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Fairy Tail Chapter 516 Review - The Truth About Enchantment

Written by Shiggins

Irene is so lucky. I want to be a loli too!

Yes, no big intro this time. Let's just get right into this by talking about how Erza now has a new(?) bunny armour and is about to fight her mother, Irene. Irene is staying a delightfully cold bitch by feeling complete indifference to Erza, and we get more explosions and fighting from the two hot redheads. Sigh... I love redheads.

Why did she choose the rabbit-eared armour to go against someone with such a mad hat...? Oooooooooooh!
Of course, Irene is the super-powerful Spriggan and is a tank, so she's not going to go down so easily. It's Erza vs Irene, but thankfully Wendy goes Dragonforce and actually gets involved to start kicking some ass too. After a few short panels, Erza and Wendy have somehow brought harm to Irene. Wendy says she'll never forgive anyone who speaks of their child the way Irene does.

To Irene's shock, Wendy tells Irene that she won't turn into a dragon thanks to Grandine's time inside her, and the same is probably with Natsu too. Speaking of which, let's check on Natsu! He seems to be alone, until suddenly the Spirit Guide becomes Igneel! Igneel being inside Natsu made it so that the "Dragon Seed" wouldn't grow and turn Natsu into a dragon, but Natsu has one more seed inside him. The reason Natsu is currently dying is because the Demon Seed, which makes up E.N.D, is trying to fuse with the dormant Dragon Seed.

So listen. I don't WANT Natsu to die, but if that's what it takes to see the result of this fusion...
Back to Irene who has found out the truth and remembers her friend Belserion's death (the dragon she took the surname of), and of course she's pissed because that's just unfair! Wendy gives Erza a bunch of boosts and makes her even more overpowered, and Erza strikes Irene with a super-sword of light. It seems to work, making Irene bleed, but then it's revealed why she didn't bother to even more. She was too busy taking over the body of Wendy!

Yeah but... Female puberty. Again. Isn't that like hell on Earthland?
Opinion: Irene scared me there for a moment!

Was I the only one who actually thought Erza had bullshitted her way through this barrier and defeated yet another super-powerful villain of death because she said "I have friends/family"? Thankfully no, it looks like Irene was just choosing to focus on Wendy instead of Erza, so she didn't have time to take the hit. At least, that's the excuse I'm using because I just... I just can't handle it again, guys. I can't. Unless Erza literally pulls it out of her arse, I am not going to be entertained by another Bum ex Machina.

Irene is Wendy now, and that essentially means she's gotten the body she's always wanted. So does that mean Wendy is in Irene's body now? I find that unlikely, as it's more cruel for Wendy's mind to be getting erased while she's trapped. If not though, we could be about to see some brilliant comedy involving sizes...

Like daughter, like mother?
Another question is how strong is Irene now? Does she have her own powers transferred over, or is this like Captain Ginyu and she can only use Wendy's magic but her lack of training with them causes her to basically be a weakling? Personally, I'd prefer the latter since I like the idea of someone's own actions being their undoing and Irene is far too powerful to be taken down anyway. Having her own tricks cause her own defeat feels like a satisfying karma, for me at least.

And lastly, we saw Igneel again! More importantly, we saw that Natsu was fusing Dragon Slayer Magic with Demon Magic and the lovechild that is about to spring from this mating ritual better look absolutely fucking amazing or I am going to throw a hissy fit! Demon Dragon! Demodragon! Kavaxas!

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Irene for not letting another Erza bullshit take her down just yet.

Best Part: Irene wins?

Worst Part: The chance that Erza would have defeated Irene because "nakama power".

........Too easy. I'll avoid this joke.

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  1. Nice review!! Pretty hyped to see the two seeds fuse, but I'm also feeling kinda dissapointed. I figured that in this arc Natsu's END form will be shown to fight against Zeref, and after that would be the final arc versus Acnologia with Natsu's dragonofication. But it seems like it's all going down in this arc, if Natsu is going to get that fusion transformation, Which probably means that this is the last arc :(

    1. Haha, thanks. I promise the next review will be up a lot sooner.

      And no, I wouldn't say so. No series ever just suddenly says "oh btw, this is the last arc so bye". Hiro Mashima would have announced it by now if we were heading towards the conclusion, so I'm sure we've got way more to go.

  2. well while this review came late since this chapter was out 2 weeks ago you may wanna read 517 on mangastream right now since you may not like how that played out.