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Fairy Tail Chapter 482 Review - Vigor

Written by Shiggins

I feel the title should have been "piss off" but let's keep it child-friendly.

And in our child-friendly chapter, Gray and Lyon start us off by fighting their dead master Ur, who is using the same magic as the living ones once did. Of course, this answers a question I had last week, as we quickly realise this is nowhere near the real Ur and so we're basically fighting a fake. The others aren't doing very well either,

I literally laughed out loud because... Goddamn, how real is this?!
Back to Erza, who is getting battered about by her former enemies in a fairly exciting spectacle. Of course, these three don't go down easily and there is no god hateful enough to make us go through the bullshit of the last Kyouka fight, but we do get some deja vu in the form of Erza in bondage. (Seriously, this amount of bondage is only going to affect her social life in the future...)

See, when someone tells me "tie her up", I always don't instantly assume bondage-style. When I tie a person up I... uh... My legal team have asked me to be quiet.
Kyouka begins her sadistic torture again, alongside some unexpected groping, but thankfully, it's time for Erza to step up before we get to any nudity. She reminds them of how they died and, just like with Freddy Krueger, she demands they go away! And so they do! Fear stops a ghost, or was it something else?

And just as Erza collapses, she is caught by Kagura while an enraged Jellal prepares to face off against Neinhart, who is wondering if Erza is something/someone belonging to "Lady Eileen".

Opinion: Badass or overpowered?

With manga, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer and one I find myself asking every time I do these reviews. So I ask you; Was Erza an extreme badass that got you hyped or an overpowered annoyance that made you roll your eyes? For me, surprisingly, it was the former. We've seen Erza win these fights before and I wasn't exactly rushing to see a repeat. And let's be honest, if you were Erza, foes would run from you after being destroyed by her swords.

Caption Contest! Can anybody beat my edit? Let me know in the comments below!
Honestly though, what's more intriguing than anything else going on in this entire chapter is that very last panel, where Neinhart was afraid of Erza and making a realization? In fact, I'm wondering if we just saw hints of Erza's next story being related to her origins and her family. Now, Tower of Heaven wasn't great in my opinion, except for when we focused on Erza's backstory, so I welcome the idea of exploring it more.

THAT BEING SAID, if I have to sit through one more goddamn perfect-parent-made-from-Jesus'-diamond-sperm-and-birthed-by-golden-unicorn-tears flashback, I am going to go absolutely nuts. From Batman to every Disney movie to Layla Heartfilia, I've had enough! Lady Eileen, if you are Erza's mother, you better be funny, scary or interesting. I want flaws!

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Predictions: Jellal vs Neinhart! Or to put it more specifically, Jellal vs Historias! Bring on the guilt trip, then Jellal using that move he used to defeat the Oracion Seis in one hit... sigh, that last part makes me sad to remember... I promise to try to be as unbiased as possible!

Best Part: Erza dominates.

Worst Part: Next week isn't going to be good for me...

This image makes so little sense, that I'm not even going to bother with a joke.

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