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Fairy Tail Chapter 517 Review - Wendy Belserion

Written by Shiggins

Like my ex would say if I ever had one... well, that was quick!

Irene has gotten her dream body! A tiny one, but then again she might not be picky about it. Erza stands in shock as Irene examines the wounds on her body that she received during this war, and I just want to say that I totally called it because there is indeed a tit joke!

Ha! See? I knew it! Little boobs! What's that? You say anyone could have predicted it? Well, I'm not anyone!
Irene's real body collapses and Irene tells Erza that Wendy is gone, absorbed by Irene's personality. However, Irene is still super-powerful and able to absolutely destroy Erza, at least for now. While not as strong as before, Irene still has great power and she uses it to mock Erza and vow to wipe her out now. Irene is even able to use Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer magic, just for extra pain.

Just another comparison between mother and child for you.
With Wendy gone, Irene names herself Wendy Belserion (showing just how attached she was to the dragon but how little she thinks of her own self at this point), and Erza attacks but she can't hurt Wendy's body. We get a few flashbacks involving Wendy and Erza, including the more recent one before the war where Wendy promised to protect her, and Erza is blown up.

"My bunny tail doesn't know the meaning of giving up!!"
To Erza's shock, the damage from that attack barely hurt her and she realises that she was basically enhanced to resist the spells. How? Well, Wendy did it! The real Wendy, who is now inside Irene's body! As explained before, Wendy is an enchanter too so theoretically it was possible to swap bodies. Also, another boob joke!

Hey, that reminds me. When does Wendy start puberty? Are we not due for a chapter where Wendy's body starts to change, she has mood swings, a goth phase... I'm just wanting realism in a series called Fairy Tail.
Wendy in Irene's body attacks Irene in Wendy's body with Irene's magic, and Wendy is actually winning because Irene is stronger than Wendy which means Wendy can now defeat Irene and get her body back... Her body being Wendy's body, because she is Wendy and Wendy right now is Irene... Yes!

In an attempt to keep Wendy from taking her body back, Irene desperately begins to literally stab it with her own hand. I'm no doctor, but can a human stab themselves like that? Anyway, Wendy doesn't care and she activates the swap again so Irene is back in her old body and Wendy is back in her original body. That just leaves Erza to change to the traditional no-armour power-only outfit.

Opinion: Oh god next week...

I'm not ready for next week. Not at all. Erza got blown up! She got thrown about! She got attacked, and this was just from Irene in this chapter! I'm not even counting everything else in this war, and I'm not sure my body is strong enough to handle seeing Erza tear Irene apart with ease. It's coming and I'm hiding in my trench, wishing Baldrick would come up with a cunning plan!

Instead of all the other people in her body?!
For what it's worth, I did enjoy the short time we had of Wendy and Irene fighting each other in different bodies. I'm actually surprised Mashima-senpai didn't take full advantage of this, swapping more minds around or just creating more jokes that didn't involve breast size. Really, this feels like Mashima was holding back and resisting his inner urge to go crazy. To bring up the Ginyu comparison from the last review, it could have been great to see Irene somehow end up in other bodies. Or even put characters like Erza into Natsu's body, or Happy into August's... I'm just spit-balling here!

There is some debate from fans about Wendy swapping into Irene's body at all. On the one hand, it makes sense because Wendy has always been built up as an enchanter from the beginning and I actually think it's quite clever to have both characters be linked in such a way. I didn't even notice the connection until it was pointed out to me, so that is a legitimate twist that makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, how did Wendy do that enchantment/spell? Is it actually supremely easy, or is Wendy just so good she already figured it out in less than five minutes? Was Wendy a prodigy this whole time, or is this spell just like "I want this to happen" and then it happens? For me personally, I like it but only if I keep my mind from overthinking it.

If characters could stop stabbing themselves in this war... That'd be greeeeeat.
If there is one thing I can say to soften the inevitable final blow you're going to watch next week, it's that Irene has been weakened to the point where Erza's victory won't be "because she's Erza". Irene literally stabbed herself in her own body, exhausted a lot of her magic and energy by using the enchantment in the first place, and let herself be stabbed on the head by Erza last chapter because she was focusing on a spell. So if it does help in any way... This is officially Irene at the weakest we've ever seen her.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Irene because damn it, she's still entertaining.

Best Part: "Wendy" vs "Irene"

Worst Part: Wendy Belserion's short life.

I feel dirty looking at this.

