Monday, January 23, 2017

Fairy Tail Chapter 518 Review - Master Enchantment

Written by Shiggins

Goku did it!

Well, here we are in the chapter I was scared to even read, and it's been a while since a chapter has had me on the edge of my seat as I prepare to run away in agony and tears. Well, I'm glad to report that it didn't turn out to be the shitshow I was expecting... next week might be, but we're fine for one more week!

Has this ever worked, in the entire history of fiction? Does the villain just expect the hero to go "oh okay then" and stop suddenly moving?
Wendy has fallen, and that leaves Erza and Irene to have a staredown. Of course, Irene attacks and is still supremely powerful, but Erza can now dodge all of the spells because she has her reasons and you should accept that. Irene is blaming Erza for her misfortune and being in the way of her happiness, but Erza fights back with talking! And swords! And more talking!

"I don't know if you've ever been in a fight before, but there's usually not this much talking."
Erza mentions to Irene about how she's dealt with a horrific situation as well, and how that led her to Fairy Tail so she's thankful in a way. Irene's rage breaks forth and she transforms into her lovely dragon body, complete with another full page to show how damn great she is and how damn crap you are, Erza! Because as we all know, either go dragon or go home!

I now demand Cute Brandish gets an entire page to herself, to show off her adorable-ness. It's only fair!
With one swing of her talon, Irene shatters Erza's bones and she's lying broken on the floor. Irene calmly boasts about her power, before suddenly using her intense magic to summon, and this isn't a joke, an entire freaking meteor! Yes, Irene is going to kill hundreds of people with this attack so Erza uses her remaining hand to equip a metal glove and launch herself into the air with it's power. Vowing as always to protect everyone, Irene watches in shock as Erza heads right towards the meteor.

To be fair, they were probably made of sawdust at this point anyway.
Opinion: Boo, Erza speech!

I know I should be typing (debatably) smart paragraphs or trying to justify it in some way but boo! Boo! I charge my boo towards you! Stop having monologues about your friendship, because we all know them by now! You should not be moving one bit! Boo! Your body has been torn apart worse than the arms of a Star Wars character! I am not fully convinced you are even alive anymore, and you are in fact just an undead demon of doom!

For all my gripes about this chapter though, I will admit... It's cool. The action is cool, the characters are cool. This is definitely one of those chapters you'd enjoy if you didn't think on it too much, but I have to review it and, much like Suicide Squad, it only gets worse the more you think about it.

So who here has bets on Irene turning good? She clearly can't be defeated anymore, so unless someone like Acnologia appears then Erza should be stopped next week, even if she destroys the meteor. I say "should" because Erza's capacity to survive the impossible has reached a level where she could survive planet Namek's explosion!

Speaking of Namek, here's the Goku reference I promised earlier. And shame on you if you don't know this moment!

Manga Rating: 2/5

Character of the Week: The meteor because I can't keep saying Irene every week.

Best Part: Irene didn't go down so easily!

Worst Part: Another copy-and-paste speech.

Shut up, Meg Happy!

Spinoff Pitch - Mavis and Zeref play a couple in 2017 who attend cliche anime school with the other characters.

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  1. Nice review!
    Me myself, I enjoyed this chapter quite a lot even despite all Erza's speeches. Like yea, they got old quite a while ago, but they always get me nonetheless!
    Also, I'm relieved to see Irene/Eileen not beaten easily, and actually kick some ass. Like damn, that dragon transformation! And that FUCKING METEOR!! This was really badass. And yea, I'm glad to see Eileen breaking all Erza's bones in one swipe as she should have, especially since she is a dragon. Granted, that never stopped Erza in the end. Erza attacking the meteorite was eppic and badass but... Depending on how it ends, it's.... kinda bullshit.
    Now I hope that either:
    1)Acnologia comes and destroys Eileen and the meteor with it.
    2)Eileen changes her sides and saves Erza(ok, I don't really want that, but it's better than Erza flat out beating Eileen).
    3)Erza somehow stopping the meteorite, but passing out for the entire remainder of this war. Eileen leaving her be(some inside love for her found or some BS like that), and becoming a character for future arcs as well)

    1. Personally, I would like a mix of 1 and 3: Erza stops the meteorite but is out and then Acnologia shows up to kill Irene. Then someone else shows up so he can't kill Wendy as well.

    2. I have to say that from now on, just assume a point or two is going down in every chapter when Erza goes on another "super family rant". Maybe it's because I'm reviewing them, but they're really rubbing me up the wrong way recently.

      Irene thankfully did not disappoint. I legitimately laughed yet also got excited when I saw the meteor because that is such an anime move. I keep reading Erza's battles with fear and resignation, so I'm thankful Irene has at lasted this long. Erza's attack on the meteor, while bullshit, is cool. Again, you can't think too much on it or you ruin it for yourself.

      I agree with Anonymous. 1 + 3 seems like the best way to do this, although I disagree with killing her since I want more recurring villains in the series.

  2. a review that I can agree with. I mean if erza was a main heroine from the makers of like gurren lagan or kill la kill then yeah that over the top no logic on how she cuts a meteor would settle fine cause expected but no erza is not made by those teams. still though I would prefer an alternative to erza cutting it down with just the lower half of her arm that can barely move. unless she somehow awakens a new power that she inherited from her mother that magically heals her then man it's gonna be a bs thing since she's calling on the dead Makarov to magically push her through.

    1. Ha, I'd actually not mind seeing Erza in one of those two animes. And not just because of the... interesting... clothing the female characters work. Her power level would fit in perfectly.

      So you'd be happier if Erza had something that had been foreshadowed in some way and she unlocked it now? I can dig that. Waiting for FT chapters right now is such a bug to bear, hmm?