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Fairy Tail Chapter 483 Review - The Seven Stars

Written by Shiggins

You got time for another quickie?

You do? Great, because we got a few of them this chapter to get through! And boy, are they rushed? Is this a good thing though? Well, we'll see. This week's chapter started with Jellal raging as Erza lay in Kagura's arms, because he wanted to be the one to hold her and now he's losing her to a woman! No wonder he's going to let out his rage on Neinhart.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time... Wait, yes it would!
The sky literally darkens as Jellal's magic begins to take place, and we skip over to the rest of the battlefield who are taking on the undead foes. Juvia and Meredy are using Sensory Magic to heighten their powers together, but Meredy's description of it makes it sound like we're in the middle of a My Little Pony episode so I had to resist barfing. 

Wonder Girl Powers - activate!
Lyon and Gray are still fighting Ur of course, and she's insanely powerful. Gray says, for some reason, that Ur is dead because of him and Lyon gives Gray a flashback by pointing out how Gray's path was because of this. And now it's time for Lyon to apparently "take his first step" as well. Before I fell asleep though, we went to Ezel and Wendy.

Wendy's leg is sore and Ezel is torturing her happily. This is when Carla flies over and says she won't abandon Wendy, so she lifts the Dragon Slayer into the air. Laxus is currently reliving the headbutt from the Tenrou Island arc as he squares off against Hades, and the next two pages are literally four attacks to take down the massive foes.

Yeah! How dare you keep her alive and try to save her life, you bad man... wait.
To finish off this battle, we got to Jellal as he prepares to attack Neinhart. Neinhart reacts by summoning Simon again, but Kaguya slashes him away before Jellal hesitates, since this isn't the real Simon. So of course, Jellal unleashes his "Grand Chariot" attack and Neinhart is defeated. Everyone is happy, the undead are dead again, and the sun comes out. The end...

Not really! We go over to the Guild, where Natsu reveals he wants to go ahead and rush August before he gets here. Lucy and Happy agree and want to go too, but yet again Makarov disapproves of doing any actual action! This is when Brandish steps out and corrects Makarov when he says that August is the most powerful Spriggan 12 member. Oh yeah, Natsu freed her. Anyway, it turns out that August is the strongest man... but Lady Eileen is the strongest woman!

Motheeeeeeeer... kills..... beeeeeeeeeest!
Opinion: To parody a disappointing movie - "The red hairs are coming!"

Lady Eileen is a member of the Spriggan 12 and she's super-powerful and she's probably Erza's mother and she's in the snow which means she must be near Team Gajeel! And she's going to fucking obliterate everyone... or just end up lasting only three chapters before being defeated. It's especially troubling because she's nowhere near Erza... I think. The climate in this land is very confusing. So should we be scared for Gajeel and co that they're going to get obliterated, since it's unlikely Eileen will lose to anybody but Erza?  I am a tiny bit disappointed that we're already seeing Eileen, but this could provide some amazing drama so we'll see how it goes.

Unfortunately, I'm now tired of Ur. She was great and her development for Gray was splendid, but we're done. We've had Galuna Island. We've had Ultear. We had that Deliora drama during Tartarus... It's over. Let's leave her alone. No more. I'm happy.... but stop, before this becomes the next Uchiha Massacre. Thank you.

As said in every other review recently, the fights are too quick and sudden and it's a shame because Neinhart could have done a lot more. Ah well. He's down and we're moving on already.  It's fun to see Brandish up and about, so maybe she'll be a factor later on. Who knows. Honestly, not sure what else to say, so give your thoughts below in the comments. And read this next piece of news that's very interesting.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Best Part: Lady Eileen!

Worst Part: Blink and you'll miss the victories.

Surprisingly, this chapter WASN'T a fanservice one!

I have discovered that three OVAs are coming this year, so I included the dates and links to the reviews of their chapters, with which the OVAs will be based on. I don't know how the animation will look, but so long as it actually has some damn colour for once (since the colours of Tartarus onwards were as drab and dry as a morning fart), then I'll be pleased.

May 17th - Fairies' Penalty Game

July 15th - Natsu vs Mavis

November 17th - Fairies' Christmas 

I can't wait to see this masterpiece again, except in animation!

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