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  1. Yey, a new review!
    I myself liked the chapter quite a lot. All the action was great, and it was just a nice moment for Wendy. Which I'm always happy for, because its Wendy! Besides, it just shows how much she grew!
    The next chapter..... I'll be honest - no matter what people say I still love Erza. When she stopped Natsu and Gray from fighting - I felt it, even though over said its bullshit cause blah blah blah. Even the Erza vs Kyouka fight(which actually was bs, and it could've been fixed by changing a single word "five senses" into "4 senses"), didn't ruin Erza that much for me.
    But right now I'm worried. REALLY worried. Eileen/Irene has been my favourite spriggan and maybe on of my favourite villains in Fairy Tail from the moment she was introduced. And she is epic and cool, even when she is losing her mind. But.... I just don't want Erza defeating her. Even though I know its most likely gonna happen, I still have a shred of hope, that Mashima will actually do this the right way. Mashima COULD still make Irene beat Erza, and then make Acnologia appear and kill Eileen(even though I would like Eileen to forever stay). Eileen did say "I hope we'll meet again..", so there is a chance. Its just not likely.... Sadly.

    1. Wendy moments are always a highlight. The more we get, the better we are as a species.
      Oh I liked when Erza stopped Gray and Natsu. I even went to great lengths to defend that moment. The part with Kyouka and "because she's Erza" is still a pain in my arse to this day, but I do still love Erza as an actual character.
      Irene is a cool Spriggan and I do see a possibility of this battle not being Irene's finale. She's a character that could reappear or disappear, depending on how her battle with Erza goes. And potentially, if Acnologia shows up which he might very well do any time soon.

  2. HIRO MASHIMA, MASTER OF PAYOFF! He needs stop resolving stuff in one chapter....

    I didn't like this chapter. I don't like Irene. She's a terrible, inconsistently writhen character. Someone of this importance with this backstop should have been introduced or at least hinted at in the beginning of the arc at the latest. First she's introduced in the middle of the arc and hype at such a rate the she cones off as a bland Villain Sue. Then she gets a bit better as Zeref's bitchy, competent right hand. Then her backstory is revealed, and I'm like this flawed but combined with prior characterization this could be interesting. Now, she comes off as an idiot. Why didn't she destroy her body? It would make sense from a logical and character standpoint. If you can seemingly do any enchantment magic as long as you have the magic why didn't she account for that. Mashima seems to not know what to do with her.

    1. I agree. While it does keep a fast pace so we don't linger on battles for 20 chapters, I would have enjoyed more time to let some twists settle in. There's a tricky line that you need to balance, and I hope the series manages to find it.
      As for Irene, I do enjoy her. A lot. I think she's one of the more calm and controlling of the 12 and she has done a fine job of trolling everyone she has come across. I do agree with you that she should have at least been foreshadowed slightly earlier, although the fact she didn't destroy her body could easily be associated with the priority that is Erza. Or even the immense joy she felt when she turned human, as she had spent literally hundreds of years inside her original one. While it is within her personality to do such a thing, it's just instinct to forget something that seems small and pointless because she had such a priority before her. As for why she didn't think Wendy could do the spell, that was just simply underestimating her. Even when she got inside Wendy, she only realised just how powerful she was when she started using her magic. This is all debate, of course but it's how I saw it. So... half and half with you on this?

  3. remove the mother-child relationship between ezra and irene and nothing changes, seriously nothing changes, completly pointless

    1. Let's wait to see how this goes. I'm not convinced the "Irene is Erza's mother" arc is over just yet. I'm not even sure Irene is going to die in this war.

  4. I really don't feel that logic you pointed out is legitimate just cause it's ne factor vs everything else since even a prodigy would need more than just 5 minutes to figure out a spell that is only known to Irene to which I'm pretty sure it was said it's not some possession or switch since it's basically Irene forcing herself into the body while erasing the former existence that used that body and this chapter basically said wendy did as Irene prepped the spell to pull the switch which to me sounds like a lazy cop out since the ones to get away with that excuse in manga and anime are the uchiha of Naruto with their almighty sharingan reading and copying and even controlling the movements to copy and analyze the technique instantly. yeah great wendy is developing but even I find there's a limit to how quick she can do that so unless she's slain a dragon behind everyone's backs to increase her power there's no logic plotwise for her to be able to pull that off at the drop of a hat. the only one who'd be the exception is if levy was involved in the battle she spent that time analyze it enough to tell wendy how to pull it off quickly enough would be what holds it better together but we're stuck with BS logic.