    K: His training bore fruit and it is completed. Up until now, when the flowers disappeared behind him, so would his Bankai. However..."

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! ( ՞ਊ՞)

    Ah, interesting. I wasn't aware of that. As far as I can tell, though, that's still a retcon, if that interview took place after the Arrancar arc.

    I suppose it's possible that something like this was always planned, though, given that they've been talking about how much of a prodigy Hitsugaya is for years. But, to be honest, this comes across as pretty retcon-y to me, so that's what I went with.

    Come to think of it, what exactly was the impetus for Hitsugaya mastering his Bankai? Becoming a zombie sex slave?

    1. actually the interview came right before the final blood war arc started and kubo said that he mastered his bankai during the time skip and remember there was never a time where in the arc all the flowers went down until now